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What is Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup?

Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup is a minigame that gets unlocked after completing the quest Jungle potion. It is a minigame where the player helps out the village in various ways to earn favour which then can be exchanged for trading sticks.

Why Should You Do Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup ?

There are few reasons as to why you would want to participate in this minigame.

First and foremost, there are a number of Karamja Diary tasks that require you to participate in this minigame. These achievements are:

  • Acquiring 100% favour
  • Cooking spider on stick with a thatch spar
  • Exchanging gout tuber & trading sticks with Safta Doc to get a gem-bladed machete
  • Cutting teak & mahogany trees in Karamja

Secondly you will need at least 60% favour to complete the quest “My Arm’s Big Adventure”.

Lastly you can find a gout tuber while participating in this minigame which is worth around 1M.


There are a few methods you can do to get your favour up in this minigame.

How To Start

Before you start this minigame make sure to have these items with you:

  • A machete, preferably a gem-bladed machete to cut faster.
  • Any type of antipoison.
  • A good weapon.
  • If you have low stats the best magic defence armour you can get and food.
  • Spade
  • Pickaxe if you want to mine gem rocks (optional).
  • Chisel if you want to cut and sell gemstones to Gabooty (optional).
  • Gem bag if you are mining gemstones (optional).

Broodoo victims can spawn from time to time during this minigame. It’s not recommended for you to kill them but if you want to bring the following items:

  • Relicym’s balm to damage orange victims.
  • Antipoison to damage green victims.
  • Edible food to damage white victims.

To start the minigame, head to Tai Bwo Wannai village and speak to Murcaily on the east side of the village, near the hardwood grove and select the options 2, 1, 5. Near the village fence you will see some jungles ranging from light to dense. Cut a light jungle and repair the fence with the sticks that you get. After doing this once you should have 2% or more favour go back to Murcaily to trade them in. 

After this there are two pathways you can take to maximise your favour, one is the fast way and the other is the slow way but it can get you gout tubers.

Fast Way

Head north of the calquat patch and you will see some jungle spiders, simply kill them to get 100% favour. Each spider killed will reward 1-2% favour.

Slow Way

You can cut jungle’s until you reach 100% favour as well. You don’t need to repair the fence since it doesn’t reward the player with that much favour. Simply cut down jungles and kill the monsters that come out of it until you reach 100% favour. If a broodoo victim spawns, simply run away and hop worlds and continue.

The best jungle to cut is arguably the light one since it has the least amount of chance to spawn a monster. If you'd rather skip grinding the game, you can quickly Sell OSRS Gold from us!

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic brings new surprises to retail players and new players. The latest version is more streamlined than the previous classic extension. It also attracts player challenges. The average journey from 1 to 80 takes 150-200 hours to complete. The main challenge is that 70-80 takes 20 to 40 hours. If you have enough time, you can enjoy the fun.

As we all know, when exploring all new areas of Noonard, we are distracted and fell into a seemingly inevitable cycle of death. To explore the map smoothly, you must have sufficient WoW Gold and a character level that matches the difficulty. Therefore, the upgrade level is one of the main tasks of players in the game. So how can you reach level 80 quickly?

The biggest threat in WOTLK Classic is still a sudden death threat, and you may be trying to defeat a particularly challenging enemy to complete the task. In this case, some consumables can play a great role. Healthy potions that cannot heal self-healing are particularly important in these wars.

Many occupations will consume mana, especially mage, warlock, and therapist. The mana potion may only give you a little damage to improve so that you will be exempted from death. After these difficult battles, food and beverages help recover faster, to re -enter the battle. Don't ignore the importance of letting your first aid reach your level. You may plunder a lot of fabrics, you can auction them to get extra gold coins, or become bandages to help you return to the battle.

As we all know, engineering is a powerful profession in WotLK. Not only can you make explosives to increase additional damage, but you can also make your ground and flight mount. Rocket Boots Xtreme provides speed-up, Parachute Cloak's slow decline capacity, and Field Repair Bot 110G for saving the city repair and sale of garbage will also help greatly reduce travel time in the entire area.

