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As one of the most popular tactical first-person shooter (FPS) games, Valorant has captured the attention of players worldwide. Since its initial release in June 2020, the game has made a significant mark in the competitive gaming landscape with its engaging gameplay mechanics and diverse roster of agents.

For newcomers, players can level up their account to earn cool rank borders and bragging rights within the community. Beyond account levels, players can also level up the Battle Pass to unlock rewards for their Valorant account. These Battle Pass rewards range from new skins to various cosmetic items, including gun buddies and player cards.

In this guide, RPGStash will walk you through how to quickly level up your Valorant Accounts. We'll discuss various methods you can employ and strategies to accelerate your leveling process.

How to Level Up Quickly in Valorant

Here are some tips you can utilize to level up your account quickly in Valorant:

  1. Play Regularly: The simplest and fastest way to level up your account in Valorantis by logging in daily and playing either the "Unrated" or "Competitive" modes.
  2. Daily Win Bonus: Your first victory of the day in the mentioned game modes will reward you with a significant bonus to your account experience (XP), aiding in account leveling.
  3. Win More Games: Winning matches grants you more account XP compared to losses. Even in a losing match, strive to win as many rounds as possible to maximize your AP (Account Points) earnings.
  4. Complete Missions and Challenges: Valorantoffers daily and weekly missions for players to complete, granting substantial XP rewards upon completion. However, these challenges contribute solely to Battle Pass XP, not account levels.
  5. Avoid Penalties: Stay active in the game, avoid AFK (Away From Keyboard), and minimize quitting matches. Penalties incurred after a game might result in a deduction of the AP earned from that match. Moreover, penalties might prevent you from queuing for a period.
  6. Spike Rush Mode: Spike Rush provides an efficient way to earn AP for your account and XP for your Battle Pass, as matches are considerably shorter compared to Unrated or Competitive games.

This covers everything you need to know about quickly leveling up in Valorant. If you're seeking additional methods to level up your Battle Pass in the game, you can refer to RPGStash's comprehensive guide.

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic beckons not only the current active player base of World of Warcraft, but also extends a thrilling invitation to its veteran warriors. This is especially true for the unsung heroes of Azeroth who have felt that the essence of World of Warcraft's signature gameplay has been somewhat diluted over time.

Hence, if you're one of the stalwarts preparing to once again challenge the Lich King's dominion in the icy realm of Northrend and confront his rule within the Icecrown Citadel, a sturdy arsenal is imperative. The core purpose of this piece is to steer you towards a professional and secure secondary online marketplace that specializes in selling WoW Gold. Therefore, if you're eager to acquire legendary WoW Wotlk gold, we present a secure and user-friendly procedure for your convenience.

The Significance of Gold in WoW Wotlk Classic

This is a concept that resonates with anyone even remotely acquainted with the realm of MMORPG games. Gold serves as the means to fortify the attributes of our characters, rendering them more formidable in the face of adversity. Whether it's confronting legions of foes during main quests, surging through hordes of enemies within dungeons or battlegrounds, or engaging in ceaseless PVP and PVE encounters.

Why Buy WoW Wotlk Gold Instead of Sourcing Them Within the Game?

For some of us, bypassing the initial preparatory stages and venturing directly into endgame quests and late-game content is the objective. This is where the prospect of procuring WoW Wotlk gold online emerges as a significant avenue of global assistance. However, where shortcuts exist, the potential for exploitation arises. Presently, numerous platforms profess their expertise in dealing with online game gold. Yet, their records include instances of scams, inadequate security measures, and subpar customer service. Therefore, let's proceed with an endorsement of what is, in my estimation, a reputable platform for acquiring WoW Wotlk gold.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected has captured the hearts of players with its intricate item system and endless replayability. While seasoned players might be familiar with the in-game mechanics, newcomers might need some guidance on how to swiftly secure coveted weapons and armor. This guide will help you navigate the game more smoothly and achieve your goals.

