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Valorant introduces account leveling as a way to recognize and reward players for their time invested in the game. Similar to other games developed by Riot, account levels in Valorant offer a sense of progression and achievement outside of the competitive ranks. Here's all you need to know about Valorant account levels, Account Points (AP), and the rewards you can expect.

Valorant Account Level

Your Valorant Accounts Level is displayed above your Gamer Card and serves as an indicator of your progress. It signifies the amount of time you've spent playing the game. The introduction of account levels is a significant step by Riot to reward players for their dedication and commitment.

AP (Account Points) in Valorant

AP, short for Account Points, is the currency tied to account leveling in Valorant. You can earn AP by participating in various game modes, including competitive matches. It's worth noting that AP only affects your account level and does not contribute to Battle Pass or Agent Contract XP.

Account Progression

Accounts level up every 5,000 AP earned, but the exact amount of AP gained per match is not specified. Additionally, the first win of the day grants bonus AP. So, if you're short on time, a quick Spike Rush game might be a good way to earn some additional points.

Rewards and Progression

As you accumulate AP and level up your account, the border surrounding your in-game player card will undergo a transformation. At regular intervals of 20 levels, the border evolves from a plain white square to bronze, then silver, gold, and finally emerald. This visual progression showcases your dedication and growth within Valorant.

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Account Security: RPGStash prioritizes the security and privacy of their customers. When purchasing a Valorant Account, you can trust that RPGStash follows industry-standard security measures to protect your information and ensure a safe transaction.

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In the immersive world of New World, resources play a crucial role, particularly when it comes to crafting. If you're eager to dive into clothing crafting, you'll need to acquire a key resource called Fiber, which can only be obtained from Hemp plants scattered throughout the game world.

Things can get tricky when you start needing to find specific resources. RPGStash is dedicated to helping players get more New World Gold and resources. With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about finding Hemp locations and getting Fiber in the new world.

Finding Hemp and Fiber in New World

The good news is that Hemp can be found in numerous locations across New World. Look for tall plants adorned with purple flowers at the top, as these indicate Hemp plants (note that smaller plants with purple flowers are not Hemp).

Before you embark on harvesting Hemp, ensure you have a Harvesting Sickle. You can easily craft one at any campfire using one Green Wood (obtained from bushes and trees) and one Flint (gathered from Flint rocks).

Once you've spotted Hemp in the wilderness, simply approach it and press the "E" key to start the harvesting process. As you deplete the harvesting gauge, you'll be rewarded with one or more pieces of Fiber.

To make your search for Hemp more focused, open your map and look for the "Resource Locations" section, which displays the resources available in different biomes. Hemp can be found in the Grassland and Forest areas, allowing you to narrow down your search.

For further assistance in pinpointing Hemp locations, you can use external resources like the fan-made site called New World Map. It offers an interactive map where you can customize your search criteria, including specific resources like Hemp. This allows you to streamline your search and expedite the process of finding Hemp plants.

Whether you're a low-level or high-level player in New World, Hemp and Fiber are valuable resources. It's advisable to gather a substantial amount of Fiber during your harvesting expeditions, ensuring you have an ample supply on hand. Remember that you can always deposit excess resources in the Storage Shed of any settlement, so there's no need to worry about carrying excessive amounts of Fiber.

While it may require some effort and exploration, rest assured that with persistence, you'll eventually locate Hemp plants and obtain the coveted Fiber resource. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can try to buy Cheap New World Coins from, a professional supplier with nearly 20 years of supply experience, reasonable price, and a trustworthy online store.

League of Legends has taken the gaming world by storm for years. With its competitive gameplay, diverse champions, and thriving community, millions of players around the world have become immersed in the exhilarating world of League of Legends. Central to the LoL experience is the concept of a LoL Account, which provides players with access to game features and progression systems.

What is a League of Legends account?