How to get experience

There are several ways to obtain experience in WOTLK Classic. Common methods are swiping cards, tasks, dungeons, and even battlefields. However, the best way is to explore the dungeon. By running Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and even the Deadmines, if you have very good equipment and teammates, you can bring difficult encounters.

Seek to level

If you prefer a single experience, the task is your best choice because you will be able to complete most tasks yourself. Keep in mind that some occupations have advantages here, especially if they can use pets or have the self-healing ability. Others may find that they encounter obstacles from time to time and may need the help of friends or passers-by.

To save time between task picking and submission, please focus on finding a mission center instead of picking up a single task. This will greatly reduce travel time and maximize the number of tasks you complete. If you want to form a team with other players, the experience you get will be assigned to the team according to the number of players in your group. Therefore, before the team, we must ensure that the speed of the clearance can make up for the loss of losses.

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Many people like Valorant, but they will also give up because the game time is too long. After all, in real life, it is difficult for people to continuously have more than an hour of free time. If you choose to enter the game, then you must persist until the end of the game. Riot Games is also aware of this problem, trying to solve it with a shorter casual mode.

Matches are usually 30-50 minutes long, especially when there is a tie, and matches in hardcore competitive and unrated modes can last up to two minutes or so per round. Competitive play can last longer because if players vote to continue, they need to win at least two rounds in overtime.

The new Swiftplay mode will be more flexible, with each match lasting roughly 15 minutes and featuring a similar ruleset to Unrated. However, the first player to win five rounds wins. After four rounds, the offensive and defensive sides switched sides and entered overtime. Made some tweaks to the final credits to make sure they still have access to all the fun stuff in the shorter format.

At the start of each half of a Swiftplay match, you will receive two Ultimate Points for free. As a result, you can use the most powerful abilities in the game more often. While Valorant has other casual modes that don't last as long as competitive or unrated matches, Swiftplay brings the core mode's ruleset into a cleaner format.

Swiftplay mode will be used and recognized by more players, especially those who don't have a lot of free time and are more likely to play more Valorant Swiftplay mode. The Swiftstep patch also brings a ton of balance changes and tweaks to how various abilities interact with each other.

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World Set is the term used in the new world when choosing which server to start. Here's what that means if it's something you need to worry about.

New World allows players to choose among numerous worlds to start their first character with, all of which have a category called "World Set". Novice players may not know what the World Set in New World means. So what is a World Set?

What does "World Set" mean in New World

In the new world, World Set is the term used in the new world when choosing which server to start. The term "worldset" is used to group a large number of worlds. Amazon Games can merge any worlds that have the same world set together. Hovering over the question mark displays the following tooltip:

A world set is a collection of selected worlds. When selected, there will be some restrictions. This is Amazon Games' convenient management to provide players with the best experience. Developers can collect all worlds with the same world set and combine them into one world.

There can only be one character per worldset. If you have a character in Lagado which is part of the Pangaia Eta World Set, you cannot have a character in Agartha as it is also in the Pangaia Eta World Set.

You can't play with friends from different worlds, if a friend is in Agartha and I'm in Lagado, we won't see each other in the game even though they are in Pangaia Eta World Set. The same goes for trading, you can only trade New World Gold or items with players in the same world.

Before you start creating characters, do some research on the new world before you decide which character you should join. A World Set is a category that contains multiple worlds so that Amazon Games can merge all worlds into the same World Set in the event of a reduced population. This ensures the player experience is the best it can be.

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New World is unique among MMORPGs, especially in single player, in that players build their unique classes from the ground up using talent builds and gear sets, rather than making choices during the initial character creation process. New World has a strong survivalist angle, making it easy to level up in the wilderness without having to party.

How to build a character

Combining character builds can be overwhelming for many players, and no matter what form a character build may take later in the game, here are some attributes, skills, and professions that should be prioritized.


Attributes. Intelligence is the main attribute for harvesting skills. It provides characters with better harvest rates and higher yields.
Profession. Possibilities are limited only by the kind of resources collected. Hemp and other plants produce clothing textiles for armorers, while plants and herbs are used to craft arcanist potions and elixirs.
arms. Since this requires a higher Intelligence score, consider weapons that also use this stat, such as muskets or rapiers.


