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Getting the Tome of Identify in Diablo II: Resurrected is crucial for streamlining the item identification process. Initially, you can use Scrolls of Identify obtained from defeating enemies or purchasing them at Act I shops for around 80 Gold each. However, these scrolls occupy a single inventory slot, which can become cumbersome.

To enhance efficiency, acquiring a Tome of Identify is essential. These tomes only consume two inventory slots but can hold up to 20 Scrolls of Identify. You can conveniently purchase a Tome of Identify from various vendors in Act I, so it's advisable to do so early in the game.

Upon acquiring the Tome of Identify, drag any loose Scrolls of Identify you may have into the tome, consolidating them. Any additional Scrolls obtained later will automatically be stored in the Tome of Identify.

The identification process is straightforward. Highlight the Scroll of Identify in your inventory, click it, and then select the unidentified item. This quick procedure transforms the item into a usable one, significantly boosting your strength.

For a cost-effective approach, consider completing the Den of Evil and Sisters’ Burial Grounds quests in Act I. Afterward, accepting the Search for Cain quest allows you to rescue Deckard Cain. Once saved, Cain offers free identification services at the Rogue Encampment. It's an efficient way to identify multiple items quickly.

Prioritize completing this quest, as Cain, if left incomplete, will still appear in Act II but charge 100 gold for identification. After unlocking Cain, you can adopt a hybrid method by stockpiling Scrolls of Identify for individual uses and, when needed, teleporting back to Cain using a town portal scroll for bulk identification.

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In the world of Diablo 4, the concept of rarity undergoes a transformation. In the initial stages of your adventure, the discovery of a legendary item becomes a cause for celebration, finding a cherished place in your gear slots for an extended period. However, as your journey progresses, the once-thrilling experience of legendary item drops becomes more commonplace, losing its initial luster to familiarity.

Yet, no matter how far you delve into the game, certain items maintain an elusive quality – a rarity beyond the norm. These unique items prove challenging to find reliably, if at all. Their scarcity is so pronounced that developers have officially acknowledged their existence through social media channels. Herein lies the tale of the six rarest Diablo 4 Unique Items, a pursuit fraught with challenges for those daring enough to seek them.

1) The Grandfather

With a legacy dating back to the first Diablo, The Grandfather continues to be a legendary sword in Diablo 4. Accessible at level 85, it boasts massive base damage, along with bonuses to raw damage, maximum life, critical strike damage, and overall stats. Its unique feature allows properties to surpass normal limits, making it a retirement present worth the hunt.

2) Ring Of Starless Skies

Ideal for builds centered around a core skill, this trinket amplifies core skill damage and reduces consecutive core skill resource costs. With a maximum of 40% reduction, it lets you unleash key moves relentlessly, undermining resource systems. Offering resistance to cold and fire damage, along with improved critical and lucky hits, it's a powerful accessory for strategic players.

3) Andariel's Visage

As the face of Diablo's Maiden of Anguish, Andariel, this unique helm elevates your defensive capabilities. With increased attack speed and lifesteal, it enhances resilience in hectic battles. Its unique aspect, a 20% chance to summon a poison nova on hit, deals substantial damage over time, creating a deadly synergy with class-specific skills.

4) Melted Heart Of Selig

This ultra-rare amulet challenges Diablo 4's core rules by providing a 30% boost to maximum resource, acting as a protective barrier against damage. It transforms resource management, turning resource pools into additional health reserves. While it alters gameplay significantly, its rarity adds to its allure as a game-changing amulet.

5) Doombringer

True to its name, Doombringer is a sword that unleashes AOE shadow damage blasts with a 25% chance on a lucky hit. Its fast speed increases the likelihood of triggering this powerful ability, making it a versatile weapon. With additional bonuses to damage, maximum life, and a unique ability to reduce enemy damage, Doombringer seamlessly fits into various builds.

6) Harlequin Crest

Considered the pinnacle of rarity, Harlequin Crest stands out as Diablo 4's most coveted item. Beyond its standard bonuses, its unique aspect elevates it to unparalleled heights by providing four additional ranks to all skills. This extraordinary bonus unlocks the full potential of your character, pushing your favorite skills to rank nine. The Harlequin Crest is undeniably Diablo 4's Holy Grail, deserving its ultra-rare status.