Unlocking Better Loot and Runes

To start off, the concept of Magic Find (MF) significantly impacts your item acquisition. Prioritize collecting gear that boosts your Magic Find stat, as it greatly enhances your chances of finding rare D2 Resurrected Items. Interestingly, magic items often provide a higher Magic Find chance compared to items of the same level, so don't overlook these magical items, they're key to getting what you want.

Next, a monster's drop potential is determined by its Treasure Class (TC). In essence, you'll only obtain specific items by defeating monsters and bosses that can drop them. Be strategic in your choices to avoid wasting time. Moreover, a monster's Level (ML) influences the odds of obtaining Unique and Set items. Focus on targeting higher-level monsters and bosses to maximize your chances of scoring better loot. It's all about finding the right balance based on your overall kill time.

Lastly, let's talk about runes. These unique items behave differently from the rest. Higher-level runes are tougher to come by, and Magic Find doesn't affect your rune drop rate. However, wearing gear that boosts Magic Find is still a good idea, as it increases your chances of acquiring valuable Unique and Set items that you can trade for runes. If you're aiming to bolster your overall item drop count, team up with more players to tackle tougher game difficulties like Nightmare and Hell.

Buying D2R Runes and Items from RPGStash

Even with the best preparations, instantly obtaining your desired items or runes can be challenging due to game mechanics. For those with limited time to repeatedly hunt monsters, purchasing Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes and Items directly from is a fantastic solution. This route saves precious time while still allowing you to obtain the gear you've been dreaming of.

Why Choose RPGStash?

RPGStash is a reputable gaming service website catering to Diablo 2 Resurrected players worldwide. It has earned the trust of gamers by providing top-notch services. With user-friendly interfaces and pages, RPGStash makes finding desired items a breeze. The website offers precise categorization and navigation for D2R Runes, along with a handy search function.

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Professionalism and Quality Service

RPGStash boasts a team of seasoned players dedicated to ensuring prompt order delivery. Whether you need pre-purchase advice or encounter issues during or after order delivery, feel free to use the 24/7 Livechat support for assistance.

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Dive into the captivating world of Last Man Standing (LMS), a thrilling mini-game in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). As a dedicated PvPer, you have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of OSRS gold through its reward shop. The beauty of LMS lies in its ability to teach you the basics of player versus player (PvP) combat without risking your gear or hard-earned OSRS Gold. This makes it an ideal starting point for OSRS players looking to venture into PvP combat.

Challenges and Opportunities

Unfortunately, the potential for earning OSRS gold has attracted bots to the LMS scene. One of the rewards available in the shop is the renowned Rune Pouch, different from the one obtained from the Slayer Masters as it can be sold on the Grand Exchange for actual OSRS gold. However, the repetitiveness of the mini-game has created a favorable environment for bots. Thankfully, recent updates have made the environment less friendly to bots while enhancing the experience for genuine players.

Builds and Stats

To enjoy LMS gameplay, you need to create and select a loadout for three different game modes:

  1. Main/Maxed Account: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Defense at 75.
  2. 1 Defense Pure: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Attack at 75 and Defense at 1.
  3. Zerk Account: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Attack at 75 and Defense at 45.
Choosing Your Mode

LMS randomly selects a game mode before each match. While the modes are randomized, you have a better chance of getting a specific mode if more players in the lobby prefer it. Jagex introduced this system to prevent monopolization of particular game modes and ensure a diverse experience.

Loadout Selection

Before entering the game, you must choose a specific loadout for each of the three game modes. Some OSRS items are unavailable for certain builds either due to their lack of relevance or exclusivity. For example, you cannot possess or use Rune Gloves (1 Def Pure version) since obtaining them requires the completion of Recipe for Disaster, which conflicts with upgrading your 1 Def Pure. This maintains consistency across the main game, PvP arenas, and LMS.

