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In the realm of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), polls have long served as a means for members to shape the game according to the desires of the community. However, Jagex, the game's developer, is now introducing changes to the poll system, raising questions about the potential impact on the game's dynamics. These modifications aim to grant Jagex more freedom in making adjustments without resorting to polling.

While this may address concerns related to market stability and item values, it also raises concerns about player influence and the potential for profit-driven decisions. In this article, we will delve into the implications of these changes and examine their potential impact on the OSRS community.

Evolution of the Polling System

The impending changes to the polling system extend beyond mere market stabilization and the availability of OSRS Gold For Sale. Jagex seeks greater flexibility in introducing new content, rewards, and early game experiences that may indirectly impact various aspects of the game, including quality of life, skilling methods, and ways of earning RS Gold. The aim is to simplify the polling process and reduce the development work required for ideas that may ultimately be abandoned.

Previously, J-mods would invest significant effort into partially developing an idea before presenting it for polling. The new system, however, will allow Jagex to save resources by pitching ideas before investing extensive development time. Once an idea passes an initial poll, Jagex will then proceed with further development and follow-up polls to gauge community impact, ensuring resources are allocated towards content desired by the player base.

Balancing Profit and Player Experience

While some poll changes directly affect gameplay, Jagex has explicitly stated that they will not poll membership price adjustments. This decision follows a recent price change that drew criticism from paying players, even though Jagex had provided a "grandfather" rate for those subscribed at the previous price.

Moreover, the introduction of the Fresh Start Worlds, initially planned as a members-only game mode requiring payment, faced community backlash. In response, Jagex revised their approach and made the game mode accessible to both free-to-play and paying members. Additionally, they allowed players to generate membership codes from bonds, enabling self-gifting or sharing with friends. These moves demonstrate Jagex's willingness to listen to player feedback and adapt their decisions accordingly.

Development Freedom and Potential Concerns

Jagex aims to further enhance their development freedom by exempting certain updates from the polling process. These include visual enhancements, bug fixes, UI design improvements, minor quality-of-life changes, integrity adjustments, and balance tweaks. They also reserve the right to make changes to the poll system itself without polling the modifications. While Jagex assures players that critical aspects such as new content concepts, mechanics, quests, and significant changes will still be subject to polls, the decreasing requirement for a super majority (from 75% to 70%) raises some concerns.

Moreover, restricted polls limited to players interested in niche content may exclude the opinions of a significant minority. This potentially enables Jagex to implement changes disregarding the views of a substantial portion of the player base, which may lead to increased development costs and potentially more expensive memberships. Such decisions could also impact the in-game value of Runescape Exchange bonds, prompting resistance from players who perceive these changes as profit-oriented.


The evolving OSRS poll system introduces changes that may significantly influence the game's future. While Jagex aims to streamline development processes and address market concerns, the potential implications for player influence and the game's financial landscape raise valid concerns. The balance between Jagex's development freedom and player-driven decision-making remains a critical aspect that requires ongoing scrutiny and consideration.

Are you eager to get a taste of the latest League of Legends updates before they hit the live servers? Look no further than the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Previously exclusive to a select few, Riot has opened up the PBE to allow anyone with a Riot account in good standing to join. Discover how to create your own PBE account and embark on an exciting journey of testing and providing feedback on upcoming changes in League of Legends.

Creating a PBE Account

To start your PBE adventure, head over to Riot's official PBE sign-up page. Ensure that your Riot account meets the eligibility criteria by checking if you have any active bans or restrictions. As long as your LoL Unranked Accounts is in good standing and you have an honor level of three or higher in League of Legends, you're ready to create your PBE account.

Downloading the PBE Client

Obtaining the PBE client is a straightforward process similar to acquiring the regular League of Legends client. The PBE client's size and interface closely resemble the live servers. Make sure you have approximately 12 gigabytes of free space on your computer to accommodate the PBE client's download. Once you've successfully created your PBE account, download the client, and log in to embark on your PBE journey.

Pros and Cons of the PBE

Embracing the PBE experience comes with various advantages. Firstly, you gain access to the newest champions, skins, and other content well before they are released on the live servers. Additionally, as a PBE participant, you have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback directly to the developers, helping shape the game's future.

However, it's important to consider a few drawbacks as well. The PBE servers are located in Chicago, which may result in high ping for players outside of North America. If you're residing in Europe, Oceania, or another region, you'll need to cope with potential latency issues. Nevertheless, if you're eager to explore the latest League of Legends content ahead of others, creating a PBE account is a worthwhile endeavor.


Unlocking your PBE account will give you the privilege to preview and influence the future of League of Legends. By following the simple steps to create a PBE account and download the client, you can immerse yourself in the latest updates, test new features and provide valuable feedback to the development team.

