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One of the latest raids in the second phase of the game "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic" is Tempest Keep. It is best for players to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold complete the adjustment process of the Tempest Keep before entering the raid. To enter Tempest Keep, the highest level player in TBC Classic must complete two independent mission chains. One takes place in the open world, and the other is in some dungeons of the game. Moreover, after completing some of the raids in the first stage of TBC, the second stage of raids can be started.

Alliance players can receive the task "The Hand of Gul’Dan" in Wildhammer Stronghold to start cursing the password task chain. Horde players should receive this task in Shadowmoon Village. This quest will start a long quest chain that allows players to embark on a vast journey through the outer realm. The task chain can be completed by completing the task "The Cipher of Damnation-Truth and History". After that, the chain will be divided into three separate parts, and players need to complete these parts as well. To complete these independent parts, players have to collect three independent parts of the "Fragments of Damnation" task chain. After collecting the fragments, defeat the Firelord Cyrukh of Altar of Domination to complete the last task in the chain.

After that, the player will receive an email from Khadgar calling him to go to Shattrath City. Players will talk to the Naaru A’dal, located in the center of the city, and begin another quest chain that includes visiting four separate TBC dungeons. After that, the player will be sent by A'dal to raid Magetheridon's Lair, provided that they have cleared all the necessary dungeons needed to advance the mission chain. Next, players have to team up for Magtheridon's Lair, and then kill Magtheridon. After defeating Magtheridon, return to A’dal. The nauru will hand over the Tempest Key required to open the gates of Tempest Keep to the player. After the player has the WOW TBC Classic Gold key, he can enter the raid.

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