Perfecting Your Spellbook

You also need to choose a spellbook for each build in your loadout. Standard spellbook grants you Surge and Entangle. Lunar spellbook provides you with Vengeance and Heal Other. Default Ancient spellbook equips you with Blood Barrage, Ice Barrage, and Blood Blitz. It's important to note that you can't select the Lunar spellbook for your Pure build as accessing it requires a non-Pure account.


While the Protection Prayers in LMS have been temporarily enhanced, this change will revert with the launch of the Amautuskot Tomb on August 24th. Until then, you can experiment with prayers like Piety, Rigour, or Augury in LMS matches for Pures and Zerkers. These prayers can't be unlocked for these builds in the main game, making this a rare opportunity to try them out. To maintain consistency and provide new PvP players a fair preview of these builds in OSRS, Jagex has decided to restore balance by removing them on August 24th.

OSRS Loot Crate

Good news awaits – the loot crates have been improved, ensuring you won't receive duplicate items. You'll get a range of OSRS Items across all three versions and exclusive items unique to each version.

Earning OSRS Gold through LMS Rewards

In summary, you can still earn a considerable amount of OSRS GP by selling LMS rewards, but now with added diversity while engaging in this beginner-friendly PvP mini-game. You can experiment with different builds without the risk of losing your gear or OSRS gold. By doing so, you'll become familiar with prayer switching and PvP fundamentals before embarking on wilderness PK adventures.

Embrace the thrill of Last Man Standing and sharpen your PvP skills while reaping the rewards of OSRS gold. Get ready to conquer the battlegrounds and emerge as the ultimate victor in this captivating gameplay experience!


Harbinger Outlaws

In the Harbinger League, the game introduces new changes with fresh monsters and mechanics. Harbingers are a bit like Breakers but smaller and less chaotic. You can't target them directly, although they occasionally attack you. When you come across a Harbinger while wandering in Wraeclast's world, there's a blue pack nearby. Killing this blue pack summons smaller creatures. As you defeat these spawned minions, the Harbinger's health decreases until it's defeated. Defeating these creatures earns you fragments of different currencies.

Battles with Harbingers can be a bit slow at times, but the excitement ramps up when these smaller creatures suddenly gather around you, especially when you can make them explode. This mechanic increases the density of maps in Path of Exile, making the Harbinger League more engaging. While it might not be as thrilling as Breach, it's still a dependable concept.

The real issue with Harbinger Outlaws lies in the rewards. Engaging with them is high-risk, high-reward; you can swiftly eliminate hundreds of creatures within seconds but also sustain incredible damage. While Harbinger groups bring danger and dozens of foes, the rewards are almost absent.

How do Fragments Work in the Harbinger League?

Harbinger Outlaws won't drop regular items; instead, they provide PoE Divine Orbs item fragments. They also introduce some entirely new currency items, which we'll cover later. These fragments are somewhat plain. The fragment system in the Harbinger League feels underwhelming. When I took a 30-second break from mapping to kill a Harbinger pack, I hoped to see three or more Chaos Shards drop.

Generally speaking, Harbinger Outlaws seem to drop about half Chaos items. This means that if you're solely interested in currency, stopping to engage Harbinger Outlaws might not be worth it. The problem lies in the scarcity of expensive shards and the accumulation of cheap ones. There's no real reason for a stack of Chaos Shards to need to reach 20, but it does.

The rarity balance between valuable shards and actual valuable Orbs of Fusing doesn't have a good explanation. Of course, there are also Mirror Shards, the truly expensive drops from Harbinger monsters, each worth two Chaos. Harbinger lesser creatures frequently bring us low-value drops.

It's worth noting that the new types of fragments take up a significant amount of inventory space. Harbingers drop twelve distinct types of fragments. Twelve. Even if you ignore valuable and Mirror Shards, you still end up with two whole rows of inventory filled with small items. Now, they don't all neatly fit into the "Currency" tab either.