The LoL Accounts is the player's portal into the game. They grant access to various game modes, including the ever-popular Summoner's Rift, ranked ladders, and an ever-evolving roster of champions. Each LoL account is unique to an individual player and is tied to their game progress, cosmetic items and personal stats. It's easy to create a LoL account, join the vibrant LoL community and start their competitive journey.

League of Legends account typeFree account

Every player can create a free LoL account and play without spending any money.

A free account provides access to a rotating roster of champions and the ability to earn the in-game currency, Blue Essence, through play.

While free accounts provide a solid starting point, they may have limited champion selection and appearance customization compared to other account types.

Smurf account

Smurf accounts are secondary LoL accounts created by experienced players to play at a lower skill level.

They allow skilled players to test out new strategies, play with less skilled friends, or simply enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience.

Smurf accounts offer a fresh start with a clean Matchmaking Rating (MMR) and are not tied to a player's main account progress or rank.

Ranked account

Ranked accounts focus specifically on the competitive aspect of League of Legends.

Players use these accounts to participate in ranked matches, climb the ladder, and strive for higher ranks.

Ranked accounts track player performance, assign them skill levels, and match them with opponents of similar skill levels.

Professional account

Pro accounts belong to professional players, streamers, or well-known personalities in the League of Legends esports field.

These accounts are often associated with competitive teams and used for official tournaments, streaming content creation, or to showcase advanced gameplay.

Pro accounts have access to exclusive features, such as early access to new champions or skins.

Benefits of managing your League of Legends accountProgress and unlocks

LoL accounts enable players to progress and unlock new features as they play.

Earning experience points (XP) through matches, players can level up their accounts, unlocking new summoner spells, rune slots, and game modes.

Account progression also unlocks access to additional champions, runes, and summoner icons, enhancing player choice and customization.

Cosmetics and Skin

League of Legends offers a plethora of cosmetics including skins, ward skins, emotes, and icons to personalize champions and enhance their visual appeal.

Players can purchase or earn these accessories through their accounts to show their unique style and stand out on the battlefield.

Skins, in particular, can be obtained in various ways, including in-game events, promotions or

Buy directly from the in-game store. Owning a rare or exclusive skin can be a source of pride and a way for players to show their dedication to a particular champion or the game itself.

Account Purchase and Selling

Some players opt to buy or sell LoL accounts for various reasons. If considering this option, it's essential to proceed with caution.

Only purchase accounts from reputable sources, ensuring that the account is transferred securely and without any fraudulent activity.

Selling accounts should be done in compliance with Riot Games' terms and conditions to avoid penalties or repercussions.

Why Choose RPGStash for Purchasing LoL Accounts

RPGStash has emerged as a popular platform for buying LoL accounts, offering a range of benefits and services. In this article, we will explore the reasons why RPGStash is a preferred choice for purchasing LoL accounts, highlighting its features, customer satisfaction, security measures, and overall convenience.

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Account Verification and Security

RPGStash prioritizes account security and ensures that all accounts listed on their platform undergo a thorough verification process. This process guarantees that the accounts are legitimate, reducing the risk of scams or fraudulent activity. By purchasing from RPGStash, you can have peace of mind knowing that the accounts are secure and properly vetted.

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Account Customization Options

In addition to the standard LoL accounts available, RPGStash also provides customization options. Players can request specific champion pools, preferred ranks, or even specific skins or cosmetic items to be included in their purchased accounts. This level of customization allows players to personalize their accounts and tailor them to their individual preferences.

Excellent Customer Support

RPGStash prides itself on its dedicated customer support team, ready to assist customers with any queries or concerns they may have. Their support representatives are knowledgeable, responsive, and strive to ensure a positive customer experience. Whether you have questions about the purchasing process or need assistance after the transaction, RPGStash's customer support is there to help.

User Reviews and Reputation

The reputation of RPGStash in the gaming community speaks for itself. The platform has garnered numerous positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers. These reviews highlight the reliability, quality, and overall satisfaction experienced by those who have purchased LoL accounts from RPGStash. The positive reputation further solidifies RPGStash as a trusted and reputable source for LoL accounts.

