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New World’s Public Test Realm was launched on November 9. Players can take advantage of this time to participate in testing new content as much as possible to provide some reliable feedback.

Amazon said that since PTR is a server set with limited availability, players can use it to learn about the game features that will be launched in the future. However, these preview versions can only be said to be a preliminary understanding of the upcoming update, it is not the final version.

Amazon very much hopes that players can Buy New World Coins pay attention to various errors and crashes in the Public Test Realm, or missing task texts and other problems. They can report to the developer in the new PTR sub-forum.

Between the internal testing conducted by Amazon and the feedback from players, Amazon hopes to catch and solve all serious problems before the update reaches the real-time server. They have made many changes, and the final and complete release notes will be shared with everyone on the release day.

And in order to help players provide better and faster feedback, all newly created characters on the PTR can be upgraded immediately and can select the level range, and are equipped with appropriate equipment and game items.

When this time the test period is over, and New World's real-time server has updated all the preview content, it will be closed and reset.

If you want to access PTR, you can find the New World PTR app in Steam. It will be available for download as a standalone application, and its official opening time is 2pm on November 10.

But at the beginning, PTR servers may be restricted, because there is only one world each in the eastern United States and central Europe. But Amazon may increase servers or server capacity in the next few New World Coins weeks or months.

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