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EA Sports launched the new Silver Stars Objective Player card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team on October 20th.

Several Silver Star cards have been found in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and it will release more cards in the future like many cards released in FIFA 22.

The release of an enhanced version of the Silver Card in Ultimate Team is part of the concept of Silver FUT 22 Coins Stars. Until November 3, the goal of Silver Stars Layún will continue.

For Layún, this is his first special card, and almost all his stats have been added. No matter in terms of passing, or his speed, or defensive, dribbling and shooting data have been improved. Compared with his initial level 74 silver card, it is much stronger.

Layún’s goal is the same as all Silver Stars cards released in FIFA 22, and it needs to be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge competition. These silver star cards can be used to Buy FIFA 22 Coins complete other goals that require scoring or assists from silver medal players.

If you want to win the silver star Miguel Layún, you have to win three games. He also scored eight goals and six assists in Live FUT Friendly: Silver Lounge.

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Amazon's new open world MMO New World has accumulated millions of players influx.

As a highly anticipated game, New World was launched on the live server on September 27. It has achieved incredible New World Coins results whether it is on Steam or Twitch, and it is also a streaming platform. Brought many eager audiences.

According to Amazon's response, on the first day of the official launch of New World, over a million players joined. Since then, this number has reached several thousand, so players also need to line up for a long time.

According to Steam’s official game statistics, New World’s peak players in October exceeded 900,000, which is only slightly lower than Valve’s very popular classic tactical shooting game CS:GO.

In addition, we can know from the statistics website Steam Charts that since the launch of New World, it has attracted more than 350,000 players every day on average.

Taking into account the estimates of MMO Population, the total number of players in New World exceeds 16 million, and the number of daily logins has reached 1.6 million. However, this number may also refer to the player data participating in the game's open and closed beta.

However, the success of the game also brought pressure on the server. In order to ensure that every player can Buy New World Coins enter the game smoothly, Amazon is working hard to expand the capacity of its existing servers.

In short, New World has become a very popular latest MMO. Its game content is also very high-quality, and the game graphics are also very beautiful. I believe that fans of MMO games like this game very much.

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After Burning Crusade Classic has made a series of changes to World of Warcraft, each profession can be made feasible in one form or another.

As the number of people involved in raids in TBC has been reduced from 40 to 25, each of them is different. Players can often Buy TBC Classic Gold see 15 or more warriors in the raid in Classic. However, be aware that in a balanced combination, you won’t even see more than 4 players of any given specialization.

Although it is necessary to maintain a diversified combination to enhance the team's attributes, party gains or Boss debuffs. But some excellent DPS professions are still necessary professions.

S-level Tier is the best DPS in the game, and A-level Tier can provide players with more DPS than their S-level counterparts. So if you can't stack S specifications, you can use A-grade alternatives to deal with it, so that you won't miss too much.

In addition, Warlock is the best DPS character in TBC. They provide various curses and debuffs for the raid, which allows players to fight against the Boss very well. In addition, the practicability of life stones and soul stones is also first-class, and the survivability of the team can be improved by using them. Destruction Warlock can provide the highest DPS, many teams will run four or more, and Demonology is also very good. If there is an Affliction Warlock in the team, it can cause WOW TBC Gold debuffs and increase team damage.

In addition, the hunter is the strongest in the physical DPS, because melee occupations are in a secondary position in the expansion process.

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One of the most important items in Diablo 2 is Charms. This has not changed in its faithful remake version, Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Charms are divided into large, medium, and small. Among them, the charm of the largest number is the most powerful, and at the same time the most difficult to obtain. The Diablo 2 Resurrected Items way to place them is very simple, as long as they are placed in the inventory, it will provide passive bonuses to the player's attributes and skills.

And generally speaking, players will need to use all available advantages in higher difficulty modes, so Charms is the best way to improve content such as high damage output, resistance, or skill level.

The best Grand Charms in the game can be obtained as a drop by defeating Diablo, Baal, and Nihlathak on Hell difficulty. The Grand Charms on this difficulty will provide players with the best rewards. The reward content is high and fixed rewards for some skills, such as the +1 Druid's transformation skills, which makes them very powerful.

In addition, the reward of Grand Charm can be changed by revoting. And they are the same as other things in Diablo 2, and the results are completely random. Therefore, players can try multiple Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale times until they find a combination that satisfies them.

