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If you are a new adventurer who joins the new world of Aeternum, then you will definitely be excited for the first iron ore vein that protrudes from the ground. At the same time, you will find that the mining vein is very interesting.After we equip the pickaxe, we can collect these Amazon New World Coins veins. Moreover, you can also make use of New World's powerful trade skill system to make a variety of items.

But when using iron or any other metal to make new tools, weapons, equipment, and other items that use these metals as raw materials, you need to smelt the metal first. The following will briefly explain how to smelt in New World for you.

In New World, the easiest items to smelt are iron and silver ingots. For the smelting of these two metals, there are no additional steps and no additional resources. They do not even require players to reach any smelting level. All we need to do is to convert four ore into one ingot. Later, as the level of our smelting skills increases, we will be able to unlock the ability to produce more high-quality metals and precious metals. Moreover, in Aeternum, iron and silver are easy resources to find, especially after we know where to find them.

We can obtain Flux from the landmark supply crates around Aeternum, which is a refined material. The ingots we make will not be affected by higher-level Flux, but if you want to make Asmodeum, you need to use the fifth-level Flux or obsidian. Other refined materials can be converted to Flux through a material converter.

If we want to make full use of the equipment and consumables in our mining work, we can find bags and pickaxes from the trading post. By using these privileged bags and pickaxes, we can collect and carry more ore from the veins. Moreover, if we want to get more ore every time we mine, we can make proficiency thrusters in the studio. In addition, cooking trade skill meals can also increase our mining skill luck.

Another point worthy of our attention is that if you only focus on improving your trade skills, then please upgrade your storage and collection speed every time you increase your territorial New World Coins reputation. Moreover, since most town committees have production tasks, this can greatly improve the player's other trade skills, such as armor and weapon forging. Therefore, try to save some pig iron ore during smelting.

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