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Dive into the captivating world of Last Man Standing (LMS), a thrilling mini-game in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). As a dedicated PvPer, you have the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of OSRS gold through its reward shop. The beauty of LMS lies in its ability to teach you the basics of player versus player (PvP) combat without risking your gear or hard-earned OSRS Gold. This makes it an ideal starting point for OSRS players looking to venture into PvP combat.

Challenges and Opportunities

Unfortunately, the potential for earning OSRS gold has attracted bots to the LMS scene. One of the rewards available in the shop is the renowned Rune Pouch, different from the one obtained from the Slayer Masters as it can be sold on the Grand Exchange for actual OSRS gold. However, the repetitiveness of the mini-game has created a favorable environment for bots. Thankfully, recent updates have made the environment less friendly to bots while enhancing the experience for genuine players.

Builds and Stats

To enjoy LMS gameplay, you need to create and select a loadout for three different game modes:

  1. Main/Maxed Account: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Defense at 75.
  2. 1 Defense Pure: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Attack at 75 and Defense at 1.
  3. Zerk Account: All combat skills are at level 99, except for Attack at 75 and Defense at 45.
Choosing Your Mode

LMS randomly selects a game mode before each match. While the modes are randomized, you have a better chance of getting a specific mode if more players in the lobby prefer it. Jagex introduced this system to prevent monopolization of particular game modes and ensure a diverse experience.

Loadout Selection

Before entering the game, you must choose a specific loadout for each of the three game modes. Some OSRS items are unavailable for certain builds either due to their lack of relevance or exclusivity. For example, you cannot possess or use Rune Gloves (1 Def Pure version) since obtaining them requires the completion of Recipe for Disaster, which conflicts with upgrading your 1 Def Pure. This maintains consistency across the main game, PvP arenas, and LMS.

Perfecting Your Spellbook

You also need to choose a spellbook for each build in your loadout. Standard spellbook grants you Surge and Entangle. Lunar spellbook provides you with Vengeance and Heal Other. Default Ancient spellbook equips you with Blood Barrage, Ice Barrage, and Blood Blitz. It's important to note that you can't select the Lunar spellbook for your Pure build as accessing it requires a non-Pure account.


While the Protection Prayers in LMS have been temporarily enhanced, this change will revert with the launch of the Amautuskot Tomb on August 24th. Until then, you can experiment with prayers like Piety, Rigour, or Augury in LMS matches for Pures and Zerkers. These prayers can't be unlocked for these builds in the main game, making this a rare opportunity to try them out. To maintain consistency and provide new PvP players a fair preview of these builds in OSRS, Jagex has decided to restore balance by removing them on August 24th.

OSRS Loot Crate

Good news awaits – the loot crates have been improved, ensuring you won't receive duplicate items. You'll get a range of OSRS Items across all three versions and exclusive items unique to each version.

Earning OSRS Gold through LMS Rewards

In summary, you can still earn a considerable amount of OSRS GP by selling LMS rewards, but now with added diversity while engaging in this beginner-friendly PvP mini-game. You can experiment with different builds without the risk of losing your gear or OSRS gold. By doing so, you'll become familiar with prayer switching and PvP fundamentals before embarking on wilderness PK adventures.

Embrace the thrill of Last Man Standing and sharpen your PvP skills while reaping the rewards of OSRS gold. Get ready to conquer the battlegrounds and emerge as the ultimate victor in this captivating gameplay experience!

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