If you're in the market for a new LoL account, consider RPGStash as your go-to destination for a seamless and satisfactory purchasing experience.


Divination is a unique gathering skill in RuneScape 3, allowing players to harvest energy from the environment and create a variety of helpful items. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with the necessary information and tips to master the art of Divination in RuneScape 3.

  1. Getting Started:

To begin training Divination, you must complete a short tutorial with Orla Fairweather at the Divination Camp, located just south of the Draynor Village lodestone. She will teach you the basics of harvesting wisps, converting memories, and creating Runescape Exchange using divine energy.

  1. Harvesting Wisps:

Wisps are floating energy nodes found near Divination colonies throughout Gielinor. To harvest wisps, simply click on them and you will begin siphoning energy and memories. As you level up, you will be able to harvest higher-level wisps, which yield more experience and valuable resources. Each wisp will last a certain amount of time before disappearing, and you will need to click on a new wisp to continue harvesting.

  1. Converting Memories:

After harvesting memories from wisps, you can convert them into energy or experience at an energy rift. There are three conversion options:

  • Convert to energy: Receive divine energy and a small amount of experience.
  • Convert to experience: Receive more experience but no energy.
  • Convert and weave: Combine memories with energy to create portents, signs, and other items.
  1. Training Divination:

The most efficient way to train Divination is by harvesting the highest-level wisps available to you and converting memories for experience. It is recommended to focus on leveling up as quickly as possible to unlock better wisps and energy types.

  1. Divination Training Locations:

Here is a list of Divination training locations, ordered by level requirement:

  • Pale Wisp (Level 1): Draynor Village
  • Flickering Wisp (Level 10): East of Varrock
  • Bright Wisp (Level 20): South of Seers' Village
  • Glowing Wisp (Level 30): West of Catherby
  • Sparkling Wisp (Level 40): North of Mobilising Armies
  • Gleaming Wisp (Level 50): East of Shilo Village
  • Vibrant Wisp (Level 60): East of Canifis
  • Lustrous Wisp (Level 70): South of Sophanem
  • Brilliant Wisp (Level 80): North of Mage Training Arena
  • Radiant Wisp (Level 85): Dragontooth Island
  • Luminous Wisp (Level 90): South of Elf City
  • Incandescent Wisp (Level 95): South of the Poison Waste
  1. Portents and Signs:

Portents and signs are Divination-created items that provide various effects, such as automatic healing or item collection. Some notable examples include:

  • Portent of Restoration: Automatically heals you when your health falls below a certain threshold.
  • Sign of the Porter: Teleports collected resources directly to your bank.
  • Sign of Life/Death: Revives you upon death with a certain amount of health.
  1. Useful Items and Boosts:
  • Divination outfit: Increases experience gain by up to 6%.
  • Diviner's outfit: Increases experience gain by up to 5% and provides additional benefits if you own the Divination outfit.
  • Divination urns: Collects energy while you train and provides bonus experience upon teleporting them.
  • Enrichment aura: Increases the chance of harvesting enriched memories.
  • Wise perk: Obtainable via Invention, provides up to a 4% experience boost in any skill.
  • Familiars: The Light Creature familiar provides a 10% chance to harvest twice as much energy and the Nightmare Muspah familiar can store harvested memories.


Divination Daily Challenges and D&Ds:

  • Daily Challenges: Complete assigned tasks, such as gathering a certain amount of energy, for bonus experience and rewards.
  • Guthixian Cache: A Distraction & Diversion that occurs every hour, where players can collect memories and deposit them in a cache to gain points and Divination experience.


Additional Tips and Tricks:

  • Use bonus experience, experience-boosting outfits, and auras to maximize your Divination training efficiency.
  • Harvest enriched wisps whenever they spawn, as they provide double the experience and resources.
  • Join a Divination-themed Friends Chat to find active training locations and socialize with other players.
  • Use the "convert and weave" option when creating portents and signs to level up faster.
  • Prioritize unlocking the Sign of the Porter as it is a valuable tool for training other gathering skills.
  • Complete quests that reward Divination experience to give yourself a head start.