Embrace the advantages of being at the forefront of League of Legends innovation, even if you have to deal with some minor inconveniences. Buy LoL Unranked Accounts at the reliable provider, grab this opportunity to shape the game and experience the thrill of PBE for yourself.

Smithing holds a significant place in the world of RuneScape, offering both profitability and a path to mastery. While it may require dedicated effort, the rewards are well worth it. Whether you are just starting your smithing journey or aiming to further enhance your skills, this guide will provide you with effective strategies for leveling up efficiently across different stages.

Leveling Strategies for Smithing Success

The key to efficient smithing lies in adapting your approach based on your current skill level. Here are some recommended strategies to progress swiftly and profitably.

Levels 1-29: Laying the Foundation

Begin your smithing journey by crafting bronze items using copper and tin ores to create bronze bars. Focus on crafting bronze platebody armor, as it provides the highest experience points for leveling up, despite requiring more resources. Continue this method until Level 10. Once you reach Level 10, switch to crafting iron bars and crafting iron platebody armor until Level 20. At Level 20, unlock steel bars, enabling you to create steel platebody armor and advance to Level 30.

Alternatively, consider embarking on The Knight's Sword quest, which grants a Smithing EXP Lamp, instantly boosting your Smithing skill to Level 29. While this method doesn't generate profits, it offers a convenient alternative to forging items continuously. Another quest worth completing is What's Mine Is Yours, providing Smithing experience from Level 5 to Level 7.

Level 30-55: Advancing the Craft

Upon reaching Level 30, begin crafting mithril bars, which can be used to create mithril platebody armor—the most efficient way to level up smithing until Level 40. As you progress, switch to crafting adamant bars and adamant platebody armor, pushing your skill to Level 50. Once Level 50 is achieved, focus on crafting rune burial sets until Level 55.

Platebody Armor: The Optimal Choice

Crafting platebody armor proves to be the most convenient and efficient method for leveling up smithing. While you will need to work your way up through various ores, the overall experience gained from crafting platebody armor surpasses other armor pieces. Once you reach the pinnacle of your smithing journey, further leveling might not be necessary. For new players interested in smithing, our comprehensive guide for beginners can provide valuable insights.

Accelerating Progress with RPGStash and OSRS Gold

For those seeking a faster path to success, utilizing services like RPGStash can be advantageous. By purchasing Runescape Gold from RPGStash, you can swiftly acquire necessary materials and expedite your smithing journey. This allows you to quickly boost your Smithing levels, potentially reaching 99 in a significantly shorter time.

With over ten years of experience in the RuneScape market, RPGStash is a trusted platform for acquiring in-game resources. Whether you are a new or returning buyer, you can benefit from their Live Chat service to request coupon codes, saving money on your purchases.


Smithing in RuneScape offers not only a profitable venture but also a satisfying path to mastery. By employing the strategies outlined in this guide, tailored to your current skill level, you can efficiently level up your smithing abilities and reap the rewards. Embrace the art of smithing, and let your skills shine in the world of RuneScape!

In World of Warcraft, endless leveling can be exhausting and time-consuming! Achieving the desired amount of gold is one of the greatest accomplishments in WoW Classic because it opens up numerous in-game opportunities. Experienced players have come up with some ideas to help more players get closer to the seemingly unreachable gold cap in Classic WoW.

Why do players need WoW Classic Gold?

In WoW Classic, there are always new things to try out, but players need enough gold to do so. Farming gold in Classic WoW is more challenging than in Vanilla WoW because the mechanics harken back to the early days of the game when everything was more challenging. WOW Gold is the most common currency in World of Warcraft. It is obtained by killing monsters, completing quests, and participating in raids. Players can use gold to purchase all the armor and equipment they need, which is especially important for individuals wanting to try out many builds available for their class. Players can also use gold to purchase in-game conveniences to improve their quality of life, such as mounts.

Unlike walking, players can reach destinations faster by using mounts. One drawback is that mounts are very expensive in WoW Classic, and only advanced players can afford them. Therefore, having a substantial amount of gold in a player's inventory is crucial.

How to farm WoW Classic WotLK Gold?

Choosing the right professions in the game—such as Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, and Alchemy—can be a good start. Not to say that other professions won't make money, but these happen to be the easiest ones to earn gold with.

Listing items—After selling items, players can collect all the proceeds from their mailbox. However, keep in mind that this can be time-consuming as a pile of mail will certainly take some time to collect. It's also worth noting that the loot limit for the mailbox is 50 mails per visit.