In the pursuit of these rare uniques, players embark on epic journeys, seeking treasures that promise to redefine their Diablo 4 experience.

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In the Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction league, Blighted maps offer lucrative opportunities for PoE currency farming. This guide provides insights into obtaining and maximizing profits from Blighted maps, helping players accumulate valuable POE Orbs while navigating the challenges of the league.

How to Get Blighted Maps - Blighted Maps to Atlas

To optimize Blight farming, use a specific atlas strategy. Include maps with ample chokepoints, such as Temple, Underground River, or Haunted Mansion, in your favorite slots. Prioritize atlas nodes like epidemiology, providing additional chances for Blighted maps in chest drops. Take blightspawn for valuable extractors, sellable for approximately 10 chaos. Select other nodes like Distilled Fungus and Star Deconstruction for additional Blight boss rewards and faster fights.

Which Scarabs to Use & Regular Map Setup

For map setup, use Polished Blighted Scarabs or Rusted Blight Scarabs. Polished scarabs are recommended for an extra Blight boss, synergizing well with bonus Blight bosses. Gilded Blighted Scarabs can be used occasionally for an additional reward chance. Consider using Atlas Compasses for oil drops.

Buffing Blighted Map - How to Anoint Blighted Maps for Currency?

Anointing Blighted maps with three Rats is basic for frequent Blight chest rewards. For better profit, use two Crimson and one Amber for reduced building costs. Adjust the anointment based on your build's performance. Add Chisels for increased item quantity modifiers affecting Blight chests. Avoid map mods like monsters cannot be stunned or unmodified monster speeds.

Do Atlas Passives Work in Blighted Maps?

Atlas passives like Star Deconstruction or Blight spawn do not work in Blighted maps. These bonuses are only effective when running Blight encounters in regular maps, not Blighted maps.

How Profitable are Blighted Maps in POE 3.23?

Blighted maps are consistently profitable, with each map yielding around 25 to 50 chaos. While drops may vary, overall stability ensures a reliable profit with minimal effort.

Best League Starter Builds for Farming Blighted Maps in POE 3.23

Minion and totem builds are favored for Blighted map farming. Summoners, totem builds, mines/traps builds, and golemancers are recommended choices for efficiently clearing Blight encounters and defending the purification pump.


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Professions have played a crucial role in enhancing gameplay performance in World of Warcraft since the game's original release in 2006. With each new expansion, professions undergo updates that introduce fresh recipes and associated materials. In the case of WoW WotLK Classic, a new profession emerged: Inscription. This profession, utilizing herbs gathered from Herbalism, enables players to craft glyphs that enhance the skills of each class.

The release of World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath of the Lich King brings another significant update to professions, solidifying their place as essential tools in your character's toolkit. Each profession serves unique purposes and offers ways to earn WotLK Gold. In this overview, we'll provide a quick rundown of all the professions and highlight the changes introduced in Wrath of the Lich King.

All Professions

In World of Warcraft, there are two main types of professions: Primary and Secondary. Each character can learn two primary professions and all three secondary professions.

Primary Professions include:

  1. Alchemy
  2. Blacksmithing
  3. Enchanting
  4. Engineering
  5. Herbalism
  6. Inscription
  7. Jewelcrafting
  8. Leatherworking
  9. Mining
  10. Tailoring
  11. Skinning

Secondary Professions consist of:

  1. Fishing
  2. Cooking
  3. First Aid

Professions can be further categorized as Gathering or Crafting. Gathering professions allow you to collect materials from the world, while Crafting professions enable you to refine those materials, creating a diverse range of items such as armor, weapons, accessories, consumables, and more.

Leveling Guides Best Professions For Every Class

While all professions offer stat bonuses, some prove more potent than others. Here are the top three professions beneficial for all classes:

#1: Engineering

Engineering stands out as a versatile choice providing various useful tools and buffs. The array of items and enchants not only enhances a player's effectiveness in both PvE and PvP environments but also offers practical solutions.