New Currency Spheres

Harbingers also bring six new types of currency items. Binding Orbs, Engineer's Orbs, Horizon Orbs, Harbinger's Orbs, Ancient Orbs and Path of Exile Chaos Orbs, and Annulment Orbs. Some of these are decent, some very powerful, and some become less useful around level 40. All six are exclusive to the Harbinger League.

The first three spheres are very common. The most prevalent among them is the Binding Orb. It upgrades normal items into rare items with up to four linked sockets. Being able to craft four-linked items at levels 20-40 is quite potent. However, beyond that, Binding Orbs lose their utility.

Players may have various reasons for wanting to change their League of Legends region, whether it's due to latency issues on the server, a desire to experience region-specific gameplay styles, or simply making a mistake and selecting the wrong region. Whatever your reason, there is a way to change regions and enjoy the best (and sometimes worst) of League of Legends gameplay in a different location.

How to Change Region on League Client Without VPN

While there used to be an option to change regions within League, it seems that changing regions on existing LoL Accounts is no longer possible. In the past, players could spend 2,600 RP for a one-time region transfer, but as reported by Dot Esports, these options have disappeared.

If you still have access to them, follow these steps to change your account's region:

  • Open your League client.
  • Click on the store icon next to your RP and Blue Essence amounts.
  • Click on the account icon in the top right corner of the store (a screenshot is provided below for reference).
  • Choose the region you want to change to. This transaction will cost you 2,600 RP, roughly equivalent to around $23 in real life.
  • Progress through the transaction after receiving a warning from Riot about potential issues when changing regions.
  • Log out and log back in to ensure everything runs as expected.

However, it's worth noting that some regions, such as China and Korea, even require players to register with real identification. Therefore, unless you have valid ID for those locations, you won't be able to access League servers in those regions. After completing this process, you should have a new LoL account on the desired server region.

When you change regions, your rank, honor level, clash progress, and more will be reset. However, your skins will be retained!

How to Use VPN to Change Region on League Client

If you wish to play on League servers in different regions, you might need to create a new account specifically for that region. To do this, you might need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). While VPNs can be very useful, they come at a cost that might discourage many.

However, if you're still interested, you should look for a VPN that suits you best, purchase and install it on your PC, select a location within the League region you want to play in on the VPN, and then create a new profile.

After the first-ever strike in League history, two weeks of delays, and plenty of controversy in between, the 2023 LCS Summer Split is finally here. The North American League of Legends community has been buzzing ever since the LCS Players Association decided to protest Riot Games' recent decisions regarding the secondary league in the region. But now, all 10 teams are geared up for another intense split, competing for regional trophies and the chance to represent their hometowns at the 2023 World Championship in South Korea.

Due to the strike and delays, however, the LCS will be played over the course of the next six weeks on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays to make up for missed match days. As a result, players will be pushed to their limits, with only the best teams making it to the playoffs and striving to conquer the peak of North America.

If you're intrigued by the heroes of other servers as well, you might consider Buy LoL Accounts from to experience different heroes from different servers, enabling you to play League of Legends alongside a variety of players.


Why bother with gold farming in New World?

Most items in the game will be crafted by yourself, and many materials are readily available. However, once you reach the endgame in New World, money becomes a concern. Whether you want to craft all the endgame gear with rare and expensive materials or start manufacturing and selling equipment to maximize your various crafting skills, you'll soon find yourself depleting funds.

This is especially true with regular updates and features that demand you constantly craft new endgame gear. Sometimes, your upgrade frequency can rival that of an ordinary Apple user. So, let's dive into our New World Coins farming guide and explore the best methods to make money in New World.

Best items to sell at the Trading Post

Many players don't want to spend a lot of time finding rare or highly demanded resources to craft in-game items and prefer to buy them easily from the trading post. Not only that, they are willing to pay a premium for it. On the other hand, players often sell at relatively cheaper prices to move their inventory.

