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Why bother with gold farming in New World?

Most items in the game will be crafted by yourself, and many materials are readily available. However, once you reach the endgame in New World, money becomes a concern. Whether you want to craft all the endgame gear with rare and expensive materials or start manufacturing and selling equipment to maximize your various crafting skills, you'll soon find yourself depleting funds.

This is especially true with regular updates and features that demand you constantly craft new endgame gear. Sometimes, your upgrade frequency can rival that of an ordinary Apple user. So, let's dive into our New World Coins farming guide and explore the best methods to make money in New World.

Best items to sell at the Trading Post

Many players don't want to spend a lot of time finding rare or highly demanded resources to craft in-game items and prefer to buy them easily from the trading post. Not only that, they are willing to pay a premium for it. On the other hand, players often sell at relatively cheaper prices to move their inventory.

To make money at the trading post, you need to research it to identify which items are in high demand on your server. Prices can vary between servers and different times/dates. Therefore, staying updated with the trading post and chat can help you know the player demands in real-time.

Keep in mind that other players can also farm items, so if what you're selling is easily obtainable in the main world, you may not have many buyers. It's also worth noting that if your items don't sell within a few days of listing, the demand might not be enough to sustain your coin farming needs. So, be prepared to switch if necessary.

Gathering Raw Materials

If you're not keen on engaging in the market or simply want a more 'honest' way to make coin, you can use your gathering skills to do so. Instead of buying and selling, you can simply sell. Again, we'll capitalize on players' laziness to make money. You can go out and spend time gathering all the high-demand resources that other players need but don't want to hunt down themselves.

Choose the resources of your choice, maximize the gathering skill of your choice, and eventually get the fifth tier version of the necessary gathering tool. You can do this without fully maxing out the skill and tool, but it's the most efficient way to farm resources. Then, all you need to do is sell large quantities of your chosen resources and make a profit.

As for which resources you should actually seek, it depends. Some endgame resources, like Star Metal and Wyrdwood, may be relatively safe choices. However, what people need/want will vary depending on time and server, current patches, and more. So, again, figure out what's selling and farm accordingly.

Refining Tier 5 Materials

You can also make money through refining skills. Once you reach the maximum level (200) in refining, you can craft special Tier 5 materials related to that refining skill. These items are in high demand and can fetch a good profit when sold. If you're already farming specific resources using a given gathering skill, pairing it with the corresponding refining skill can make the entire process more efficient.

Crafting End-Game Gear

Among the various methods in our New World money-making guide, crafting end-game gear requires the most initial setup and investment but offers high returns. Instead of simply farming resources to sell, you can craft the items that players desire.

For significant gains, concentrate solely on crafting the highest-tier end-of-end-game gear with the best attributes and abilities. This means specializing in weaponsmithing, armoring, and jewelcrafting. In addition to maxing out the relevant crafting skill, there are other steps to follow.

For Armoring and Weaponsmithing, you need three Major Armoring Crafting Trophies and three Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophies, respectively. Furthermore, equip a full set of crafting armor that enhances the perks for the specific crafting skill you are utilizing. Consume food that provides relevant crafting bonuses as well.

To ensure you consistently get the best items, you'll require craft mods to guarantee the desired perks on your item, and timeless shards to secure the stat bonuses you want. Players can choose to Buy New World Coins on a third-party platform, which is a good choice, it can effectively solve the player's time and enjoy the game better.

If you are not sure yet, you can try to buy a small amount of Gold from to test its quality and service attitude. I strongly recommend RPGStash, because this is always a platform that can stand on the player's side and serve gamers.

Crafting end-game gear demands more resources compared to gathering and refining methods, but it's an investment that pays off. Once you have the proper setup, you can produce top-tier weapons and armor and start accumulating substantial amounts of gold in New World.

Legendary Item Farming

For an entirely different approach, you can farm coins through glorious combat! In the end-game zones like Reekwater, Edengrove, Shattered Mountains, and Ebonscale Reach, you'll encounter elite bosses ranging from level 62 to level 66. These bosses drop legendary named items that can fetch a huge profit. However, these items are rare, so you'll need to defeat the bosses repeatedly. Keep in mind that this content requires teaming up with other players as it is not soloable. If you enjoy challenging raid battles, then this farming method is for you.

Faction Item Farming

If you prefer solo questing over team battles against bosses, you can still make a substantial amount of coin by engaging in faction item farming. By completing faction quests and raising your ranking in your given faction, you gain access to faction-specific gear that you can purchase from faction representatives. Among the sought-after faction items are the Runes of Holding, necessary for crafting bags and storage chests, making them lucrative to sell.

So, farm faction tokens to obtain faction items, then sell them for profit. It's a straightforward but time-consuming process. These are some of the best and most consistent farming methods we've found for making money in New World. We hope that your coin purse remains full, and happy exploring!

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