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MMORPGs are designed to be dynamic worlds where significant changes happen regularly. The allure of virtual worlds lies in the possibility of reliving cherished experiences, which explains the popularity of World of Warcraft: Classic and its iconic expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. In this guide, we will delve into the Sons of Hodir reputation faction, resembling Storm Giants, and explore their significance and how to progress from Hated to Exalted with them.

Sons of Hodir

The Sons of Hodir bear a striking resemblance to Storm Giants, one of which you might have encountered while undertaking the quest chain involving Gymer the Giant in Zul'Drak. Prepare well ahead of time with plenty of WOW Gold to help, Your journey to find the Sons of Hodir begins way up north, where the road is a glacier and the mountains cast frozen shadows over the hidden valley of K9.

Where to Find Them

Search for an icy fortress on the eastern slopes of the zone. This fortress is called Dun Niffelem, serving as the home to the Sons of Hodir. Here, you'll also encounter Quartermaster Lillehoff and their king, who offer various quests and daily quests after you complete the initial quest lines.

Importance of the Sons of Hodir Reputation

The Sons of Hodir reputation grind rewards you with enchantments for your shoulder slot item. These enchantments are considered best-in-slot for multiple classes, making them indispensable for those looking to excel in heroics or prepare characters for raiding. Additionally, the faction offers mammoth mounts and exclusive recipes for Tailors, Jewelcrafters, and Leatherworkers.

From Hated to Exalted

Unlike most reputation grinds that start at Neutral, the Sons of Hodir start their relationship with you in a state of hatred. Remember the challenging Bloodsail Buccaneers grind in old Azeroth? Comparatively, the Sons of Hodir grind is similar to obtaining the Reins of the Netherdrake in Outland. If you conquered either of these, tackling the Sons of Hodir reputation should be a manageable task.

The Long but Rewarding Grind

Embarking on the Sons of Hodir reputation grind may seem lengthy, but following the linear quest chain through the snowy peaks of Storm Peaks offers players a chance to savor captivating scenery and an engaging storyline. Your journey commences from the neutral goblin town of K9, the only settlement in Storm Peaks accessible by ground mounts.


Immerse yourself in the world of World of Warcraft: Classic by undertaking the Sons of Hodir reputation grind. Veteran players will choose to Buy WOW Classic WotLK Gold at RPGStash to smooth their adventures. Unlock valuable rewards, shoulder enchantments, and exclusive recipes while enjoying the captivating storyline and stunning landscapes of Storm Peaks. Whether you're preparing for heroic dungeons or gearing up for raiding, the Sons of Hodir faction will prove to be a vital ally on your adventures through Azeroth.

League of Legends is an iconic and incredibly popular online multiplayer game developed by Riot Games. It boasts a massive global fanbase, with millions of players participating in virtual battles every day. However, this popularity doesn't mean the game is without errors and issues.

Players have been accused of using third-party tools to gain an unfair advantage in the game. They claim the evidence for these bans lacks specificity, leading to anger and frustration among affected community members. Many players also invested a lot of time and money into their LoL Unranked Accounts, which made the sudden ban all the more painful.

Before changes are introduced to the live servers, players have the opportunity to test upcoming game adjustments in one place called the Public Beta Environment (PBE). It contains all the forthcoming updates for players to try firsthand. This helps Riot understand if their impending changes strike the right balance and receive positive feedback from the community.

A large number of players affected by these bans speculate that Riot Games is carrying out actions to clear out "smurf" accounts. "Smurf" accounts are accounts that have been boosted using third-party programs, essentially having someone else play on their behalf to achieve higher levels and rewards.

The ban system is detecting accounts that have had associations with these "smurf" activities, even if players have stopped using third-party tools for quite some time. The existence of flaws in the ticket system for appealing bans exacerbates the frustration for these players. They claim that whenever they raise concerns or appeal the bans through ticket submissions, they ultimately receive responses from automated systems.

How to Create LoL PBE Accounts

To create a League of Legends PBE account, players must have their main account at least Honor level 3 and currently have no associated bans. If players meet these requirements, they can visit the official League of Legends website and create their PBE account.

Once the player has created an account and downloaded the PBE server from the website, they can log in and gain access to the testing environment. The PBE is a separate server where developers and players can preview and test upcoming changes, features, and skins before they are released to the live servers.

On the PBE, players can try out the latest balance adjustments to champions, test new game modes, experiment with unreleased skins, and provide valuable feedback to the developers. This feedback is crucial in identifying bugs, balancing issues, or any other potential problems that need to be addressed before the changes are implemented in the main game.

Participating in the PBE not only allows players to get a sneak peek at what's coming in the next update but also gives them a chance to contribute to the improvement of the game. Players can report any issues they encounter, suggest improvements, and share their opinions with the developers and the community.

