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Recently, some New World players are exploiting a loophole that allows large amounts of gold to be copied. Amazon issued a statement reminding players not to use this vulnerability to violate the game's code of conduct within a few hours after the vulnerability was discovered. If the player violates the rules, it will be banned.

After update 1.0.3 was released, this vulnerability was discovered in the game. This patch is a supplement to the server transfer function. It aims to solve the server long queue New World Coins Buy problem encountered by players. Some players encountered the "Character_Persist_Failure" error when trying to transfer their characters to different servers. Some players who had this error accidentally discovered a loophole that could create gold coins. That is, if players send gold coins to other players, then log out of the game and log in again, the gold coins they traded will return magically. Now this Gold dupe panic is spreading rapidly on New World's subreddit, and Amazon Games is taking this issue seriously.

Amazon stated in a forum statement that a small number of players have transferred their gold coins or items, and their transaction records have been stored in the database. The game team is currently reviewing these data. If it is found that the situation is deliberately used to operate violations, these players will be banned. Exploiting loopholes or other unexpected game features violates New World's code of conduct, and Amazon will take the right to take appropriate corrective measures.

Although it is still unclear whether players will be permanently banned for exploiting the golden loophole, or have any other penalties.

Since New World’s economy is entirely driven by players and is driven by raw materials and gold standards, any loophole that magically generates more coins can quickly get out of control.

However, on the other hand, some New World players reported that the lack of high-level gold production activities in the game led to a depreciation of raw materials in the market. In addition, players do not have an NPC supplier that can continue to sell New World Coins items, so there is a problem of currency shortage in the server. Although it is still unknown how widespread this bad situation is in various server communities, it is still a noteworthy phenomenon.

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