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Genshin Impact is a very popular gashapon game. In addition to focusing on creating powerful combinations, some players in the game prefer to collect the cutest Genshin Impact Account Buy characters first. In order to pay tribute to their favorite characters, these players They even make complex role plays for them.

A player pieced together Klee's explosive cute role-playing. Players are familiar with this character because Klee will be fascinated by explosions and can use her homemade bombs to go bomb fishing. Klee's love for explosives and her cuteness have been captured by this player. The cosplayer shared a 9-second cute short cosplay video of Klee in a natural environment surrounded by explosions in Klee. Although Klee is technically a mage, she uses her magic to make bombs, and everything she has in the game is a bomb. Although the player did not show the actual bomb in the clip, she played the role of Klee jumping happily around when it exploded. And the quality of the video shows that the explosion was unedited, and the player may have been shooting in front of a small firework object.

This video shows the player’s elaborate Klee cosplay. She is wearing a bright red hat, a red mini skirt with white trim, brown high boots, white shorts and brown gloves. She may be playing Klee, who has used her bomb supply in the video, because Klee’s Pyro bomb has not been seen. Her joyful jumping during the explosion, the way she stretched out her arms to keep her balance after the fire subsided, and the way she finally trot away from the camera, they all mastered Klee's childish body language very well.

This video is loved by many Genshin Impact. This is just one of the many works by Genshin Impact cosplayers trying to capture the character's personality, but fireworks are added to the video, so this video is really unforgettable. Some users have made this video into Genshin Impact Account for sale reaction shots of various animations, and converted it into reaction shots by taking screenshots of the video. It looks like Klee herself, very cute and interesting.

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Before the final launch of New World on September 28, there will be a final test. During the opening night of Gamescom, it was announced that the public beta of the long-delayed MMO will be held from September 9th to 12th, giving players a chance to experience the game before the game is officially released.

A new trailer was released along with this Amazon New World Coins news. In the trailer, the land of Aeternum attracts explorers from all directions who are looking for exotic treasures and many unimaginable forces. In order to defeat the mysterious force that threatens the island and the entire world, the player needs to set out with the crew. The trailer also shows a large-scale siege battle, where players will fight against enemies with mysterious powers.

Prior to this, the development of the new world has been very unstable. The game was originally planned to be released in February, but it was postponed to August because the game team needed more time to prepare for the game. They even hope to include feedback from the closed beta this time as a factor in whether they will postpone the game. However, despite its disappointment many times, the new world still attracted a large number of players of about 200,000 during the closed beta period. If there were no major issues during the final test, it seems to be released now.

After the public beta starts on September 9, players can use the Playtest tool to enter through the Steam New World Coins page of the new world, and the official website will also explain how to participate. You can check out the game trailer before the release date on September 28th.

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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" users will see a large number of changes including seasonal changes, new events, new DIY recipes, etc. throughout the island. Many new players are happy to see the new Nook Miles Tickets island changes in their respective regions.

But there are still many old players who are angry about the latest New Horizons update, but the game is still very playable. The following are all the changes that players in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere will notice in September.

Players in the Northern hemisphere will see the arrival of autumn in September, and the grass on the entire island will turn pale green. Autumn is one of the best seasons in New Horizons. In the Southern hemisphere on the other side of the earth, spring has arrived, and the grass will turn into a faded and moldy color. However, the grass will return to its normal green color at the end of the month.

In terms of new materials and items, players in the Northern and Southern hemispheres will encounter new items related to their active season. Players in the Northern hemisphere can see some items and crafting materials related to autumn. Including Acorn, Pinecone, Maple Leaf and Various Mushrooms. On the other side, players in the Southern hemisphere will get new spring seasonal items and materials: Young Spring Bamboo. So they can make a lot of furniture made of Young Spring Bamboo. For example, Bamboo Noodle Slide and Light Bamboo Rug. However, because September is only available for one event, and it only applies to players in the northern hemisphere, it cannot be the best month to enjoy events in a new horizon. Players in the northern hemisphere can enjoy the Bug-off event, which will also be the last Bug-off event this year. So players must get exclusive Bug-off event items in September.

The beautiful green plants on the island are also one of the best features of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". And when Nintendo updates the game, it changes the surrounding bushes according to each season. Therefore, as the two hemispheres usher in the new season, the bushes on their islands will also undergo some changes. After September 20, Hibiscus bushes in the Northern hemisphere will stop blooming. On September 21 and October 30, there will be new Tea Oliver bushes in full bloom. Although players in the Southern hemisphere will not see any new bushes blooming on their islands. However, the beautiful Camellia bushes will bloom until the end of September!

