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What is a Ranged Assassin?

A Ranged Assassin refers to a role or occupation that uses long-range weapons to attack in games or real life, usually using assassination and sniping as the main means. Ranged Assassins are usually good at ranged attacks and evading combat, often using skills like stealth, dodge, and speed to avoid direct engagement with enemies. They can often assassinate enemies without being detected, or attack enemies from a distance, keeping themselves safe and inflicting damage on enemies. Ranged Assassin is usually a difficult job in the game, requiring players to have good reaction speed and precision, as well as an in-depth understanding of the terrain and character abilities in the game.

What ranged assassins are there in New World?

In New World, there are several different types of ranged assassins, each with their unique skills and equipment. Regardless of which type of ranged assassin a player chooses, they need to keep a certain distance to avoid being attacked up close by enemies. At the same time, they need to learn to use control and evasion skills to protect themselves, as well as choose equipment and modifiers that suit their playstyle to improve their output and survivability. The following are the New World ranged assassins summarized by RPGStash:

Archer: Archers use bows as their primary weapons and can deal different types of damage to different types of enemies by selecting different types of arrows. Archers can also use control skills and traps to track and control enemies.

Musketeer: Musketeers use muskets as their primary weapons and can deal high damage from long range. Musketeers can use aiming skills to improve their accuracy and also use slow-down and evasion skills to protect themselves.

Mage: Mages use staves as their primary weapons and can deal different types of damage to different types of enemies by selecting different types of spells. Mages can also use control and acceleration skills to track and control enemies.

How to build a Ranged Assassin?

To build an effective ranged assassin in New World, players should pay attention to several aspects such as choosing a profession, allocating attribute points, learning skills, selecting weapons and equipment, and choosing modifiers. Through continuous practice and optimization, players can create a powerful ranged assassin character and take control of the game. So, how can players effectively build a ranged assassin?

To build a ranged assassin, players should first choose a profession in New World that suits their game style and preferences, such as Hunter, Mage, Archer, etc., to better leverage the strengths of a ranged assassin. Each profession has many different attributes and skills, and players should allocate attribute points to attributes suitable for a ranged assassin, such as agility, dexterity, etc. These attributes can improve critical indicators such as attack speed, hit rate, and critical strike rate. After allocating attributes, players should learn their skills. Ranged assassins will have tracking skills, control skills, evasion skills, etc., which can help players better control and attack enemies.

In addition, choosing suitable weapons and equipment is also essential. The weapons and equipment for ranged assassins include weapons such as bows, muskets, staves, and equipment such as light armor, equipment that increases attack speed or critical strike rate. Players should choose weapons and equipment suitable for their profession. Furthermore, modifiers can enhance output and control abilities, and players should choose modifiers suitable for ranged assassins, such as increasing attack speed, critical strike rate, reducing enemy resistance, etc.

How to complete the build quickly?

In the process of building a Ranged Assassin, New World Gold is an indispensable resource, and players need to obtain enough Gold through various means such as completing quests, killing monsters, and participating in trading, and use it reasonably to improve their equipment and modifiers, thus creating a more powerful Ranged Assassin character. Players can use New World Gold For Sale to quickly purchase weapons and equipment, and upgrade modifiers. In addition, players can also participate in trading using Gold, buying and selling items and materials. Through trading, players can obtain more resources and Gold and can build better relationships with other players, collectively improving their gaming experience. However, obtaining a large amount of New World Gold requires a lot of time, so how to obtain sufficient New World Gold in a short period of time?

How to quickly get New World Gold?

To quickly acquire New World Gold, players need to master multiple ways of earning gold and choose the most suitable one based on their own situation. Through continuous efforts and accumulation, players can obtain enough gold to improve their equipment and modifiers, thus creating a more powerful ranged assassin character. RPGStash provides the following traditional methods:

Completing quests and challenges: In the game, players can complete various quests and challenges to obtain gold and other rewards. These quests and challenges may include gathering resources, killing monsters, completing dungeons, exploring maps, etc., and players can quickly accumulate gold by completing them.

Selling items and materials: In the game, players can obtain various items and materials through killing monsters, gathering, quests, etc., and these items and materials can be sold to NPCs or other players for gold. By researching market prices and understanding which items and materials are more valuable, players can focus on collecting and selling these items.

Participating in trading: In the game, players can obtain gold through trading. Players can buy low-priced items and then sell them at a higher price on the market, or buy the required items and materials and then use them to make equipment or sell them to other players. Participating in trading allows players to take advantage of market fluctuations and earn more gold.