Divination is a unique and rewarding skill in RuneScape 3, offering various benefits and opportunities for character growth. With dedication, practice, and the help of this comprehensive guide, you will become a master of Divination in no time. 

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Article From: RS3 Divination Guide

League of Legends (LoL) is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that has captivated millions of players around the world. In LoL, players battle it out to climb the ranked ladder, unlock new champions, and acquire skins to personalize their gameplay. While LoL accounts have sentimental value to players, they can also have real-life value. In this article, we’ll discuss how much LoL accounts are worth and where players can buy cheap and safe accounts.

How much are LoL Accounts Worth?

The worth of a LoL Smurf Accounts depends on several factors, including the level, rank, and number of skins it has. Accounts between Bronze and Gold ranks are typically worth between five to twenty dollars, while those in Platinum are worth a bit more. The value of accounts increases as they climb up the ranked ladder, with Challenger accounts being worth thousands of dollars. Conversely, Iron League accounts can be worth over a hundred dollars.

The number of skins an account has also significantly affects its worth. Skins are cosmetic items that change the appearance of champions and are sold for Riot Points (RP) or real money. Accounts with many rare or exclusive skins are more valuable than those with fewer skins. For example, the PAX Twisted Fate skin, which was only available through special promotions, can fetch a high price on the secondary market.

Where Can Players Buy Cheap and Safe LoL Accounts?

Players looking to buy LoL accounts should be cautious of scams and fraudsters. Some websites and sellers offer cheap accounts, but they may have been obtained through hacking, account sharing, or other illegal means. Players who purchase accounts from such sources risk having their accounts permanently banned.

One of the best ways to buy a safe LoL account is through the official LoL marketplace, which is run by Riot Games. The marketplace offers a selection of accounts that have been verified by Riot, ensuring that they were obtained legally. Additionally, the marketplace provides refunds and customer support, giving players peace of mind.

Another option is to buy accounts from trusted and reputable third-party sellers. These sellers have a good track record and guarantee that their accounts were obtained legally. However, players should still exercise caution and research the seller's reputation before making a purchase. If you haven't got a better option, I recommend you Buy LoL Accounts on RPGStash. RPGStash is a trusted and reputable third-party seller that provides players with a safe and affordable way to buy LoL accounts.

When it comes to buying LoL accounts, players need to be cautious to avoid scams and fraudsters. Many websites and sellers offer cheap accounts, but they may have been obtained through illegal means, putting players at risk of permanent bans. RPGStash is a trusted and reputable third-party seller that provides players with a safe and affordable way to buy LoL accounts. In this article, we'll discuss why RPGStash is the best place to buy cheap and safe LoL accounts.

Why Choose RPGStash?

RPGStash offers a wide selection of gaming accounts, items, and currency. They have been in business for over a decade and have a proven track record of providing safe and reliable services to their customers.

One of the reasons to choose RPGStash is their verification process. Before listing a LoL account for sale, RPGStash verifies that it was obtained legally, ensuring that their customers won't be at risk of account bans. They also offer a lifetime warranty on all accounts they sell, which guarantees that their accounts are safe and reliable.

RPGStash offer some of the Cheap LoL Accounts on the market, with prices ranging from as low as five dollars for Bronze accounts to thousands of dollars for Challenger accounts. They also frequently run promotions and discounts, making their accounts even more affordable.

RPGStash also provides excellent customer support, ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their purchases. They have a 24/7 customer service team that is always ready to answer questions and resolve any issues that may arise.

How to Buy from RPGStash?

Buying a LoL account from RPGStash is a straightforward process. First, players need to visit their website and select the LoL account they want to buy. They can filter accounts by rank, server, and number of skins to find the perfect account for them.

Once they find an account they want to buy, they need to make a payment. RPGStash accepts several payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. After making the payment, players will receive the account information via email, allowing them to log in and start playing right away.