- Jeeves: On-Use Repair Vendor

- MOLL-E: On-Use Mailbox


- Best in Slot Head Pieces like Charged Titanium Specs, Weakness Spectralizers, and Visage Liquification Goggles


- Boots: Nitro Boosts

- Gloves: Hyperspeed Accelerators

- Back: Springy Arachnoweave or Flexweave Underlay

- Bracers: Frag Belt (can be used in addition to Eternal Belt Buckle)

- Head: Mind Amplification Dish

- Waist: Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator

- Ranged: Heartseeker Scope


- Global Thermal Sapper Charge and Saronite Bomb

#2: Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting serves as a solid secondary profession since items crafted with it benefit any class. It provides valuable equipment like Necklaces, Rings, and Trinkets, with the 3 Jeweler's Gems offering stat bonuses comparable to other professions. Additionally, it serves as a lucrative source of gold through the Daily Jewelcrafting Quest, Prospecting, selling, or cutting Gems.

#3: Tailoring

Tailoring is an excellent secondary profession, particularly for Cloth wearers. It offers the best back enchant for many classes, including exclusive options like Lightweave Embroidery, Swordguard Embroidery, and Darkglow Embroidery. Gathering Frostweave Cloth with the "A Guide to Northern Cloth Scavenging" is also a valuable option for selling or using in bandages, bags, and other equipment.

Proficiency Brackets and Level Cap

Whether you're a returning player or starting your Classic journey, professions play a crucial role in Wrath of the Lich King. The level cap for professions has increased from 375 to 450, offering stronger crafted items as you level up. Around level 400, you'll encounter potent recipes that can enhance your character's power and even be sold for profit.

Here's a breakdown of the leveling brackets and new level cap for WotLK:

- Classic: Azeroth (1 - 300)

  - Apprentice (1 - 75): Requires Level 5

  - Journeyman (50 - 150): Requires Level 10

  - Expert (125 - 225): Requires Level 20

  - Artisan (200 - 300): Requires Level 35

- The Burning Crusade: Outland (275 - 375)

  - Master (275 - 375): Requires Level 45

- Wrath of the Lich King: Northrend (350 - 450)

  - Grand Master (350 - 450): Requires Level 55

These brackets overlap, allowing you to craft materials required for the next bracket, as they often serve as components for the next tier.

Common Profession Pairings

As players can only have two Primary Professions per character, pairing one profession with another is common. Crafting Professions often complement Gathering Professions, providing materials needed for crafting. Here's a table indicating professions, their type (Crafting or Gathering), and their complementary pairs.

Skill-Up Leveling Success Percentages

The success chance for gaining a skill level in a profession, or "skill-up," depends on the recipe being crafted and your current level. The formula for the exact percent chance is:

\[ \text{Success Chance} = \frac{\text{(Grey Level - Your Current Skill Level)}}{\text{(Grey Level - Yellow Level)}} \]

For example, if a recipe has skill-up thresholds at 1, 25, 37, and 50, and you're at level 39, the success chance would be approximately 44%.

Changing Professions

Switching professions is generally discouraged, as it involves unlearning the profession and starting from level 1. However, some players switch out a secondary crafting profession at max level for personal use or additional gold-making methods.

Additional Skill Level Sources

Players can increase their profession skill level beyond the base level through Racial Traits, Enchants, and Equipment. Some races have passive traits, certain enchants provide skill bonuses, and specific equipment items boost profession skill levels.

Remember, professions in Wrath of the Lich King are more crucial than ever, offering a myriad of opportunities for character enhancement and gold-making. If you don't have enough time to devote to the game, then you can buyCheap WoW Gold from to get power-ups quickly, and explore pro-specific guides for in-depth information. Explore the profession-specific guides for in-depth information.

Melee combat stands out as one of the most iconic and essential activities in Old School RuneScape, offering access to various game aspects like PVP, Slayer, and Bossing. Many players aim for their first 99s in Attack, Defence, and Strength to establish a strong foundation for their in-game journey. While achieving three level-99s requires dedication, let's delve into some basics to ease your path.