To make money at the trading post, you need to research it to identify which items are in high demand on your server. Prices can vary between servers and different times/dates. Therefore, staying updated with the trading post and chat can help you know the player demands in real-time.

Keep in mind that other players can also farm items, so if what you're selling is easily obtainable in the main world, you may not have many buyers. It's also worth noting that if your items don't sell within a few days of listing, the demand might not be enough to sustain your coin farming needs. So, be prepared to switch if necessary.

Gathering Raw Materials

If you're not keen on engaging in the market or simply want a more 'honest' way to make coin, you can use your gathering skills to do so. Instead of buying and selling, you can simply sell. Again, we'll capitalize on players' laziness to make money. You can go out and spend time gathering all the high-demand resources that other players need but don't want to hunt down themselves.

Choose the resources of your choice, maximize the gathering skill of your choice, and eventually get the fifth tier version of the necessary gathering tool. You can do this without fully maxing out the skill and tool, but it's the most efficient way to farm resources. Then, all you need to do is sell large quantities of your chosen resources and make a profit.

As for which resources you should actually seek, it depends. Some endgame resources, like Star Metal and Wyrdwood, may be relatively safe choices. However, what people need/want will vary depending on time and server, current patches, and more. So, again, figure out what's selling and farm accordingly.

Refining Tier 5 Materials

You can also make money through refining skills. Once you reach the maximum level (200) in refining, you can craft special Tier 5 materials related to that refining skill. These items are in high demand and can fetch a good profit when sold. If you're already farming specific resources using a given gathering skill, pairing it with the corresponding refining skill can make the entire process more efficient.

Crafting End-Game Gear

Among the various methods in our New World money-making guide, crafting end-game gear requires the most initial setup and investment but offers high returns. Instead of simply farming resources to sell, you can craft the items that players desire.

For significant gains, concentrate solely on crafting the highest-tier end-of-end-game gear with the best attributes and abilities. This means specializing in weaponsmithing, armoring, and jewelcrafting. In addition to maxing out the relevant crafting skill, there are other steps to follow.

For Armoring and Weaponsmithing, you need three Major Armoring Crafting Trophies and three Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophies, respectively. Furthermore, equip a full set of crafting armor that enhances the perks for the specific crafting skill you are utilizing. Consume food that provides relevant crafting bonuses as well.

To ensure you consistently get the best items, you'll require craft mods to guarantee the desired perks on your item, and timeless shards to secure the stat bonuses you want. Players can choose to Buy New World Coins on a third-party platform, which is a good choice, it can effectively solve the player's time and enjoy the game better.

If you are not sure yet, you can try to buy a small amount of Gold from to test its quality and service attitude. I strongly recommend RPGStash, because this is always a platform that can stand on the player's side and serve gamers.

Crafting end-game gear demands more resources compared to gathering and refining methods, but it's an investment that pays off. Once you have the proper setup, you can produce top-tier weapons and armor and start accumulating substantial amounts of gold in New World.

Legendary Item Farming

For an entirely different approach, you can farm coins through glorious combat! In the end-game zones like Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains, and Ebonscale Reach, you'll encounter elite bosses ranging from level 62 to level 66. These bosses drop legendary named items that can fetch a huge profit. However, these items are rare, so you'll need to defeat the bosses repeatedly. Keep in mind that this content requires teaming up with other players as it is not soloable. If you enjoy challenging raid battles, then this farming method is for you.

Faction Item Farming

If you prefer solo questing over team battles against bosses, you can still make a substantial amount of coin by engaging in faction item farming. By completing faction quests and raising your ranking in your given faction, you gain access to faction-specific gear that you can purchase from faction representatives. Among the sought-after faction items are the Runes of Holding, necessary for crafting bags and storage chests, making them lucrative to sell.

So, farm faction tokens to obtain faction items, then sell them for profit. It's a straightforward but time-consuming process. These are some of the best and most consistent farming methods we've found for making money in New World. We hope that your coin purse remains full, and happy exploring!