RPGStash is the best place to buy cheap and safe LoL accounts. They offer a wide selection of accounts, a verification process to ensure account safety, and excellent customer support. With their affordable prices and lifetime warranty, RPGStash is the perfect choice for players looking to buy a LoL account.

Magic Find Basics

Magic Find (MF) is a vital attribute for gear hunting in D2R that increases the chances of obtaining higher quality items from monsters and chests. The higher your Magic Find, the greater your chances of getting exceptional, elite, or unique items. Magic Find works on all monsters but is especially effective on bosses, super unique monsters, and champion packs. Note, MF does not increase monster drop rate (only higher player count will increase this). You should also note that MF reduces the chances of bases dropping.

Best Areas for Magic Finding:

  1. 1. The Countess (Act 1)

Located in the Forgotten Tower, The Countess is known for dropping large quantities of runes. While she doesn't drop high-level unique items, she's an excellent source of runes for players looking to craft powerful runewords. This is however capped around the mid-high rune, so if you’re farming for Ber’s and Jah’s you will not find them here.

  1. 2. The Pits (Act 1) 

A popular magic finding location due to its high ilvl and monster density, particularly for the aptly named Pitzerker which excels in leveraging the Find Item skill, to double Champion monster drops in the confined and dense Pit area. Access the pits by entering the Tamoe Highland from the Black Marsh, and finding the Cave. 

  1. 3. Andariel (Act 1)

Andariel is the final boss in Act 1, found in the Catacombs Level 4. She has a high drop rate for unique and set items, making her an excellent target for magic find runs, especially given she is the easiest Act Boss. Higher level uniques like Griffon's Eye or Crown of Ages will not drop here, but this is a good location to find items like Stones of Jordan. This is the second most commonly farmed act boss for MF farming, other than Mephisto. 

  1. 4. Ancient Tunnels (Act 2) 

The Ancient Tunnels, located in the Lost City, is an excellent area for magic finding. The area level is 85, which means that most D2R Runes in the game can drop here. As it contains no cold immunes, it is particularly popular among cold sorceresses or any cold based character. This is one of the few viable farming spots in A2. Maggot Lair and Claw Viper Temple are also options given their high ilvl but are tedious or difficult for many character types.

  1. 5. Mephisto (Act 3)

Mephisto is located in the Durance of Hate Level 3 and is one of the most popular magic find targets. With a good map layout, players can quickly reach him and farm him for valuable unique and set items. Mephisto's loot pool includes many sought-after items, making him a top priority for magic find runs. If you have teleport and ranged damage sources, you can use the moat trick to kill Mephisto safely each run. Pull Mephisto towards the A4 portal location and teleport across the moat. From there, you should be able to reach Mephisto with your damage, but he won’t be able to reach you, despite staying engaged with you. Note the Durance of Hate is also a good spot. Clear any champion mobs you find to maximize your drop chances.

  1. 6. Chaos Sanctuary (Act 4)

The Chaos Sanctuary is home to Diablo and several other unique monsters. This area is more challenging due to the numerous monster packs (with powerful curses) and elemental immunities, but it can yield rewarding drops. This is a zone able to drop any item in the game. With teleport, and by using the Seal opening technique (quickly teleport near monster packs before opening the final seal to ensure you receive XP from the minions that will be instantly destroyed once the final seal is opened, and the last seal boss is dead.

  1. 7. Pindleskin (Act 5)

Pindleskin is a super unique monster found in the Nihlathak's Temple outside of Harrogath, guaranteed to drop 1-2 magic or above items. His proximity to the waypoint and the ease of killing him make Pindleskin a popular choice for quick magic find runs. Given he is right next to the entrance, it is recommended you continue your run into Nihlathak if your character can efficiently and safely clear Nilathak’s halls.

  1. 8. Nihlathak 

Nihlathak provides a challenging but rewarding MF target, if you want to venture past Pindleskin. His powerful corpse explosion can surprise you, so be aware to stay away from fallen monsters; especially in Hardcore mode. His high ilvl and the high ilvl of minions within the levels of his halls mean this is a strong MF location, although challenging. 

