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New World’s Public Test Realm was launched on November 9. Players can take advantage of this time to participate in testing new content as much as possible to provide some reliable feedback.

Amazon said that since PTR is a server set with limited availability, players can use it to learn about the game features that will be launched in the future. However, these preview versions can only be said to be a preliminary understanding of the upcoming update, it is not the final version.

Amazon very much hopes that players can Buy New World Coins pay attention to various errors and crashes in the Public Test Realm, or missing task texts and other problems. They can report to the developer in the new PTR sub-forum.

Between the internal testing conducted by Amazon and the feedback from players, Amazon hopes to catch and solve all serious problems before the update reaches the real-time server. They have made many changes, and the final and complete release notes will be shared with everyone on the release day.

And in order to help players provide better and faster feedback, all newly created characters on the PTR can be upgraded immediately and can select the level range, and are equipped with appropriate equipment and game items.

When this time the test period is over, and New World's real-time server has updated all the preview content, it will be closed and reset.

If you want to access PTR, you can find the New World PTR app in Steam. It will be available for download as a standalone application, and its official opening time is 2pm on November 10.

But at the beginning, PTR servers may be restricted, because there is only one world each in the eastern United States and central Europe. But Amazon may increase servers or server capacity in the next few New World Coins weeks or months.

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On November 5th, Blizzard Entertainment released the 1.08 update patch for Diablo 2 Resurrected, which improved the game. In addition, in-game messages have been added to convey to players when they can join or create another game. The following is the complete patch description.

The game client has been updated this time so that the speed at which players join or create Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale games can be adjusted according to the capacity of the server.

In addition, in order to convey the remaining time before the player can join or create another game, an in-game message function has been added. In addition, the game rate refund function has also been added. So when the game that the player joins is full, except for some special circumstances, the player can also try to join another game immediately without any restrictions.

In addition, many bugs in the game have also been fixed. For example, the crash caused by Amazon using Arctic Blast has also been fixed. In addition, a crash that may occur when the user exits the game has also been fixed. There are also issues related to exiting the queue, related issues when playing offline mode, and possible crashes that may occur when the player is fighting Baal, all have been resolved.

The crash that may occur when playing in traditional mode for a long time has also been fixed. Also, the performance problems of players playing in the traditional mode in Furnace of Pain have been Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items fixed. Players will no longer see the problem of incorrectly displaying player location information in their friends list. In addition, the problem of the game settings tab label being blank in non-English languages has also been resolved.

In addition, there are other localized string updates.

The publisher announced that Diablo 2 Resurrected was the highest-selling remake in the first week of Blizzard’s history, so for Blizzard, it was a major success for the game.

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EA will have to remove Maradona from FIFA 22 after a ruling in the Argentine court. Maradona can currently be used in FIFA series of games, including the newly released FIFA 22.

Maradona appeared in the Ultimate Team as a coveted idol card, with his portrait at every stage of his FUT 22 Coins career.

According to a report by the Argentine news website, the lawyer Matías Morla's company Sattvica's trademark claim against Maradona was approved by the judge.

Although EA has previously reached a deal with Maradona's old friend and former manager Stéfano Ceci, the latter has no way to prove that he has the legal power to sign such documents. However, Maradona's logo card is still available on the Ultimate Team transfer market.

The legendary Argentine player died of a heart attack in November last year at the age of 60. And Morla gained control of the Maradona brand in August last year, so this seems to be a battle for the rights of one of the greatest football players of all time.

After Maradona's children Diego, Giannina, Dalma, Jana and Diego Fernando make a decision, part of Maradona's estate will be sold.

At present, Maradona can still be used in the FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 ultimate group. I believe this will never be good news for those players who have already obtained the Maradona player card.

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Since New World is a high-degree-of-freedom MMO, players are currently accepting an interesting "wilderness challenge". They are exploring various ways in the game to get a richer experience.

Although New World has encountered some problems recently, it is still very strong in terms of the number of players. Since New World has banned transactions in the past few days to Buy New World Coins prevent gold bugs, the number of concurrent players has decreased somewhat. Amazon games impose a permanent ban on cheaters to punish them for their crimes. However, the community is still active, and players are enjoying the essence of the game, that is, everyone can finish MMO anytime they want.

All successful posts on social media emphasized this, and they shared creative ways to upgrade to 60. Even a very dramatic way was discovered by players. They jumped off the cliff, then landed and killed a turkey. Players are sprouting more new ways of playing games because of the new ideas they put forward.

A Redditor called noobtheloser formed the "wilderness challenge", so they will challenge the new rules of New World in a more frugal way. The first rule of the Wilderness Challenge is that players cannot join the New World faction because they bring unnecessary conflicts, but allow other tasks to proceed. The second point is that the player must do everything without a transaction. This is three related to the rules, which prohibit all use of gold except for taxes on houses or handicrafts.

This is the challenge and new rules of the wilderness. There are also players who choose not to rush to play the game and enjoy the upcoming new things and the way of sharing the game experience with strangers in chat.

Noobtheloser said that they are playing in Cedar Forest in the eastern United States. They hope that more like-minded New World Coins friends can join the wilderness company they have established. It is not the first time that New World players have explored the novelty of the game. Before, one player even tested luck and its impact by killing more than 1,000 wild boars.