Undercut your competitors—even the tiniest undercut can work wonders for your gold-making venture. While this may not be favorable for gold-making, remember that all competitors will eventually leave, making players the sole supplier of the products they sell.

Don't worry about capping out—if a player reaches the gold cap, they won't be able to loot any more gold. However, it's important not to get too excited about this, as the gold cap is calculated per character, not per account!

These are not the only methods to acquire Classic WoW Gold, but they are some of the easiest. If all else fails, players can turn to specialized markets that trade in-game assets.

How to make the most of WoW Classic Gold?

Things related to gold are never in short supply. Everyone remembers striving for their first mount and grinding out 50 gold for it, and that hasn't changed in WoW Classic. Here's a quick summary of all the uses for WoW Classic Gold.

BOE equipment

WoW Classic distinguishes between Bind-on-Equip (BoE) and Bind-on-Pickup (BoP) gear. While the former cannot be traded, BoE items can and are easily sold to other participants, either face-to-face or through the auction house. This means one of the best ways to use gold in Classic is to supplement weaker elements. For example, if you're having trouble farming a certain trinket or wrist item, you can find a BoE to fill that gap in your build until you can farm a corresponding BoP item.


Classic includes a durability mechanic where items' quality decreases as they are used. If durability reaches zero, the item becomes useless and provides no benefits. Repair costs can easily get out of control. Normal monsters at the level cap can have repair costs as high as 10 gold per hour. While the expense is manageable at early levels Continuing from where we left off...

While the expense is manageable at early levels, keeping up with ever-increasing maintenance costs becomes an ongoing battle. Having a substantial gold reserve means players no longer have to worry about worthless items.

Crafting materials and reagents

Leveling any crafting profession to the cap in WoW Classic can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is primarily due to the high cost of crafting materials. Depending on the server, gold costs can exceed 1,000 gold. On the other hand, consumables are undoubtedly BiS (Best in Slot) for many classes. One of the best uses of gold is to alleviate this pressure, ensuring that players have all the necessary consumables without having to grind indefinitely.


High-end mounts require a significant amount of gold. While there aren't as many options as in the retail version, spending a few thousand gold on an epic mount is worth it, not to mention the time saved from farming. For example, a regular epic mount costs 100 gold each, not including the cost of leveling up the riding skill itself. More expensive mounts, such as the Black War Ram, War Steed Bridle, Black War Tiger Reins, and Black Battlestrider, require substantial investments.


Potions and other consumables are essential for every adventurer in World of Warcraft Classic. Many raids require food and drinks, and premade groups will require players to have specific quantities and types to join. This is because certain consumables are recommended and required to meet specific DPS or survival requirements in raids. Being short on consumables, especially in heroic raids, can lead to wipes. One of the best ways to consume WoW Gold is to stockpile consumables.

Buying WoW Classic WotLK Gold is the most convenient option

In summary, players need WoW Classic Gold for various reasons, including purchasing valuable items, covering repair costs, obtaining crafting materials, acquiring mounts, and stocking up on consumables. While there are methods to farm gold within the game, Buy WOW Classic WotLK Gold provides a convenient solution for players who want to save time and quickly acquire the resources they need.

In Path of Exile's ever-evolving landscape, the recent expansion introduced changes that impacted popular builds. The Saboteur Ascendancy and poison mechanics underwent notable adjustments, prompting players to explore new options. While the Poison Seismic Trap Saboteur build has lost some of its previous power, the Explosive Trap Shadow Saboteur has emerged as a formidable choice for seasoned players seeking to unleash devastating damage.

Unleashing Destruction: The Explosive Trap Saboteur Build

The Explosive Trap Saboteur build revolves around the explosive trap skill, leveraging its immense destructive potential to obliterate enemies with precision and efficiency. If you're an experienced player seeking a playstyle that combines strategy, explosive power, and swift elimination of foes, this build is for you. Preparing sufficient Path of Exile Currency in advance is what every player needs to do, which will bring you great convenience.

Versatile Gameplay: Map Clearing and Boss Slaying

One of the defining strengths of the Explosive Trap Saboteur build is its versatility in handling both map clearing and challenging boss encounters. With a well-rounded character, you can excel in various scenarios. It's worth noting that this build requires a significant investment, making it more suitable for seasoned players who have accumulated resources and experience.

Skill Tree and Gem Setups: Maximizing Explosive Power

When constructing the skill tree and selecting gem setups for the Explosive Trap Saboteur build, prioritizing the Saboteur subclass is crucial. This subclass offers invaluable benefits, such as increased trap-throwing speed, enhanced damage output, improved regeneration, and reduced trap cooldown. By focusing on these aspects, you can maximize the effectiveness of your trap-based gameplay.

