Genshin Impact:A player showed her wonderful Klee cosplay short video from AnneBullock's blog

Genshin Impact is a very popular gashapon game. In addition to focusing on creating powerful combinations, some players in the game prefer to collect the cutest Genshin Impact Account Buy characters first. In order to pay tribute to their favorite characters, these players They even make complex role plays for them.

A player pieced together Klee's explosive cute role-playing. Players are familiar with this character because Klee will be fascinated by explosions and can use her homemade bombs to go bomb fishing. Klee's love for explosives and her cuteness have been captured by this player. The cosplayer shared a 9-second cute short cosplay video of Klee in a natural environment surrounded by explosions in Klee. Although Klee is technically a mage, she uses her magic to make bombs, and everything she has in the game is a bomb. Although the player did not show the actual bomb in the clip, she played the role of Klee jumping happily around when it exploded. And the quality of the video shows that the explosion was unedited, and the player may have been shooting in front of a small firework object.

This video shows the player’s elaborate Klee cosplay. She is wearing a bright red hat, a red mini skirt with white trim, brown high boots, white shorts and brown gloves. She may be playing Klee, who has used her bomb supply in the video, because Klee’s Pyro bomb has not been seen. Her joyful jumping during the explosion, the way she stretched out her arms to keep her balance after the fire subsided, and the way she finally trot away from the camera, they all mastered Klee's childish body language very well.

This video is loved by many Genshin Impact. This is just one of the many works by Genshin Impact cosplayers trying to capture the character's personality, but fireworks are added to the video, so this video is really unforgettable. Some users have made this video into Genshin Impact Account for sale reaction shots of various animations, and converted it into reaction shots by taking screenshots of the video. It looks like Klee herself, very cute and interesting.

These role-plays for your favorite characters are really interesting. After the virtual characters in the game are played by real people, they seem to give people another novel feeling. Are you also interested in Genshin Impact's Cosplay? In addition, if you need to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts, you are welcome to visit MMOWTS. You can buy Genshin Impact Accounts at a favorable price here. Through these very good quality Genshin Impact Accounts, you can enjoy the satisfaction of having your favorite character.

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