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One of the latest raids in the second phase of the game "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic" is Tempest Keep. It is best for players to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold complete the adjustment process of the Tempest Keep before entering the raid. To enter Tempest Keep, the highest level player in TBC Classic must complete two independent mission chains. One takes place in the open world, and the other is in some dungeons of the game. Moreover, after completing some of the raids in the first stage of TBC, the second stage of raids can be started.

Alliance players can receive the task "The Hand of Gul’Dan" in Wildhammer Stronghold to start cursing the password task chain. Horde players should receive this task in Shadowmoon Village. This quest will start a long quest chain that allows players to embark on a vast journey through the outer realm. The task chain can be completed by completing the task "The Cipher of Damnation-Truth and History". After that, the chain will be divided into three separate parts, and players need to complete these parts as well. To complete these independent parts, players have to collect three independent parts of the "Fragments of Damnation" task chain. After collecting the fragments, defeat the Firelord Cyrukh of Altar of Domination to complete the last task in the chain.

After that, the player will receive an email from Khadgar calling him to go to Shattrath City. Players will talk to the Naaru A’dal, located in the center of the city, and begin another quest chain that includes visiting four separate TBC dungeons. After that, the player will be sent by A'dal to raid Magetheridon's Lair, provided that they have cleared all the necessary dungeons needed to advance the mission chain. Next, players have to team up for Magtheridon's Lair, and then kill Magtheridon. After defeating Magtheridon, return to A’dal. The nauru will hand over the Tempest Key required to open the gates of Tempest Keep to the player. After the player has the WOW TBC Classic Gold key, he can enter the raid.

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The next character banner of Genshin Impact will introduce Kujou Sara, the latest 4-star unit and assistant to the Electro Archon of Inazuma Baal.

The latest trailer for version 2.1 showcases upcoming content and new limited character banners. The Lightning Archon Barr seems to be featured as the first banner, but she will not be the only character on the banner, and her assistant Kujou Sara will also appear as a 4-star Genshin Account character.

Players who have played the main story of Inazuma must have encountered Kujou Sara. She is described as a "tengu warrior" who supports the lightning vision hunting decree. In addition, her identity is Baal's assistant and bodyguard. Her skill mechanism is to use bow and Electro vision.

Kujou Sara has a standard attack with five consecutive shooting modes similar to other Genshin Impact bow and arrow users. Players can shoot fully charged arrows with her aiming shot to cause electric shock damage. Kujou Sara’s elemental skill "Tengu Stormcall" allows her to retreat quickly and obtain the Crowfeather Cover buff for 18 seconds. When Kujou Sara launches an attack, this buff will be consumed, leaving a Crowfeather at her location. Crowfeather can trigger electric shock damage and give the active character in AOE an attack bonus proportional to Kujou Sara's attack attributes.

Kujou Sara’s Elemental Burst Subjugation can release "Tengu Jurrai: Titanbreaker" that causes AOE electrical damage. Titanbreaker will launch four consecutive games "Tengu Jurrai: Stormclusters" that can also cause AOE electric shock damage. Titanbreaker and Stormclusters can also provide attack bonuses for characters. In addition, the attack bonuses provided by various types of Tengu Jurrai do not stack.

Kujou Sara's equipment shows that she is more suitable for playing the role of auxiliary and deputy DPS in Genshin Impact. With her as a support, the four-piece severed fate emblem suit might be her best artifact suit. However, as long as other members do not use the four-piece buff, she can also use the four-piece Noblesse Oblige suit. Players who invest in energy recharge can improve the uptime of her elemental bursts, and those who invest in her attack data are suitable for players who pursue full-scale damage. Since she can scale well on both statistics, her construction will depend to a large extent on the needs of the team.

Kujou Sara may become one of the strong supporters of electronic characters like Beidou in Genshin Impact, and her function is similar to Bennett. However, she does have some shortcomings in support of high energy costs. In particular, she does not have a strong particle generation ability, and her elemental explosion is also quite expensive. When the player can't Buy Genshin Impact Accounts get enough energy to charge, she may even need to rely on batteries, which limits the diversity of her team composition. However, she paired very well with Baal, and her equipment is still very strong for the Electro team. When Kujou Sara was released, players who were unsure of her play style could try her in a trial run. Players can now play Genshin Impact on PC, PS4 and PS5, and mobile devices.

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