Rerolling requires the Horadric Cube, at least 3 Perfect Gems. After putting the Grand Charm and 3 Perfect Gems in the Horadric Cube, click the transform button. The Horadric Cube will re-adjust the statistics to become more suitable items for the player's character.

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When the FIFA players are still on the field, their opponents quit the game angrily before the end of the game, or have been suspended, or wasted time after scoring a goal, and even Buy FIFA 22 Coins celebrated every time a goal was scored. For online FIFA players, this may be a very disgusting experience.

At present, EA has conveyed some information to the players through the use of the oldest club in the world. He outlined some unwritten rules of FIFA.

EA Sports is celebrating the anniversary of Sheffield FC. This club was established in October 1857. It is recognized by FIFA as the oldest surviving club in the world and is still playing football, and they have developed for FIFA 22 A new rule book was introduced.

The "FOAT Code" calls on the FIFA community to abide by FIFA's unwritten rules, which require players not to withdraw from the game because of anger, and not to suspend the game in the middle of the game. There are other unwritten rules, such as: don’t waste time, skip replays that don’t make sense, and don’t always celebrate every goal.

Although it is a good thing to ask the FIFA community to follow these guidelines, it also makes people worry about whether this promotion will have a big impact. Some of these rules are interesting, and although there are mitigations in place to prevent this behavior, they still happen.

Just like if a player quits an online FIFA Ultimate Team match, they will not get any FUT coins and will receive a message stating that those who continue to quit will receive a FUT penalty in future matches. However, the FIFA community does not seem to be deterred by this warning. Withdrawing from the game because of anger has become a common behavior in the game.

In fact, FIFA can make a concession option, because some players often find that they have lost miserably a few minutes after the start of the game, and they know that they can’t beat their opponents because of the good players in their opponent’s team. It's too much. If such an option is added, it will save a lot of time for both FUT 22 Coins players.

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Recently, some New World players are exploiting a loophole that allows large amounts of gold to be copied. Amazon issued a statement reminding players not to use this vulnerability to violate the game's code of conduct within a few hours after the vulnerability was discovered. If the player violates the rules, it will be banned.

After update 1.0.3 was released, this vulnerability was discovered in the game. This patch is a supplement to the server transfer function. It aims to solve the server long queue New World Coins Buy problem encountered by players. Some players encountered the "Character_Persist_Failure" error when trying to transfer their characters to different servers. Some players who had this error accidentally discovered a loophole that could create gold coins. That is, if players send gold coins to other players, then log out of the game and log in again, the gold coins they traded will return magically. Now this Gold dupe panic is spreading rapidly on New World's subreddit, and Amazon Games is taking this issue seriously.

Amazon stated in a forum statement that a small number of players have transferred their gold coins or items, and their transaction records have been stored in the database. The game team is currently reviewing these data. If it is found that the situation is deliberately used to operate violations, these players will be banned. Exploiting loopholes or other unexpected game features violates New World's code of conduct, and Amazon will take the right to take appropriate corrective measures.

Although it is still unclear whether players will be permanently banned for exploiting the golden loophole, or have any other penalties.

Since New World’s economy is entirely driven by players and is driven by raw materials and gold standards, any loophole that magically generates more coins can quickly get out of control.

However, on the other hand, some New World players reported that the lack of high-level gold production activities in the game led to a depreciation of raw materials in the market. In addition, players do not have an NPC supplier that can continue to sell New World Coins items, so there is a problem of currency shortage in the server. Although it is still unknown how widespread this bad situation is in various server communities, it is still a noteworthy phenomenon.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected released an update two days ago, and this update brings much-needed changes to the matching system. It does not overhaul the errors in the game, but introduces a queuing system, which allows players to enter the game more smoothly.

Because the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected is not too smooth, its update should help improve the player's gaming D2R Gold experience. The following is a description of the 1.06 patch.

Patch 1.06 adds some content to the game, including the introduction of a login queue during high-traffic periods, and details the player's position in the queue. If the player does not want to wait, they can choose to leave the queue to play offline mode.

Although this update is not what all players want, in the future, this quality of life adjustment will better serve Diablo 2 Resurrected. One of the problems encountered when the game was released was entering the lobby.

Although this update will cause players to suffer from long waits during peak traffic, it is generally helpful. Because the player can know his exact position in the queue. This is a step forward for players who still don't know the exact time they need to wait after waiting for a long time.

