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The next character banner of Genshin Impact will introduce Kujou Sara, the latest 4-star unit and assistant to the Electro Archon of Inazuma Baal.

The latest trailer for version 2.1 showcases upcoming content and new limited character banners. The Lightning Archon Barr seems to be featured as the first banner, but she will not be the only character on the banner, and her assistant Kujou Sara will also appear as a 4-star Genshin Account character.

Players who have played the main story of Inazuma must have encountered Kujou Sara. She is described as a "tengu warrior" who supports the lightning vision hunting decree. In addition, her identity is Baal's assistant and bodyguard. Her skill mechanism is to use bow and Electro vision.

Kujou Sara has a standard attack with five consecutive shooting modes similar to other Genshin Impact bow and arrow users. Players can shoot fully charged arrows with her aiming shot to cause electric shock damage. Kujou Sara’s elemental skill "Tengu Stormcall" allows her to retreat quickly and obtain the Crowfeather Cover buff for 18 seconds. When Kujou Sara launches an attack, this buff will be consumed, leaving a Crowfeather at her location. Crowfeather can trigger electric shock damage and give the active character in AOE an attack bonus proportional to Kujou Sara's attack attributes.

Kujou Sara’s Elemental Burst Subjugation can release "Tengu Jurrai: Titanbreaker" that causes AOE electrical damage. Titanbreaker will launch four consecutive games "Tengu Jurrai: Stormclusters" that can also cause AOE electric shock damage. Titanbreaker and Stormclusters can also provide attack bonuses for characters. In addition, the attack bonuses provided by various types of Tengu Jurrai do not stack.

Kujou Sara's equipment shows that she is more suitable for playing the role of auxiliary and deputy DPS in Genshin Impact. With her as a support, the four-piece severed fate emblem suit might be her best artifact suit. However, as long as other members do not use the four-piece buff, she can also use the four-piece Noblesse Oblige suit. Players who invest in energy recharge can improve the uptime of her elemental bursts, and those who invest in her attack data are suitable for players who pursue full-scale damage. Since she can scale well on both statistics, her construction will depend to a large extent on the needs of the team.

Kujou Sara may become one of the strong supporters of electronic characters like Beidou in Genshin Impact, and her function is similar to Bennett. However, she does have some shortcomings in support of high energy costs. In particular, she does not have a strong particle generation ability, and her elemental explosion is also quite expensive. When the player can't Buy Genshin Impact Accounts get enough energy to charge, she may even need to rely on batteries, which limits the diversity of her team composition. However, she paired very well with Baal, and her equipment is still very strong for the Electro team. When Kujou Sara was released, players who were unsure of her play style could try her in a trial run. Players can now play Genshin Impact on PC, PS4 and PS5, and mobile devices.

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