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One of the latest raids in the second phase of the game "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic" is Tempest Keep. It is best for players to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold complete the adjustment process of the Tempest Keep before entering the raid. To enter Tempest Keep, the highest level player in TBC Classic must complete two independent mission chains. One takes place in the open world, and the other is in some dungeons of the game. Moreover, after completing some of the raids in the first stage of TBC, the second stage of rai... more
It can be said that Shamans are the best auxiliary class in World of Warcraft Classic. With their powerful and flexible totems, such as Windfury Totem, Tremor Totem, and Poison Purification Totem, they can keep allies safe and significantly increase their potential damage. Although only tribal TBC Classic Gold players can become shamans, there will be at least one person in each group, which will greatly benefit. Since totems can only affect one group at a time, a 40-person raid will hope that at least 8 shamans will join the to... more