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In the immersive world of New World, understanding the Expertise System (formerly High Water Mark) is essential for character progression, especially for Level 60 characters in the endgame. This comprehensive guide breaks down the intricacies of the Expertise System, providing valuable insights on raising it efficiently.

What is Expertise in New World?

Expertise serves as the Gear Progression System for Level 60 characters, allowing players to gradually progress from Gear Score 500 to the maximum Gear Score of 600. Each item drop has a chance to increase your current Expertise Level, referred to as a "bump," with a minimum increase of 2 and a maximum of 5.

There are 20 different Expertise levels for each character, covering the 12 weapons and 8 armor and trinket types. To upgrade your character, New World Gold For Sale is essential.

Expertise's Influence on Gear Scaling

Starting in Early 2022, Expertise influences the effectiveness of weapons and armors acquired through trades that exceed your current Expertise. This change encourages players to craft their gear or work through the Expertise System to align market-purchased items with their current Expertise.

Introducing Gypsum Crafting

The Gypsum Crafting System is a new endgame feature offering players more control over Expertise bumps. Completing various in-game activities, such as defeating mobs, engaging in trade skills, or participating in Outpost Rush, earns different colors of Gypsum. There are 8 varieties available, with an additional limited-time 9th during events.

These Gypsum types can be used at the Gypsum Kiln to craft Gypsum Orbs, each with its own cooldown. These orbs can then be turned into Gypsum Casts, providing guaranteed Expertise Bumps for specific item types. With 20 different Casts available, players can strategically enhance their character's progression.

How to Quickly Increase Your Expertise with Gypsum

To expedite Expertise growth, focus on quickly gathering Gypsum through various daily in-game activities. Routes, such as the Reekwater Gypsum Route or the Edencleave Gypsum Route, can guide groups in efficiently collecting Gypsum from different sources.

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Mastering the Expertise System in New World is crucial for reaching the pinnacle of character development. Whether exploring Gypsum Crafting or acquiring New World Gold at, strategic choices will propel you towards success in the ever-evolving world of New World

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