It's important to note that the PBE environment is intended for testing purposes, and not all features or changes tested on the PBE may make it to the live servers. Some adjustments might be further refined based on player feedback, while others may be scrapped altogether if they don't work as expected.

By participating in the PBE, players become an integral part of the development process, helping to shape the future of the game they love. It's an exciting opportunity for passionate players to get involved, make a difference, and see their favorite game evolve. Want to play more characters? Then Buy LoL Smurf Accounts on to get more heroes to try. Play League of Legends with friends.


The Barbarian class is renowned in Diablo 2 for its unmatched power when it comes to elite hunting and sniping unique items, especially for solo players. With a plethora of abilities at its disposal, the Barbarian is a loot-farming beast, and with the right build, it becomes even more formidable.

In this guide, we will delve into the top Barbarian class build for Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 4: the Berserk Barbarian. We'll explore what makes this build so powerful and resourceful, discuss the required gear, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Is the Barbarian a Top Pick for D2R Ladder Season 4?

The Berserk Barbarian is no pushover in terms of damage and resilience in tense situations. Its standout feature is its ability to be a loot-generating D2R Items powerhouse.

By capitalizing on the ideal loot tables of unique creatures in the game, the Berserk Barbarian excels at gathering a plethora of gear and unique resources with its "Howl" and "Find Item" abilities, making it the go-to class for those seeking real treasures from their battles.

As mentioned before, it's not just a brute force. The Berserk ability deals magic damage to any enemy hit, and skills like Iron Skin make it a solid choice for intense battles.

However, it does have limitations in more challenging boss fights and relies heavily on powerful weapons. Thus, our build will focus on bolstering these weaknesses for Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 4.

The Best Diablo 2 Barbarian Build for Season 4: The Berserk Barbarian

As the Barbarian class gains no benefits from the new Sunder Charms in the game, our build emphasizes increasing magic damage output and fortifying defenses for increased longevity on the battlefield. With the Concentrate ability, we can enhance physical damage and attack strength with our chosen weapon, as well as the Natural Resistance ability, granting resistance boosts based on your level.

Passive Strength:

Blade Mastery and Increased Speed provide passive damage and attack rate boosts, along with faster run/walk speed for better positioning during combat.

In-depth Skill Breakdown:

Below, we have detailed each skill and slot item required to create the optimal Berserk Barbarian class.

Choosing the Right Mercenary:

For optimal synergy, we recommend the Act 2 Desert Mercenary, available for hire from Greiz. Its Might Aura weakens enemies immune to magic damage (our primary source of damage), while its Jab ability deals with straying foes.

Gear Recommendations:

Equip the Mercenary with the Insight Polearm for high mana regeneration, enabling more frequent attacks. Additionally, equip them with Guillaume's Face helm and Treachery armor to enhance the Mercenary's damage while providing complete immunity to sources of Cold Damage.

Survival Tips for the Mercenary:

Until you have the minimum suggested equipment from this guide, keeping the Mercenary alive can be challenging. You can directly feed them healing potions from your belt by pressing shift + 1/2/3/4 or dragging potions over their portrait. The Mercenary can also gain additional resistances from antidote and thawing potions.

In case the Mercenary falls in combat, any Mercenary NPC from each Act can be used to revive them. Keep in mind that the cost escalates, reaching a maximum of 50,000 Gold.

Alternative Diablo 2 Barbarian Builds - Ladder Season 4

While the Berserk Barbarian stands as the top choice, there are other viable Barbarian builds worth exploring in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 4. Buy D2R Items on RPGStash for more build possibilities and save even more time.

In conclusion, the Berserk Barbarian build is the ultimate pick for Ladder Season 4 in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Its ability to generate abundant loot, deal significant damage, and maintain resilience makes it an unrivaled force on the battlefield. Gear up and unleash the fury of the Berserk Barbarian as you conquer the challenges in Sanctuary. Happy hunting!

Power leveling in Diablo IV can be a tedious process, but there's a method that allows you to reach level 50 quickly, even in under an hour. If you've already completed the campaign once and have a high-level friend to assist you, you can jump straight into higher World Tiers and tackle endgame content without the need for countless hours of grinding. Here's how to power level efficiently in Diablo 4.

Unlocking World Tier 3

Create a new character and select the "Skip Campaign" option.

Start your adventure on World Tier 2.

Invite your high-level friend to join your party.

Enter the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon in Kyovashad.

Your friend will rush through the dungeon while you stay at the entrance to soak up the shared XP.

Leave the dungeon and turn in the quest by inspecting the World Tier statue in Kyovashad.

Change the difficulty to World Tier 3.

Unlocking World Tier 4

Travel to the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon in the Dry Steppes. You can teleport there by joining your high-level friend who is already there.

Stay at the entrance while your friend clears the dungeon.

After completing the dungeon, return to Kyovashad to change the difficulty to World Tier 4.