  1. 9. Terror Zones

Terror zones offer an optional challenge that has additional XP and MF perks for those that are of higher character levels. The level of the monsters found in terror zone areas is based on your character:

Normal Enemies: Your level +2
Champion Enemies: Your level +4
Unique Enemies: Your level +5

This feature is intended to offer you deep end-game optimization opportunities by leveling your character to 97, ensuring enemies in terror zones are level 99 (cap). This is also a way to accelerate XP gain in end-game leveling where you receive diminishing returns from other sources that don’t scale with your level (i.e. Baal or Chaos runs). Terror zones are especially useful when they spawn in your usual or favorite farming locations, providing further incentive to farm the zone during the hour window.

Magic Find Tips:
  • Balancing kill speed with Magic Find is crucial. High Magic Find is offset by the lack of efficiency if you can't kill monsters effectively. The Pitzerker for instance will only focus on champion monsters while running the pit, given their single target optimization.
  • Prioritize killing bosses, super unique monsters, and champion packs as they have higher drop rates for valuable items. Large dense blocks of ordinary monsters can be cleared if you can do so efficiently, without lowering run speed. Stack Magic Find on your mercenary for additional magic find (note that your merc has to finish the kill for his additional MF to be utilized). 

Optimal Characters for Magic Finding:

Some character builds are more effective for magic finding than others. Here are a few popular choices:

  1. 1. Sorceress

The Sorceress is the most popular magic find character, especially at the start of ladders due to her mobility without Enigma from her teleport. The high availability of Sunder charms make her particularly strong due to her ability to stack very powerful single elemental damage. This coupled with an Infinity runeword mean sorcs can clear any area in the game quickly (one drawback is the sorc is somewhat fragile). Common builds include the Blizzard Sorceress, Lightning Sorceress, and Meteorb Sorceress (a combination of Fireball and Frozen Orb). Energy Shield variants also see frequent play in the current meta.

  1. 2. Paladin

The Paladin is another excellent choice, with the Hammerdin build being the most popular for magic find. Blessed Hammer deals impressive damage, and the Paladin's auras provide additional survivability and utility. The Paladin is inherently tankier than other caster characters due to his Holy Shield and higher stat to life scaling. 

  1. 3. Necromancer

Summonmancers (Necromancers that focus on summoning minions) can also be effective for magic finding. Their minions tank damage and deal with enemies, while the Necromancer focuses on casting curses and transitioning to corpse explosion. The Poisonmancer is also an effective magicfinder, able to stack up good MF % without sacrificing good clear speed. Poisonmancers are especially effect as hybrids, with summons to soak damage along with your merc.

  1. 4. Amazon

The Javazon (a Lightning Fury-focused Amazon) and the Magic Find Bowazon (using the Faith runeword either on yourself or your merc) are both viable choices for magic finding, offering good damage output and crowd control abilities. The Javazon offers one of the fastest clear speeds in the game when coupled with an infinity merc. The difficulty with the Javazon is stacking enough MF gear. She is however, the most effective character in the game for farming bases as lower MF is preferred (to lessen the chance of bases being upgraded to magic, rare, unique or set items on drop). 

Essential Magic Find Items

There are several items that boost Magic Find, making them indispensable for magic find runs. Here are some popular choices:

  • Tal Rasha's Wrappings set (Sorceress)
  • Harlequin Crest (Shako)
  • Enigma Runeword
  • Skullder's Ire (Russet Armor)
  • War Traveler (Battle Boots)
  • Chance Guards (Chain Gloves)
  • Goldwrap (Heavy Belt)
  • Nagelring (ring)
  • Gheed's Fortune(unique grand charm)
  • Small Charms with Magic Find
  • The Oculus (Swirling Crystal, Sorceress)
  • Enigma runeword (armor, grants teleport ability)

Equipping your mercenary with Magic Find gear also contributes to your overall Magic Find. Some items that are useful for mercenaries include:

  • Crown of Thieves (Grand Crown)
  • Wealth runeword (armor)
  • Reaper's Toll (Thresher, for Act 2 mercenaries)

To maximize your magic find success in D2R, focus on the following:

  • Learn the best magic finding locations and efficiently farm them.
  • Choose the right character build for your playstyle and magic find goals.
  • Optimize your gear and your mercenary's gear for a balance of Magic Find, damage output, and survivability.
  • Adapt your strategies to the specific challenges of each area and boss.

