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After Burning Crusade Classic has made a series of changes to World of Warcraft, each profession can be made feasible in one form or another.

As the number of people involved in raids in TBC has been reduced from 40 to 25, each of them is different. Players can often Buy TBC Classic Gold see 15 or more warriors in the raid in Classic. However, be aware that in a balanced combination, you won’t even see more than 4 players of any given specialization.

Although it is necessary to maintain a diversified combination to enhance the team's attributes, party gains or Boss debuffs. But some excellent DPS professions are still necessary professions.

S-level Tier is the best DPS in the game, and A-level Tier can provide players with more DPS than their S-level counterparts. So if you can't stack S specifications, you can use A-grade alternatives to deal with it, so that you won't miss too much.

In addition, Warlock is the best DPS character in TBC. They provide various curses and debuffs for the raid, which allows players to fight against the Boss very well. In addition, the practicability of life stones and soul stones is also first-class, and the survivability of the team can be improved by using them. Destruction Warlock can provide the highest DPS, many teams will run four or more, and Demonology is also very good. If there is an Affliction Warlock in the team, it can cause WOW TBC Gold debuffs and increase team damage.

In addition, the hunter is the strongest in the physical DPS, because melee occupations are in a secondary position in the expansion process.

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