Gathering resources and making equipment: In the game, players can gather various resources and use them to make equipment. Players can make high-quality equipment and then sell it to obtain gold. In addition, players can also use equipment they made to meet their own needs without spending a lot of gold to buy equipment.

Accumulating New World Gold is a slow process. As the game level increases and adventure difficulty increases, the amount of gold that players need will also increase. If you don't want to spend a lot of time and energy completing quests, killing monsters, or participating in trading to obtain gold, you can choose to buy New World Gold from reliable suppliers to save a lot of time to do more meaningful things.

Although the act of buying game gold may be considered a violation by some game platforms, for some players, buying gold on game trading platforms is a convenient, fast, safe, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly choice. However, players should choose game trading platforms with a good reputation and good publicity when choosing to buy gold to avoid being deceived.

Is RPGStash a trustworthy trading platform?

RPGStash is a well-known company in the game item trading market. Based on many online reviews, it is considered a very trustworthy trading platform. It offers secure payment methods that protect the buyer's transaction funds. In addition, RPGStash also audits sellers to ensure the legitimacy of the Gold they sell. This allows players to buy Gold with peace of mind and avoid being scammed.

The Gold prices offered by RPGStash are more transparent and fair compared to the in-game market. Buyers can compare prices on different platforms and choose a platform that offers reasonable prices to buy Gold. Additionally, some platforms provide discounts, promotions, and other activities, allowing players to buy Cheap New World Gold at a lower price. The 24/7 customer service promises to deliver the purchased game items to customers in the shortest possible time and provide instant delivery after purchase.

It is worth mentioning that although RPGStash is considered a very trustworthy trading platform, players should also pay attention to protecting the security of their accounts and information when using it for transactions. For example, avoid conducting transactions on public networks and regularly change passwords, and so on.

Drake is a giant dragon located in the lower half of the river in the League of Legends map. It is a powerful wild monster that can be defeated by the team and obtain important resources and bonus effects in the game. In League of Legends, defeating Drake is an important task. League of Legends players try to figure out how to kill Drake in the shortest time possible. Do you think killing Drake in half a second is achievable?

How to kill Drake fast?

In our traditional impression, to kill Drake quickly, you need a certain strategic approach, pay attention to teamwork, and make sure all team members know when to attack Drake, who will absorb his attack, and who will be responsible for clearing it. Creeps.

In addition, have powerful equipment and runes to improve your output and survivability. Many heroes have abilities that deal extra damage or provide additional effects to Drake. Use these skills to maximize your output and efficiency.

RPGStash advises players to focus all attacks on the same target when attacking Drake. This helps defeat Drake quickly and reduces team damage. Drake is an important target, which is why pro players opt for dual ADC bot lanes for pressure, and bot lanes are influential in the current meta.

However, getting past Drake's health bar without alerting the enemy team is challenging. Killing Drake takes time, and the target can be easily stolen by the enemy jungler if you're not careful.

Can Drake be killed in half a second?

League of Legends players have been exploring ways to kill Drake quickly, particularly if it spawns early in the game and with the right items and levels. With over 160 champions to choose from, it may take some experimentation to find the ideal combination of skills to achieve the fastest time possible. One player managed to take down the dragon in less than half a second, setting a new record.

Speedrunning is typically associated with single-player games, where players optimize their playthrough to achieve the shortest possible completion time. However, multiplayer games like League of Legends also have speedrunning communities that strive to complete objectives as quickly as possible. On the LoL subreddit, players have been sharing their strategies for killing Drake as fast as they can, with the current record being a lightning-fast takedown of the poor wyvern.

Upon initial viewing, certain details may go unnoticed. The damage inflicted by Sion's Q, Nunu's Q, and Udyr's Empowered Q on a single target is not novel or intricate. The true inventiveness of the strategy is demonstrated by Jhin and Syndra.

Jhin places multiple traps underneath the Drake for added damage and saves his fourth shot's bonus damage for when Drake's health is low. However, these traps generally take a while to activate, and the process is even lengthier under normal circumstances. This is where Syndra's contribution comes into play.

Observers believed that Syndra missed her ability by tossing the crab into the pit before the Drake emerged. However, the players eventually realized that this move triggered Jhin's traps precisely when required. It is unclear whether this is the most efficient method to execute the run, but the final time of 0.485 seconds will be difficult to surpass.