Additionally, allocating points to passive skills that amplify area damage, critical strike chance, and elemental damage is highly recommended. These synergize harmoniously with the Explosive Trap skill, providing substantial damage potential.

In terms of gem setups, the core skill for this build is the Explosive Trap. To optimize its performance, augment it with gems that increase damage, critical strike chance, and area of effect. Incorporate additional support gems that enhance survivability, mobility, and crowd control to create a well-rounded playstyle.

Recommended Gear: The Devouring Diadem and More

The Devouring Diadem helmet is a highly recommended piece of gear for the Explosive Trap Saboteur. Its enchant significantly increases the damage of your explosive traps, enabling you to inflict greater harm on your enemies. Additionally, the helmet provides substantial mana regeneration, ensuring a steady resource pool for continuous trap deployment.

Mastering the Gameplay: Strategy and Adaptability

In combat, strategically plan the placement of your traps to optimize damage output and effectively hit your intended targets. Utilize skills like Shield Charge with Faster Attack Support and Flame Dash to swiftly navigate through maps and evade potential dangers.

When facing bosses, prioritize these encounters to maximize your damage output. Utilize curses and traps effectively to expedite their defeat. Maintaining active auras and buffs is also crucial. These enhancements not only maximize damage but also contribute to survivability, significantly improving your performance in combat.

Adjust your strategy based on the specific enemies you face. Against bosses, skills like Bear Trap can prove particularly effective, while other skills may be better suited for clearing maps. Adapt your approach and select the most appropriate skills to overcome the challenges presented by different enemy encounters.

Unleash Devastation with the Explosive Trap Saboteur Build

While the Explosive Trap Saboteur build may not be ideal for beginners, seasoned players will find it immensely satisfying with its heavy damage output. Embrace the playstyle that combines strategy, explosive power, and swift elimination of enemies, and unleash devastation with the Explosive Trap Saboteur build in Path of Exile. No matter what kind of difficulties you experience, you must first accumulate or Buy PoE Divine Orbs to equip your character, and make yourself stronger to better join the battle and win more loot.



World of Warcraft, a captivating MMORPG, offers immersive gameplay, challenging PvE scenarios, and unpredictable PvP experiences. In the Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) Classic expansion, players can delve into a rich storyline, unleash their creativity, and enjoy the diverse class specializations. One notable feature introduced in WotLK Classic is the dual spec system, which plays a significant role in saving World of Warcraft Gold and facilitating easy specialization switching. This guide will provide insights into the dual spec system, its benefits, and how to unlock it.

Understanding Dual Spec

Dual specialization, or dual spec, allows players to have two simultaneous specializations for their character. While you can freely choose between two pre-defined specializations, only one can be active at a time. Switching specializations takes five seconds and resets all resources, including mana, Holy Power, Rune Power, and Rage. To optimize gameplay, it is recommended to swap specializations before engaging in raids, dungeons, or exploring the world.

Importance of Dual Spec

Dual spec offers players a valuable quality-of-life feature by enabling them to switch between specializations without any cost. Hybrid classes like Shamans and Warriors can easily transition between DPS and healing/tanking roles. Additionally, players can switch between open-world and dungeon/raid builds. PvP enthusiasts benefit from selecting PvP-oriented talents specifically designed for battlegrounds and arenas.

Unlocking Dual Spec

To unlock dual spec, players must be at least level 40. Once this requirement is met, a fee of 1000 gold is necessary to unlock the feature. Visit any class trainer and purchase the dual spec. Next, set up your primary and secondary specializations, ensuring they align with your desired playstyles. Afterward, lock your chosen specializations. While locked, you can still respec within each specialization, but the usual respec cost will apply, starting at one gold.


The dual spec system in WoW Classic's Wrath of the Lich King expansion provides players with a cost-free and convenient way to switch between specializations. By unlocking dual spec, players can easily adapt to various PvE and PvP scenarios, optimizing their gameplay experience. Remember, reaching level 40 and saving 1000 gold are the prerequisites to unlock this valuable feature. Embrace the flexibility and strategic advantages offered by dual spec as you venture through the world of WotLK Classic.

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Players in World of Warcraft require significant economic support, and if they lack the time to invest in the game, they can quickly Buy WotLK Classic Gold from RPGStash. RPGStash is a professional gold supplier that guarantees 100% safety, and many players rely on this platform to accumulate gold.

RPGStash boasts a wide global customer base, offering reasonable prices, professional services, and member benefits, including promotional activities. These factors make the preferred choice for players looking to buy WoW Gold. If you're new to RPGStash, you can start by purchasing a small amount of gold to experience their professional delivery capabilities and their enthusiastic customer service. If you have any questions, their 24/7 customer support is always available to assist you.