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indoor digital signage is a product that integrates planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a so-called brand. It is a unique art work that integrates with the environment!

What we mean by signage is signage that is marked for visual effects. In concept should be called plate sign. Because people call plate signs the form of signs. So later, through the communication between the East and the West, it gradually had the nominal meaning of the real sign.

First, indoor digital signage has the function of marking, and the sign is mainly to express its role through vision. For example, text communication; indoor digital signage is a symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. Text style can show personality, background. It shows symbolic and structural significance.

Second, indoor digital signage is a medium for conveying information. It has the function of ADVERTISEMENT.

Third, indoor digital signage performs industrial functions and effects. In today's high-tech, modern, automated society. With the needs of social construction, the sign manufacturing industry will have its own status.

More large-scale signs basically meet all the needs of today's high-tech modern automated society. Therefore, we cannot call indoor digital signage manufacturing a simple labor industry.

indoor digital signage

train track spike because of its small size, light weight, little inertia. And the overall structure is compact, flexible layout. So it is very popular with everyone. So do you know what we should pay attention to in the process of using train track spike? On this issue, here is a story.

The train track spike has large tonnage, strong carrying capacity and good loading stability. When it is still used, it has more advantages, and of course, its functions are also more. For example, tensile, compression, bending and other tests can be carried out under servo control conditions. Moreover, this device has three control channels of test force, displacement and deformation, and five control modes of test force, stress, strain, deformation and displacement corresponding to it, so it can be randomly/arbitrarily switched between its control modes when in use. Of course, its PID control parameters can be adjusted online. These are the current features. Of course, when the equipment is operated, it can also carry out some functions of equal rate test force, equal rate stress, equal rate strain and equal rate deformation. In the future, people will still have to meet these when they buy. The train track spike can also perform low-cycle testing of various waveforms according to the set loading mode. If you do not understand the place can call our phone at any time to consult, enter the website you can see the way to contact, you can also consult online customer service staff.

train track spike is the same as other equipment, and there are many things to pay attention to when using it. For example, the test is in a certain range outside the shield to prevent the specimen from breaking and flying out. And the testing machine should not be operated such as lubrication, removal of debris, wiping equipment and other operations. For the staff, you must strictly abide by the operation procedures when using train track spike. What is reminded here is that you must not leave the control console at will. Of course, it is also necessary to load slowly and evenly, and unload slowly. And during the test, if there is an accident, immediately press the red emergency stop button. If you don't pay attention to these problems, you will seriously damage it. The machine shall not be operated without the consent and supervision of the relevant staff. So as long as you usually pay more attention to it, of course, it will reduce its failure rate. And before use, it is also necessary to determine the power supply, under normal circumstances, the power supply of 10 tons and below the tonnage testing machine is 220V, higher than 10 tons, which involves 380V power supply. Pay special attention when using.

train track spike

At present, enterprises generally attach great importance to Paper packaging printing. Color box printing refers to the printing of decorative patterns, patterns or text on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative.

Color box printing is divided into three steps:

1, pre-press: design - proofing/color printing - sample confirmation

2, printing (four colors, five colors, spot colors, different printing sizes have different presses)

3, post-printing processing: UV/ oil - laminating - die cutting - sticky box/binding

Process highlights:

1, out of the film: color separation production, each color out of one

2, printing: including lithography/offset printing, gravure, letterpress/flexo printing, screen printing, generally using sheet lithography printing, according to the design requirements of monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and multi-color

3. Surface treatment: gloss glue, matte glue, touch film, embossing, UV oil, gloss oil, hot stamping, bump and so on

4. Molding: Use mechanical, knife die. Die cut the color box to form the basic style of the color box.

Paper packaging printing

The bed of the integrated transfer machine is a right triangle, and the plane where the two guides are located intersects with the ground plane to form an inclined plane, and the Angle is 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°. The X-direction drag plate of the inclined bed is longer than that of the flat bed, and the practical significance of the application in the lathe is that more tool numbers can be arranged. The cross-sectional area of the inclined bed lathe is larger than that of the flat bed of the same specification, that is, the bending and torsional resistance is stronger.

Inclined bed lathe is mainly used for the internal and external cylindrical surface of shaft parts or disk parts, the internal and external conical surface of any cone Angle, complex rotary internal and external surfaces and cylindrical, taper threads, etc., and can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring.

integrated transfer machine is a commonly used equipment in workpiece processing, with high working efficiency and good quality, so there are many users, but the following conditions should be paid attention to when using:

1. Environmental aspects:

The position of the CNC lathe should be away from the vibration source, prevent direct sunlight and thermal radiation, and prevent the machine from being affected by wet air flow. For the position where there is a vibration source nearby, the manufacturer can set up anti-vibration trenches around the machine tool.

2. Power supply:

Because the temperature of most processing workshops changes greatly, the use conditions are poor, and there are many kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the position of the installation of the inclined bed lathe should be strictly controlled to ensure that the voltage fluctuation of the power supply is within the allowable range and remains relatively stable.

3, temperature conditions:

The ambient temperature used is less than 30℃, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. There are exhaust fans or chiller inside the CNC electric control box, which can keep the temperature of the electronic components constant or small temperature difference, too high temperature will lead to reduced life of the control components and more failures, but also easy to bow | short circuit problem, so the processing should be strictly controlled.

When integrated transfer machine processing, it should also be away from the occasion of liquid splashing, after all, such a humidity environment is smaller. It will also be better for the quality of processing and surface workmanship.

In short, strictly to master the technical details and requirements, in order to be able to have a significant improvement in the quality of processing, has been affirmed by customers, the quality of processed products will be more good!

integrated transfer machine