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"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" users will see a large number of changes including seasonal changes, new events, new DIY recipes, etc. throughout the island. Many new players are happy to see the new Nook Miles Tickets island changes in their respective regions.

But there are still many old players who are angry about the latest New Horizons update, but the game is still very playable. The following are all the changes that players in the Southern and Northern Hemisphere will notice in September.

Players in the Northern hemisphere will see the arrival of autumn in September, and the grass on the entire island will turn pale green. Autumn is one of the best seasons in New Horizons. In the Southern hemisphere on the other side of the earth, spring has arrived, and the grass will turn into a faded and moldy color. However, the grass will return to its normal green color at the end of the month.

In terms of new materials and items, players in the Northern and Southern hemispheres will encounter new items related to their active season. Players in the Northern hemisphere can see some items and crafting materials related to autumn. Including Acorn, Pinecone, Maple Leaf and Various Mushrooms. On the other side, players in the Southern hemisphere will get new spring seasonal items and materials: Young Spring Bamboo. So they can make a lot of furniture made of Young Spring Bamboo. For example, Bamboo Noodle Slide and Light Bamboo Rug. However, because September is only available for one event, and it only applies to players in the northern hemisphere, it cannot be the best month to enjoy events in a new horizon. Players in the northern hemisphere can enjoy the Bug-off event, which will also be the last Bug-off event this year. So players must get exclusive Bug-off event items in September.

The beautiful green plants on the island are also one of the best features of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". And when Nintendo updates the game, it changes the surrounding bushes according to each season. Therefore, as the two hemispheres usher in the new season, the bushes on their islands will also undergo some changes. After September 20, Hibiscus bushes in the Northern hemisphere will stop blooming. On September 21 and October 30, there will be new Tea Oliver bushes in full bloom. Although players in the Southern hemisphere will not see any new bushes blooming on their islands. However, the beautiful Camellia bushes will bloom until the end of September!

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