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Since New World is a high-degree-of-freedom MMO, players are currently accepting an interesting "wilderness challenge". They are exploring various ways in the game to get a richer experience.

Although New World has encountered some problems recently, it is still very strong in terms of the number of players. Since New World has banned transactions in the past few days to Buy New World Coins prevent gold bugs, the number of concurrent players has decreased somewhat. Amazon games impose a permanent ban on cheaters to punish them for their crimes. However, the community is still active, and players are enjoying the essence of the game, that is, everyone can finish MMO anytime they want.

All successful posts on social media emphasized this, and they shared creative ways to upgrade to 60. Even a very dramatic way was discovered by players. They jumped off the cliff, then landed and killed a turkey. Players are sprouting more new ways of playing games because of the new ideas they put forward.

A Redditor called noobtheloser formed the "wilderness challenge", so they will challenge the new rules of New World in a more frugal way. The first rule of the Wilderness Challenge is that players cannot join the New World faction because they bring unnecessary conflicts, but allow other tasks to proceed. The second point is that the player must do everything without a transaction. This is three related to the rules, which prohibit all use of gold except for taxes on houses or handicrafts.

This is the challenge and new rules of the wilderness. There are also players who choose not to rush to play the game and enjoy the upcoming new things and the way of sharing the game experience with strangers in chat.

Noobtheloser said that they are playing in Cedar Forest in the eastern United States. They hope that more like-minded New World Coins friends can join the wilderness company they have established. It is not the first time that New World players have explored the novelty of the game. Before, one player even tested luck and its impact by killing more than 1,000 wild boars.

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