Although this is only a minor update, you can still look forward to more patches after Diablo 2 Resurrected. Because the main content of Diablo 2 Resurrected is based on the code of the original game in 2000, there may be many initial problems that need to be resolved.

For such small updates, there may be many more in the future, but this is also a sustainable way for Blizzard to Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items bring the game to a playable state. This should be considered good news for players. Let the direction of the game state become more clear.

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Diablo 2: Resurrected essentially improves the visual effect of the game, and it can also make many adjustments to improve the player's gaming experience. After the release of this version, many new modules soon appeared on NexusMods and ModDB. The original Diablo 2 also has many modules, so it is not a weird thing that the Diablo 2 Resurrected Gold modularization of this remake version has attracted a lot of attention. It should be noted that mods can only be used in single player offline games.

Better SP provides players with a lot of quality of life improvements, for example, it can increase inventory and storage space, but also allows players to move faster while causing less endurance consumption. Books, keys and other items also have higher stacking limits, higher mana upgrades, higher maximum skill levels, Horadric Cube's respect mark, and recipes that can take out items without losing gems, etc.

If the player wants to increase the number of enemies, Enemy Multiplier will be a very suitable mod. The generated enemies will be multiplied by the number of players requested by the file, so if the player wants to grow XP, gold coins or other items, it will be much better. But before players increase the number of these enemies, they must be prepared.

In addition, the Single Player Charm Save module adds small charms with various auras and professional spells. Each of them can increase magic discovery and experience rewards, as well as paladin aura and other professional buffs. If the player is playing online games in a group scene, this mod should provide you with some benefits.

Expanded Storage can help players solve the problem of insufficient storage space. If players do not want to include all the content in a more complex mod, this mod is a good standalone version. It adds inventory, storage rooms and cubes, so players will get more space to store Diablo 2 Resurrected Items items.

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Diablo II was once popular all over the world more than 20 years ago. Blizzard launched a remake of the game a few weeks ago and made some expansions, which is now Diablo II: Resurrected.

Diablo II: Resurrected has been well received by critics and businesses, and has a score of 80 on Metacritic, but players are frustrated by the large number of server problems encountered in the game. Blizzard Entertainment’s community manager subsequently posted a forum post explaining why the problem occurred, and explained how the studio D2R Gold plans to solve these problems.

This post provides players with an extremely detailed, technical, and transparent explanation of what happened. Although there is usually no single reason or reasoning behind the problem, there is still a problem with the game after all, and the unexpected player traffic after the release has caused the overload of multiple servers. After that, it caused a lot of interruptions, and even some player character data was lost as a result.

Many of the same legacy codes of the original game from 2001 continue to be used in Diablo II: Resurrected. Although they have been optimized, one of the legacy services is still affected by the number of game servers created.

Blizzard is currently trying to solve this problem through updates, and they plan to add direct and effective solutions such as rate limiting and login queue creation, hoping to improve the online experience of players. Blizzard is planning to decompose "critical pieces of functionality" into their own independent services, which may solve the server load problem, and Bin gives Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes money to hope that Blizzard will allow them to continue to study and expand their game management services.

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If The Feral Druid is set up correctly, it can provide players with a lot of advantages. But the premise is of course that players will spend some TBC Classic Gold for this. The following will introduce you how to use the better talents of The Feral Druid, as well as which talents to Buy TBC Classic Gold use in the construction.

First, we need to find The Feral Druid trainer to help us change the talent book. However, if players want to use it, they need to spend some gold coins. Its upper limit is 50 WOW TBC Gold, and it will drop every month until they reach 10.

Because this class can be easily switched between tank and DPS, it is considered a very useful class, but it still needs to rely on some talents. Since there is not much room for change, the special talent from the Feral tree becomes important at some point.

If the player wants to take the DPS route, he must make the right choice in talent. Players need Forocity, Furor, Mangle and Shredding Attacks. In addition, Heart of the Wild, Leader of the Pack, Naturalist, Predatory Instincts, Predatory Strikes, Sharpened Claws and Survival of the Fittest are also required. These talents can provide DPS required and attribute improvements.

The Feral Druid has many talents that can benefit players. Those listed above are indispensable. In addition, Omen of Clarity, Faerie Fire, Intensity and Natural Shapeshifter are also useful, but they are only useful in certain situations.

Mangle is another essential WOW TBC Gold talent, no matter whether the character exists as a DPS or a tank, it is very useful in dungeons and raids. Mangle provides an amazing damage output for Mangle, which can greatly help players build their own characters better.

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