Grinding Dungeons until Level 50

With World Tier 4 unlocked, you'll gain more XP from monsters.

Choose a dungeon, such as Champion's Demise in the Dry Steppes, for fast and efficient clears.

Your high-level friend can run through the dungeon while you collect XP.

Alternatively, you can opt for dungeons that reward Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers, although this may be slower.

Legendary and unique items obtained during dungeon farming are automatically sent to your stash.

Efficient Dungeon Farming

Reset completed dungeons quickly by leaving the dungeon and logging out and back in.

If in a group, have all members leave the group, including the party leader.

The party leader then enters the dungeon solo and re-invites everyone to reset the dungeon.

With this power-leveling method, you'll be able to reach level 50 in no time, thanks to the shared XP from high-level dungeon runs. Make sure to take advantage of the quick dungeon resets to maximize your leveling efficiency. RPGStash has Professional Diablo 4 boosters, which provide players with D4 leveling services. If you want to level up yourself, you can also purchase Diablo 4 Items from to complete the build. Happy power-leveling in Diablo 4!

Amazon's MMO game, New World, is set to introduce seasonal gameplay and offer both free and paid battle passes. The first season, titled "Fellowship & Fire," will bring modifications to the main storylines in Brightwood and Weaver's Fen, swamp area, and gear storage zones.

Each season will last approximately three months, and Amazon plans to release a roadmap for future seasons later this year. Season 2 is planned to include highly requested features such as gear transmogrification, raid groups, and cross-server outpost raids. In any case, New World Coins is very important for players.

The game's first expansion is expected to launch in the fall alongside Season 3, introducing another highly anticipated feature: mounts. It will also see a "transformative" update to one of the existing game regions, along with new weapons, additional story content, and new expeditions. Amazon has yet to announce whether the upcoming expansion will be free or paid.

New World's seasonal battle pass will include both free and premium reward tracks. Through the battle pass, players will be able to obtain cosmetics, enhancement tokens that boost weapon experience gain, and enhance trade skills, equipment, and more by completing various challenges throughout the season's journey, such as quests, faction missions, expeditions, and PvP battles.

The premium battle pass is priced at 20,000 Marks of Fortune, which is the premium currency in New World, making the actual cost of the battle pass approximately $20. The battle pass features 100 levels with both free and premium rewards and is shared across multiple characters within the same region. However, each reward can only be claimed by one character.

In the game's FAQ section on the official website, Amazon seeks to address concerns about the new battle pass system potentially leading to "pay-to-win" scenarios, as the battle pass includes equipment rewards. Amazon clarifies that all non-cosmetic items in the battle pass can be obtained for free through the non-premium battle pass. The equipment granted through the battle pass does not exceed 600 gear score and does not include unique advantages that cannot be obtained through other means in the game.

Amazon's MMO game had a strong start upon its release in 2021, becoming one of the most popular games on Steam with nearly one million concurrent players. According to data from SteamDB, the number of concurrent players for New World has fluctuated around 137,000 in the months leading up to and following the release of the Windsward update, with recent concurrent players reaching around 22,000. If you are also a New World lover and don't have time to invest, you can choose to Buy New World Gold from, 100% safe and fast delivery.

Playing VALORANT with the same group of players can become repetitive over time. If you're looking to add some excitement to your gaming experience by playing with players from different regions, we've got you covered. While changing your region in VALORANT may seem like a challenge, we have the steps prepared to help you through the process.

Changing Your Region in VALORANT: Creating a New Riot Account

Note that "smurfing" is generally frowned upon. Each player treats different Valorant Smurf Accounts differently, however, if you are dealing with high ping issues and looking for a change, here are some things you can do.
To begin, you'll need a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) to convince VALORANT that you're accessing the game from the desired region. With your VPN in place, select the country you wish to represent as a VALORANT citizen.

Next, create a new Riot account. This step will lock your region according to the location set on your VPN.

While the process may require some effort, the ability to play with friends from different regions will make it all worthwhile.

Changing Your VALORANT Region-Submitting a Ticket to Riot

Alternatively, you can try submitting a ticket to Riot requesting a region change. Keep in mind that this method will permanently lock your current account to the new region. Be prepared to experience higher ping while playing VALORANT due to the distance.

If Riot approves your request, you'll have successfully changed your VALORANT region.

It's worth explaining your situation to Riot, as they may consider accommodating your request. However, there is no guarantee of a positive outcome, so it's best to have realistic expectations.


By following these steps, you can broaden your VALORANT horizons and enjoy playing with friends from different regions. Just remember to abide by the game's rules and maintain good sportsmanship throughout your gaming adventures.

Different players have different levels. If you want to use different accounts according to the opponent's game level, then I suggest you valorant account in advance. In RPGStash, you can Buy Valorant Smurf Accounts or choose to buy ordinary accounts. In short, RPGStash can Meet your various needs.