Players should start with Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, etc. The attributes of the new world are the beginning of each course. For those Solo Players, these are important factors in their growth.

strength. The higher the attribute, the greater the melee damage, so for hunters, strength is very important. It also increases the speed and output of the mining skill.
dexterity. Those who use weapons such as bows or spears should focus on this attribute. It also increases the peeling speed.
constitution. Not for weapons, but for more health, which is something to consider if a character is going on an adventure alone.

Trade Skills

Cooking. It's not the kind of game where characters go hungry, but being able to cook food for extra buffs and health is helpful. Solo players need to take advantage of any self-healing options available to them.

Fishing. That lake, stream, or shoreline can have anything, not always fish, although there is plenty of big and rare fish that are worth it anyway. Resources, items, and even gear can be obtained by fishing, so having this skill is worth having no matter what your final choice of class is.
reward. Make sure you have a scythe equipped, and start harvesting a variety of versatile plants, herbs, and fibers.

Camping. Not all solo players retreat into the wilderness and avoid human companionship and settlements, but if they choose to do so, it's important to upgrade your camping skills. Higher level camps allow players to craft simple weapons, cook better food, and even make basic potions and tinctures.

The Survivalist Builds

Survivalist buildings are a common choice for those who venture to the wilds of Aeternum for isolation and self-improvement rather than profit or risk. These characters can have detailed backstories, honing crafts or skills that can only be practiced in isolation, or they can have simple motivations, such as extreme introversion.

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Realm of the Mad God is a very classic MMORPG game where players create an account and assume the role of a wizard and complete a short tutorial before entering the main game world. As the times change and the game world changes, Realm of the Mad God is still based on MMORPG.

Combat is a simple schmup event where the player on PC uses the mouse to aim a series of shots. Enemies attack you the same way, creating some epic bullet hell moments during boss fights.

These can be especially frustrating due to the unrelenting and ever-present threat of perma-death. However, permadeath is necessary to continue playing the game for free. Players can only switch character classes by dying unless they pay real-world money for additional character slots. Dying a character you're tired of is the only way to try out different genres and unlock new ones for the more budget-minded.

Despite the lack of in-game currency, NPCs, towns, or ability trees, it's an impressive dedication to making Realm of the Mad God better over time. RotMG can still fascinate players in 2023, which is enough to show that this game has unique features.

For many players, no matter what game you play, you may need to invest a certain amount of time or energy, unless it is a stand-alone game or a mobile game, which can start at any time and end in twenty minutes. But most games require patience, and Realm of the Mad God is no exception.

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League of Legends Lethality is very important to players, but thankfully, League of Legends gives players a lot of freedom to buy items to increase lethality, and it interacts with armor in a way that players need to pay attention to. League of Legends Lethality is a relatively new feature, a stat that affects how you build your character. Players need to know more about lethality in League of Legends.

What is League of Legends Lethality?

Lethality was originally interpreted as "flat armor penetration", which is not confusing at all, since League of Legends already has an armor penetration mechanic. While lethality is very closely related to armor stats, it is a different concept than armor penetration. Lethality is better described as Armor negation. If you hit an unarmored enemy, you will hit them with your maximum damage.

Damage cancels out the enemy's armor stat; 20 damage cancels 20 armor, 10 damage reduces 20 armor to 10, and so on. If that enemy has 10 armor, they will negate most of the damage you do. However, if you have 10 kills, you can negate the enemy's 10 armor and hit them with max damage.

How to use it LoL Lethality

Conceptually, Lethality sounds pretty powerful. However, it doesn't end up being that powerful due to factors like cost and the amount of armor your enemies can and should get. It can be very useful, but it's not a way to completely circumvent Armor.

The main use of Lethality is to punish opponents for not buying enough armor. It's especially useful against Assassin Champions, where it pops up and wipes out mid-laners or ADCs who don't have the necessary armor to stop it.

A typical item to buy when starting to build Armor Piercing is the Serrated Short Dagger, which costs 1100 gp and provides 10 Armor Piercing. When you consider that the cloth armor costs 300 gold and grants 15 armor points, which more than offsets the 1100 gold spent on the Jagged Dirk, you can see how easy it is to counter armor piercing.

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