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If you are a new adventurer who joins the new world of Aeternum, then you will definitely be excited for the first iron ore vein that protrudes from the ground. At the same time, you will find that the mining vein is very interesting.After we equip the pickaxe, we can collect these Amazon New World Coins veins. Moreover, you can also make use of New World's powerful trade skill system to make a variety of items.

But when using iron or any other metal to make new tools, weapons, equipment, and other items that use these metals as raw materials, you need to smelt the metal first. The following will briefly explain how to smelt in New World for you.

In New World, the easiest items to smelt are iron and silver ingots. For the smelting of these two metals, there are no additional steps and no additional resources. They do not even require players to reach any smelting level. All we need to do is to convert four ore into one ingot. Later, as the level of our smelting skills increases, we will be able to unlock the ability to produce more high-quality metals and precious metals. Moreover, in Aeternum, iron and silver are easy resources to find, especially after we know where to find them.

We can obtain Flux from the landmark supply crates around Aeternum, which is a refined material. The ingots we make will not be affected by higher-level Flux, but if you want to make Asmodeum, you need to use the fifth-level Flux or obsidian. Other refined materials can be converted to Flux through a material converter.

If we want to make full use of the equipment and consumables in our mining work, we can find bags and pickaxes from the trading post. By using these privileged bags and pickaxes, we can collect and carry more ore from the veins. Moreover, if we want to get more ore every time we mine, we can make proficiency thrusters in the studio. In addition, cooking trade skill meals can also increase our mining skill luck.

Another point worthy of our attention is that if you only focus on improving your trade skills, then please upgrade your storage and collection speed every time you increase your territorial New World Coins reputation. Moreover, since most town committees have production tasks, this can greatly improve the player's other trade skills, such as armor and weapon forging. Therefore, try to save some pig iron ore during smelting.

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Diablo 2: Resurrected encountered many problems after its release. Among them, server and database Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale problems and the most serious problem that caused many players' progress loss have attracted a lot of attention.

Blizzard upgraded the update when the problems occurred, so that players know that they are solving these problems, and can also know what needs to be added.

If you are a player who has been playing Diablo 2: Resurrected all the time, according to Blizzard, if you encounter problems in the game, this seems to be the standard for the course. In the previous Blizzard update, the game team told the players through the player group that the frequency of character preservation in the global database was too high.

After that, they will begin to transition to a regional preservation database, which they believe will reduce the pressure on the database.

At the same time, in order to deal with the problem of long queue time, Blizzard will also increase the time display to let players know their current position in the team. This way players can make an estimate of when they can enter the game.

In addition, they will also rate-limit games at different times to attract more players into the game during peak game hours. The rate limit is only a temporary measure of equity. After the player can manage the queue, server and population, the D2R Items rate limit will no longer be used.

At the same time, players who are looking for more ways to fix the game will not be disappointed. Because bug fixes and other new features are about to become prominent, and Blizzard believes that they are important, but they have not yet revealed the details about them.

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On November 16, 2021, WoW Classic Season of Mastery will be released. At the same time, it will accept player's name reservations from November 11th.

If we want to create a character in the game and play WoW Classic Season of Mastery, first make sure that its WOW TBC Gold installation client has been downloaded.

Then open the desktop application of and select World of Warcraft in the game's menu. Then select World of Warcraft: Classic. If you have more than one World of Warcraft account, you can see the second account drop-down menu. In this menu, you can select the active account you want to play.

Then click the install button, we can see an installation progress bar, its role is to show when the installation is complete. After its installation is complete, click the play button again.

In addition, you need to select the Season of Mastery realm identified in the Realm list, and then create a new character. This allows us to choose the camp, class, and race, and it also supports customizing new characters and naming them. If we change our mind about a role and have reserved a role, we need to delete the created role. It is worth noting that after you delete the role, the name associated with it can be claimed again immediately.

If you are already considering how to play in the WoW Classic Season of Mastery, it may be a good idea to invite some of your WOW Classic TBC Gold allies to join in building a new home.

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I believe that many players like to enter the thrilling dungeon alone in Diablo 2: Resurrected, experience the unique dark style of the game, and walk alone in a different map, which brings players that kind of bleak and desolate feeling. This is also one of the interests of many lovers of horror atmosphere.

However, when players are playing Diablo 2: Resurrected, whether it is playing offline single player mode by themselves, or experiencing the way of multiplayer exploring the map with friends. Both will Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items give players their own unique sense of game experience. The former makes the player more immersed in the game content, while the latter allows the player to gain the fun of exploring the map and fighting enemies with friends. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to travel in groups.

Yes, although Diablo 2: Resurrected does not have an offline multiplayer option, we can still play with our friends through the game's online play function. As long as we are playing this game with our friends and we are friends on, we can easily establish a game dialogue with each other.

However, due to Diablo 2: Resurrected, there is currently no cross-platform game option. Therefore, if we want to play online games with friends, we must make sure that we are using the same system.

After we determine the role we want to play in the main menu, we can create a private game and enter it with friends. However, make sure you are listed as "Online" in advance.

When we start a private match with our friends, our friends can go to their friends list and continue to invite others to join the Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes game. After the invited people should be prompted to join the game, they can start the game dialogue.

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