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When the FIFA players are still on the field, their opponents quit the game angrily before the end of the game, or have been suspended, or wasted time after scoring a goal, and even Buy FIFA 22 Coins celebrated every time a goal was scored. For online FIFA players, this may be a very disgusting experience.

At present, EA has conveyed some information to the players through the use of the oldest club in the world. He outlined some unwritten rules of FIFA.

EA Sports is celebrating the anniversary of Sheffield FC. This club was established in October 1857. It is recognized by FIFA as the oldest surviving club in the world and is still playing football, and they have developed for FIFA 22 A new rule book was introduced.

The "FOAT Code" calls on the FIFA community to abide by FIFA's unwritten rules, which require players not to withdraw from the game because of anger, and not to suspend the game in the middle of the game. There are other unwritten rules, such as: don’t waste time, skip replays that don’t make sense, and don’t always celebrate every goal.

Although it is a good thing to ask the FIFA community to follow these guidelines, it also makes people worry about whether this promotion will have a big impact. Some of these rules are interesting, and although there are mitigations in place to prevent this behavior, they still happen.

Just like if a player quits an online FIFA Ultimate Team match, they will not get any FUT coins and will receive a message stating that those who continue to quit will receive a FUT penalty in future matches. However, the FIFA community does not seem to be deterred by this warning. Withdrawing from the game because of anger has become a common behavior in the game.

In fact, FIFA can make a concession option, because some players often find that they have lost miserably a few minutes after the start of the game, and they know that they can’t beat their opponents because of the good players in their opponent’s team. It's too much. If such an option is added, it will save a lot of time for both FUT 22 Coins players.

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