Leveling from 1 to 99 doesn't have to feel like a complete grind. This OSRS Attack leveling guide has been revamped with improved formatting for better readability, along with additional links to other helpful Old School RuneScape topics. For those looking to enhance their journey even further, consider leveraging the efficiency gains by acquiring OSRS Gold. Whether it's for acquiring better gear, training resources, or unlocking new opportunities, having a stash of OSRS or OSRS Items from trusted sources can significantly elevate your gaming experience.

Key Concepts

In Old School RuneScape, each of the three melee skills plays a unique role in shaping your combat performance. Attack determines how accurately you can hit your target, Strength calculates your maximum damage output in a single strike, and Defence reduces the likelihood of you getting hit, although it doesn't affect the damage taken per hit.

To develop these skills, you can switch between different attack styles with your weapon. While you'll likely be leveling up all three skills simultaneously, many players prioritize Strength. This is because increasing your max hit improves your experience (XP) rates more effectively than training Attack and Defence.

Choosing the right weapon is crucial during combat training. Weapons have an Attack requirement for wielding, making it essential to level up Attack alongside Strength until around level 85.

Equipping suitable armor and accessories is equally vital. Pay attention to your gear choices, as they provide significant stat bonuses in various situations.

It's advisable to upgrade to the best available options as quickly as possible, especially in the early levels. As you progress to higher levels, the differences in stats between equipment pieces become smaller, and the cost of high-tier equipment increases significantly, making some upgrades less cost-effective.

Low-Level (1-40)

These early levels will pass quickly compared to the time you'll spend reaching higher levels, so feel free to use your preferred training method during this phase.

Up until level 50, it's recommended to use the highest-level Scimitar available. While the equipment choice may not make a significant difference at these levels, aim for gear that matches your weapon. For instance, by level 35, consider wearing full Adamant armor paired with an Adamant Scimitar.

Mid-Level (41-70)

During these levels, continue battling high-hitpoint enemies to steadily gain experience. As you advance, you might need to switch to different foes, but Sand Crabs and Ammonite Crabs remain reliable choices even at the upper end of this level range.

The significant change in your training approach here lies in your equipment. Once you reach level 60 Attack, you can wield the formidable Dragon Scimitar, a choice favored by many budget-conscious players all the way to level 99.

Additionally, you can diversify your armor choices. The Helm of Neitiznot becomes accessible at level 55 Defence and, besides being a fashion statement, stands out as one of the best head slot items in the entire game. It can comfortably accompany you on your journey to level 99, making it worthwhile to complete the Fremennik Isles quest.

High-Level (71-99)

As you enter the top-level range, the game becomes more diverse, offering a plethora of training options compared to the earlier stages.

While you can stick to defeating regular enemies all the way to level 99—Green Dragons and Rune Dragons in the Wilderness being reliable choices—there are now faster and more profitable methods worth exploring.

For those aiming for a swift climb to 99, The Nightmare Zone, located just north of Yanille, is the quickest route. In Rumble mode, aggressive enemies rush towards you, and you must take down waves of them. Bring along some Absorption Potions to absorb hits for you.

Bossing is another excellent high-level training method, providing fast XP and substantial money-making opportunities. Many bosses yield millions of GP per hour once you grasp their takedown strategies.

As high-level players, you gain access to various new equipment options. If you're not into Bossing or PKing, sticking with your existing gear is fine. However, consider grabbing an Abyssal Whip at 70 Attack—it significantly improves training Attack and Defence over the Dragon Scimitar.

The Obsidian armor set is highly recommended in these levels, offering a 10% boost to melee accuracy when the entire set is worn. While the platebody may not be as robust as alternatives like the Fighter Torso, it's easier to obtain.

If you have the funds and time for questing and minigames, the equipment possibilities become limitless. Some players opt to enhance their in-game experience by buying osrs gold at, a popular platform for Old School RuneScape currency. Players appreciate purchasing osrs gold at RPGStash for several reasons.

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Firstly, RPGStash is known for its reliable and secure services. Players can trust that their transactions are safe, and the delivery of osrs gold is prompt, allowing them to quickly access the in-game resources they need.

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In summary, buying osrs gold at has become a preferred choice for players seeking a reliable, affordable, and convenient way to enhance their gaming experience in Old School RuneScape.