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Old School RuneScape enthusiasts were thrilled when Jagex unveiled Varlamore Part One on March 20, 2024, heralding the beginning of the game's most expansive area expansion yet. Players are invited to embark on a journey to explore the majestic Shining Kingdom of Varlamore, where a myriad of thrilling adventures and a vast world await discovery.

Let's delve into the depths of the Shining Kingdom of Varlamore and uncover the exhilarating new adventures that await players in this latest update to Old School RuneScape. As adventurers traverse the lands of Varlamore, they'll quickly come to realize the paramount importance of amassing OSRS Gold.

In Varlamore, gold serves as the lifeblood of adventurers, facilitating crucial transactions for supplies, equipment, and services. Whether it's procuring potions to bolster one's strength before confronting the challenges of the Fortis Colosseum or acquiring gear to ready oneself for the perilous encounters in the dungeons of the Perilous Moons, Runescape Gold is indispensable.

Major Features of RuneScape Varlamore Part One

Players can embark on thrilling quests, engage in combat with formidable adversaries, overcome new obstacles, and unravel the mysteries concealed within this expansive new land. This update introduces a plethora of fresh content, including missions, challenges, boss battles, and various methods to augment existing skills.

Fortis Colosseum

This magnificent arena in RuneScape hosts a brand-new wave-based PvM mini-game. As players progress through the waves, they'll confront challenging combinations of enemies that will test even the most skilled warriors. After each wave, players face a choice: claim their winnings and depart or risk it all for the next battle. Unlike other wave-based mini-games, the difficulty and rewards escalate with each advancement.

Players can also customize the challenge by adjusting various modifiers between waves. Skilled warriors stand to earn rewards such as Shades of Laros, Sunfire Frenzy Armor, Sunfire Shards, Sunfire Runes, and other valuable unlocks for the Colosseum and beyond. Conquer all the waves in the Colosseum, and you'll be rewarded with the prestigious Dizana Quiver.

Thieving Activity

In Old School RuneScape, players can hone their thieving skills on the streets of Civitas Illa Fortis, the capital of Varlamore. Additionally, a new hunting guild awaits in the city. Once players reach a Thieving level of 50, they can begin pickpocketing wealthy Varlamorians in the bazaars, potentially finding keys among the loot.

By speaking to suspicious characters near affluent homes, players can utilize these keys to stealthily enter villas and pilfer valuable items. This thieving activity also presents an opportunity to obtain a Bone Statue, which can be chipped into Blessed Bone Fragments for Prayer XP.

Hunter Guild

The Hunter Guild in Varlamore is the haven of the finest hunters. Players can avail themselves of the guild's leatherworking services to craft new hunting armor. Beyond the guild, players will encounter a diverse array of wildlife, including moths, antelopes, jerboas, foxes, and salamanders, all ripe for trapping. Moreover, players will learn to prepare Hunter Meats, which possess a healing effect over time.

Exciting new items await players, including the Daylight Hunter's Crossbow, Hunter's Spear, sacks for storing meat and furs, and enhancements to existing Hunter gear.


The RuneScape Varlamore expansion introduces innovative methods to level up mining skills. At mining level 41, players can mine Calcified Deposits, which also grant Prayer XP. Mining near waterfalls boosts success chances by 15%. When encountering Calcified Deposits, players can break them with a hammer to obtain Bone Shards or a CamTorum teleport item.

Exploration off the beaten path is rewarded, as numerous surprises await in Varlamore Part One.

Perilous Moons

Players can embark on a quest to the Perilous Moons in RuneScape Varlamore, where they'll face three formidable bosses. This quest presents new PvM content aimed at mid-level players, with a recommended combat level of 75 or higher. Certain prerequisites must be met to undertake this quest, including level 48 Slayer, level 20 Runecraft, level 20 Hunter, level 20 Fishing, level 10 Construction, and completion of Twilight's Promise.

Inside the Perilous Moons dungeon, players will encounter three dangerous demi-bosses. Overcoming these adversaries will yield exciting loot. Designed for both solo and group play, players can team up with others to tackle these bosses without compromising loot potential.

Prayer Activity

According to RuneScape lore, the Varlamorian deity Ralos manifested in Ralos' Rise millennia ago. By making offerings at the Altar of Ralos, players gain experience points. A Prayer skill level of 30, along with jugs of wine and bones, is required to participate. Under the vigilant gaze of attendants, players will break bones into fragments, pour the blessed wine into the pool, and make an offering.

Bone Shards can be crafted from various bone types, and all Bone Shards yield the same amount of experience when provided. Higher quality bones can be turned into more fragments; some may even grant bonus fragments.

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