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Valorant is a role-based 5v5 tactical shooting game. Each game is played against a random faction. Players can freely choose characters. The characters in the faction cannot be repeated, and some characters need to be unlocked. Valorant has a mature and deep mode, and its diverse hero privileges attract countless players.

Valorant has a lot of tactics and gameplay to suit your style, and if you're a Valorant player trying to level up, there are a number of settings you can change to improve your gameplay experience. Angle snapping in Valorant can make your mouse movements more fluid, but it's important to weigh the pros and cons before using it. Here's a guide on Angle Snapping in Valorant.

What is Valorant Angle Snapping?

Valorant's angle snapping is helpful for players who are still learning about crosshair placement, moving diagonally, and moving from one target to another. This feature can make your aim more stable and precise, especially when tracking or swinging side to side to attack opponents.

In Valorant, there are also some downsides to using angle snapping, especially because making small incremental adjustments during combat can make combat much more difficult. This can be especially challenging when the player needs to crouch, move to higher ground, or jump to avoid opponent attacks. In these cases, feeling may be more effective.

Also, whether to use angle snapping or not depends on your preference and playstyle. If you're a new player and still feeling your way, it might be helpful to use this feature to develop your skills. But let's say you're an experienced player who has developed your tendencies and muscle memory. In this case, it's best to rely on your independent goals to stay fast and adaptable.

Valorant is so engaging that both new and seasoned players will be enthusiastic about Valorant. New players also want to have Valorant Smurf Accounts to experience the shocking effects of characters with powerful energy, while old players may be obsessed with certain details and hope to return to the original state again, then you may want your brand new Valorant Accounts experience.

How to get different Valorant Accounts?

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What is Kourend Favour ?

Kourend favour is a system that allows players to gain reputation from the five ruling houses in Great Kourend. Each of these houses have their own favour bar which you can fill to 100%. These houses are:

  • Arceuus
  • Hosidius
  • Lovakengj
  • Piscarilius
  • Shayzien


Why Should You Get Kourend Favour ?

There are many benefits to be earned from maxing out your favour for each of the houses. It unlocks a variety of different teleport methods to Great Kourend. New spells, training methods for various skills and new mobs. (More details on rewards, further down.)

A number of quests also require some favour from the 5 houses those quests are:

  • Queen of Thieves - 20% Piscarilius Favour
  • Depths of Despair - 20% Hosidius Favour
  • Tale of Righteous - 20% Shayzien Favour
  • The Forsaken Tower - 20% Lovakengj Favour
  • The Ascent of Arceuus - 20% Arceuus Favour
  • A Kingdom Divided - 100% Favour in all 5 houses

To get a quest cape you, it is required that you have 100% favour in all of the houses.


Favour Guide

Before you begin your favour grind it is recommended to complete the quest “Client of Kourend” which rewards the player with a Kourend favour certificate. This item grants the player 20% favour in any house they want. If you don’t have 30% Port Piscarilius favour, it is best to use it on it since the early Piscarilius grind is slow and expensive. Another good choice RS Gold would be Lovakengj since its early grind is also really slow.


Kourend Favour Arceuus

One of the easiest houses to get 100% favour in is the house Arceuus. At 20% Arceuus favour you can complete the quest “The Ascent of Arceuus” to receive 10% favour.

  1. 0 - 100% Arceuus Library: Grab your weight reducing clothing, few stamina potions and a ring of endurance (optional) and make your way to the Arceuus Library. On the ground floor of the library, talk to either Sam, Professor Gracklebone or Villa to receive a task to fetch them some books. For this part it is HIGHLY recommended that you use the Runelite client since it will automatically detect where books are which will make your life astronomically easier. Search some bookcases that have a highlighted square in front of them until the plugin detects where each book is. Collect any book and text that you can until you find the one that the npc has asked of you. Return with the book to receive your reward and get another task, repeat this until you get 100% favour.

Collecting all the books makes it so that you can instantly deliver the request if you already have the book in your inventory.

During this grind if you come across a book named “Transportation incantations” read it to unlock “Kourend castle teleport”. If you find a book named “Soul Journey” read it to start the miniquest “Bear Your Soul”.

Each delivered book will also reward you with a xp tome that can give you magic or runecrafting experience depending on your choice.