With your locations determined, your character leveled, and your gear carefully selected, you’ll be ready to magic find effectively. Accumulating significant in-game wealth takes time, so be patient and don’t be disheartened if you don’t succeed at first. Remember, no matter how high you stack your MF%, the chance for ultra rare D2R Items to drop is still minute, so be prepared to grind for what you want. Consistency will lead to success. Good luck out there!

Article From: D2R Magic Find Locations Guide

The Mirror of Kalandra is a rare path of exile currency that lets players create a mirrored copy of an item. The person behind the name, Kalandra, has been a mystery to fans, but Grinding Gear Games will finally reveal the answer in the upcoming expansion, Lake of Kalandra. However, the studio is not stopping there, as the expansion will also introduce a new area with creatures to battle, loot to collect, and changes to the endgame, among other things.

PoE Lake of Kalandra Expansion

The upcoming expansion for Path of Exile covers a wide range of updates and additions, including new items, balance changes to classes, improvements to the endgame, and fresh skill and support gems. The rare beasts will also be revamped. With so much content to look forward to, it's difficult to summarize everything, but Lake of Kalandra promises to offer a lot to the game.

The most notable feature of the upcoming expansion is the new Challenge League. In Lake of Kalandra, players can travel to the mysterious region of the same name to face off against "reflections of Wraeclast" - mirrored monsters from the world of Path of Exile. By using Mirrored Tablets discovered during exploration, players can customize their Lake encounters by adjusting difficulty and other settings. These Tablets enable players to make choices about what type of encounters they will face during their visit to the Lake. Later on, they can even choose to exile, skip, or reroll their choices. In the endgame, players can save a customized Tablet as an item, which they can carry with them and trade.

Reflections with Mirrored Items

After completing a challenge in Lake of Kalandra, you get to choose an item to "reflect" by placing it in a special box. This mirrors its stats, essentially reversing them. For instance, a ring that gives you +135 Life will turn into the same ring with -135 Life, and so on. You can select the item you want to take with you on your journey, allowing players to turn unremarkable items into valuable assets for their builds.

During a recent livestream, Chris Wilson from GGG didn't reveal much about the Lake of Kalandra's backstory. However, exploring the new challenge league could potentially uncover some information about the enigmatic Kalandra. It seems that Kalandra may be a bird-like entity, and their role in the Path of Exile's overarching story will become more evident as players progress through the league.

Endgame and Trickster Changes in Path of Exile's Lake of Kalandra

The upcoming Path of Exile expansion, Lake of Kalandra, brings some exciting changes to the game's endgame and Trickster Ascendancy Class. The Trickster, which has had issues in the past, will receive a significant rework to improve defenses and allow players to manipulate speed. The One Step Ahead option in the Ascendancy will slow down enemies and give players a speed boost that cannot be lowered. The expansion also introduces Memory items containing the past memories of key NPCs, such as Kirac, Niko, and Alva. By applying these memories to completed maps on the Atlas, players can explore nearby maps and face tough challenges for valuable rewards.

A Gem of an Experience

Path of Exile's Lake of Kalandra expansion offers a plethora of new content for players to explore. During the recent livestream, GGG showcased an overwhelming amount of information, including new gems and support gems. To learn more about these additions, head over to the website and check out the livestream.

In other news, the closed beta for the highly anticipated Path of Exile sequel is on the horizon. The beta's release date will be announced during ExileCon 2023, which takes place on the weekend of July 29th. Attendees will even have the opportunity to play the beta at the event. While the sequel may be coming soon, there will still be a significant wait for its release.

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