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Amazon's new open world MMO New World has accumulated millions of players influx.

As a highly anticipated game, New World was launched on the live server on September 27. It has achieved incredible New World Coins results whether it is on Steam or Twitch, and it is also a streaming platform. Brought many eager audiences.

According to Amazon's response, on the first day of the official launch of New World, over a million players joined. Since then, this number has reached several thousand, so players also need to line up for a long time.

According to Steam’s official game statistics, New World’s peak players in October exceeded 900,000, which is only slightly lower than Valve’s very popular classic tactical shooting game CS:GO.

In addition, we can know from the statistics website Steam Charts that since the launch of New World, it has attracted more than 350,000 players every day on average.

Taking into account the estimates of MMO Population, the total number of players in New World exceeds 16 million, and the number of daily logins has reached 1.6 million. However, this number may also refer to the player data participating in the game's open and closed beta.

However, the success of the game also brought pressure on the server. In order to ensure that every player can Buy New World Coins enter the game smoothly, Amazon is working hard to expand the capacity of its existing servers.

In short, New World has become a very popular latest MMO. Its game content is also very high-quality, and the game graphics are also very beautiful. I believe that fans of MMO games like this game very much.

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