  1. 2.              Other Methods To Receive Arceuus Favour

If you don’t want to do the Arceuus library minigame here are your options:

  • Mining dense essence blocks: Unlocks at 25% Arceuus favour, requires 38 mining and crafting, rewards 0.1% Arceuus favour per block handed in, also yields 12 mining and 8 crafting experience per block mined.
  • Reanimating ensouled heads: Unlocks at 60% with Arceuus spellbook. You will need to collect or buy ensouled heads for this method. Rewards 0.5% - 2.0% Arceuus favour upon reanimation depending on the ensouled head used. 32 - 170 magic experience for casting the spell and 130 - 1,560 prayer experience when killing the reanimated creature.
  1. 3.              Arceuus Favour Rewards
  • Access to Thyria’s Wares and Filamina’s Wares - 20% Arceuus Favour
  • Unlocks Arceuus spellbook - 60% Arceuus Favour
  • Ability to craft Arceuus teleport tablets - 100% Arceuus Favour
  • Claim the Arceuus signet to construct dark and occult altars in your player-owned house - 100% Arceuus Favour
  • Ability to craft blood and soul runes from dark essence fragments - 100% Arceuus Favour
Kourend Favour Hosidius

After reaching 20% Hosidius favour you can complete the quest “The Depths of Despair” which rewards the player with 10% Hosidius favour.

  1. 0 - 5% Ploughing Fields: Grab a hammer and make your way to the Hosidius farms. There you will see ploughs, push the plough back and forward to gain favour and fix it whenever it gets broken.
  2. 5% - 100% Sulphur Fertiliser: For this method you will need 850 composts and saltpetres. Line them up like columns in your inventory and combine them together. Doing 850 fertilisers will get you up to 90% favour after this complete the quest “The Depths of Despair” to receive the remaining 10%
  3. Other Training Methods

If you are not looking to get the fastest favour rates here are your other two options:

  • Cooking in the Mess: Unlocks at 45% Hosidius favour, requires 20 - 65 cooking, rewards 0.6% favour per food served, yields 163 - 377 cooking experience depending on the food served.
  • Planting grape seeds in the vinery: Unlocks at 65% Hosidius favour, requires 36 farming, rewards 0.8% favour per seed planted, yields 31.5 farming experience when planting a seed, 625 upon checking the grown plant and 40 per harvest.
  1. 4.              Rewards
  • Unlocks the ability to steal from the Hosidius fruit stalls with 25 thieving. - 15% Hosidius favour.
  • Unlocks the spirit sapling patch, south-east of the Forthos dungeon with 83 farming. - 35% Hosidius favour
  • Farming patches south of Hosidius will be permanently protected from diseases. - 50% Hosidius favour
  • Grants access to the Farming Guild with 45 farming. - 60% Hosidius favour
  • Plant grape seeds in the vinery with 36 farming. - 65% Hosidius favour
  • Grants access to the Woodcutting Guild with 60 woodcutting. - 75% Hosidius favour
  • Grants access to the Tithe Farm minigame with 34 farming - 100% Hosidius favour
  • Grants access to the ranges in the Hosidius Kitchen. - 100% Hosidius favour
Kourend Favour Lovakengj

After reaching 20% Lovakengj favour you can complete the quest “The Forsaken Tower” which rewards the player with 10% Lovakengj favour.

  1. 0% - 20% Volcanic Sulphur: Bring your best pickaxe, some food and a facemask, layer helmet or gas mask. Head to the Lovakengj sulphur mine and start mining sulphur. If you want to do this efficiently, drop the sulphur on the ground and keep mining. While mining there will be gas clouds that constantly move around, when they are on top of your character you will start taking damage simply move out to a spot that doesn’t have gas clouds and keep mining. If you want to, you can keep doing this method until 65% favour.
  2. 20% - 30% Questing: Complete the quest “The Forsaken Tower” to get 10% favour.
  3. 30% - 75% Supply Armour: For this method you will need 45 - 93 smithing and 65 mining. Grab your pickaxe and head to the Lovakite mine, mine some lovakite ore. After that either superheat them into bars or use the lovakite furnace in the middle of the Lovakengj to smelt them into bars (requires 2 pieces of coal as well). Hammer them into armour pieces (make sets) using any anvil. Next, head to a house which has a purple star on your map in Lovakengj. Search the drawers found in those houses to receive crates. Put your crafted armour in the crates to make armour crates and hand them to the appropriate npc depending on the tier of the armour you made. You can do this until 100% favour if you please.


  1. 4.              75% - 100% Minecart Network: With 65% favour you unlock the ability to use the minecart network, however first you will need to gather 5 different minecart control scroll and hand them in to their appropriate npcs. You can use the check option on the scrolls to find the locations of the npcs. Those npcs are : Loinur, Mogrim, Traxi, Raeli, Stuliette. Each scroll given will unlock a part of the network and grant the player with 5% favour.
  2. 5.              Rewards
  • Access to Thirus Urkar’s Fine Dynamite Store - 15% Lovakengj Favour
  • Access to mining rocks in Lovakengj mine - 30% Lovakengj Favour
  • Access to the Lovakengj Minecart Network - 65% Lovakengj Favour
  • Access to the Blast mine with 43 mining - 100% Lovakengj Favour

Kourend Favour Piscarilius

After reaching 20% Piscarilius favour you can complete the quest “The Queen of Thieves” which rewards the player with 10% Piscarilius favour.

  1. 0% - 20% Fishing Cranes: If you haven’t used your favour certificate from the quest “Client of Kourend” use it on Piscarilius. For this method you will need a hammer, nails and planks. This also requires level 30 crafting to do. Go to the port of Piscarilius and start repairing cranes, if you see a npc worker repairing the cranes, repair the same crane that they are repairing for which makes this process faster.
  2. 20% - 30% Questing: Complete the quest “The Queen of Thieves” to receive 10% favour.
  3. 30% - 100% Sandworms: Get like 3 stamina potions, some coins to buy buckets and a spade. You can hunt sandworms and hand them in for favour. If you fail to catch one your bucket will be filled with sand instead simply empty them. Once your buckets are full, hand them to Tyran just south of the hunting area. You can buy more buckets for 2 gp each from him.
  4. Other Methods
  • Stealing artefacts: With 75% favour and 49 thieving you can assist captain khaled and steal artefacts. Lockpicks are needed for this minigame. Each heist rewards 2% favour.
  1. 5.              Rewards
  • Access to Kenelme’s Wares - 20% Piscarilius Favour
  • Access to the Frankie’s Fishing Emporium (has better wish the more favour you have) - 30% Piscarilius Favour
  • Ability to catch anglerfish with 82 fishing - 100% Piscarilius Favour

Kourend Favour Shayzien

After reaching 20% Shayzien favour you can complete the quest “Tale of the Righteous” which rewards the player with 10% Shayzien favour.

  1. 0% - 30% Healing Wounded Soldiers: There are a lot of wounded soldiers in a tent in the south of the Shayzien encampment. Grab 4 - 8 stamina potions, your weight reducing clothing and head there. Grab a full inventory of Shayzien medpacks from the small tent nearby and start using them on the wounded soldiers.
  2. 30% - 40% Questing: Complete the quest “Tale of the Righteous” to receive 10% favour.
  3. 40% - 100% Organised Crimes: Get your best weapon and armour with some food and potions and head to the Captain Ginea’s tent. Talk to her about organised crime then check the noticeboard to find out about the location and time of the next gang meeting. Gang meetings will take place every 30 minutes. In this link you can see all the locations that they can spawn in:

Head to that location and kill the gang members. If they drop “intelligence” grab them and hand them over to Captain Ginea to receive exp tomes. Once all the members are dead, hop to a different world with the same region (if you are in a German world, hop to another German world). Kill the gang members there if there are no gang members, they might have rotated and you will have to check the notice board again.

  1. 4.              5% - 100% Killing Lizardmen: This is a much more afk method but it is way slower than other methods. This is a viable option if you are looking to obtain Xeric’s Talisman. Simply get your best ranged armour and weapon alongside a cannon and kill a bunch of lizardmen.
  2. 5.              60% - 100% Combat Ring: Once you have 60% favour and 20 defence, you can start fighting Shayzien soldiers to receive their armour set. Grab a melee weapon and armour alongside food and potions and make your way to the Shayzien combat ring. There are 5 tiers to this armour set and to upgrade them you must first have the full set of the lower tier. Challenge and kill each of the soldiers starting from tier 1 5 times to get your full tier 5 set.
  3. 6.              Rewards
  • Access to Bridget’s Weapons and Blair’s Armour shops. - 20% Shayzien Favour
  • Ability to kill lizardman shamans which can drop dragon warhammers - 100% Shayzien Favour
  • Unlocking Tier 5 Shayzien armour - 100% Shayzien Favour

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Article: OSRS Kourend Favour Guide