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Brochure printing This is one of the commercial printing and packaging products commonly used by every enterprise in daily product and brand promotion. A good company photo album is not only the specific content of the value of the colorful products, but also the value and grade must be reflected in the brochure printing. For many businesses, finding a good brochure printer can be a headache, especially if you are just setting up a new company. So how can you make the best choice for brochure printing? Here I will share with you some small knowledge that needs to be paid attention to in printing and packaging.

Xiaobian believes that how to print corporate albums depends on the following aspects:

1. Raw materials and colors commonly used in corporate album design:

(1) The master of printing technology and printing knowledge of advertising design masters in the design of albums will pay attention to the following aspects, the majority of the resolution of raw materials commonly used in corporate album design exceeds 300K to ensure the clear expected effect of printing and packaging products. Hue saturation;

(2) Excellent designers generally do not use large ink-base color in the design of corporate brochures, because the printing process of large ink-base brochures cannot guarantee the color bias of the finished products;

(3) In the design of the corporate album, the black font is monochrome black and gray. That way, there will be no overlap caused by inaccurate overprinting in the printed product. Blurry or off-color.

(4) The color value of the computer in the design of the enterprise album is RGB three primary colors, the printed color label value is CMYK, and the color value must be converted from RGB to CMYK security exit when finalized.

Packaging and Printing

tool holder is a common auxiliary device of numerical machine tool, which can complete a variety or even all machining procedures in the workpiece once clamping, in order to shorten the auxiliary processing time and reduce the error caused by multiple installation of the workpiece in the machining process, so as to improve the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

In simple terms, there are two situations in the process of tool change, one is that the tool is not unplugged, the other is that the tool has been unplugged, the first situation is relatively better to solve, we mainly introduce another solution for various situations.

1, loosen the brake device on the motor, rotate the outer hex on the motor with an adjustable wrench, the general direction of rotation and the direction of the knife arm is the same, in short, let the automatic tool change the knife arm out of the spindle of the high-speed vertical machining center.

2, when the tool arm is out of the spindle, if the spindle has a tool can hear the sound of leakage, that is, the spindle is in the state of loose knife, it is necessary to pay attention to, be sure to pad something on the tooling, the tool has fallen at this time.

3, please keep rotating the knife arm until the knife arm has completed a complete knife change action. The knife arm also has an origin position, in the knife library panel, there are three red lights, generally the middle of the light is the knife arm at the origin position of the indicator.

4, after eliminating the fault, the knife arm motor brake device back to the original position, and then in the flat line rail machine tool in MDI state for the second tool change action, to see whether it is normal, if normal, please remember to process all the knives to be used to check again, in the case of ensuring safety in the processing.

Note: Before the tool setting operation of numerical machine tool tool compensation, the tool compensation value of all tools should be cleared first. In the tool setting operation of tool compensation, the tool should be replaced manually when the tool compensation value is not set.

numerical machine tool

indoor digital signage is a product that integrates planning, architecture, space, sculpture, logic, color, aesthetics and materials. It is neither a simple text nor a so-called brand. It is a unique art work that integrates with the environment!

What we mean by signage is signage that is marked for visual effects. In concept should be called plate sign. Because people call plate signs the form of signs. So later, through the communication between the East and the West, it gradually had the nominal meaning of the real sign.

First, indoor digital signage has the function of marking, and the sign is mainly to express its role through vision. For example, text communication; indoor digital signage is a symbolic, directional, suggestive and so on. Text style can show personality, background. It shows symbolic and structural significance.

Second, indoor digital signage is a medium for conveying information. It has the function of ADVERTISEMENT.

Third, indoor digital signage performs industrial functions and effects. In today's high-tech, modern, automated society. With the needs of social construction, the sign manufacturing industry will have its own status.

More large-scale signs basically meet all the needs of today's high-tech modern automated society. Therefore, we cannot call indoor digital signage manufacturing a simple labor industry.

indoor digital signage

train track spike because of its small size, light weight, little inertia. And the overall structure is compact, flexible layout. So it is very popular with everyone. So do you know what we should pay attention to in the process of using train track spike? On this issue, here is a story.

The train track spike has large tonnage, strong carrying capacity and good loading stability. When it is still used, it has more advantages, and of course, its functions are also more. For example, tensile, compression, bending and other tests can be carried out under servo control conditions. Moreover, this device has three control channels of test force, displacement and deformation, and five control modes of test force, stress, strain, deformation and displacement corresponding to it, so it can be randomly/arbitrarily switched between its control modes when in use. Of course, its PID control parameters can be adjusted online. These are the current features. Of course, when the equipment is operated, it can also carry out some functions of equal rate test force, equal rate stress, equal rate strain and equal rate deformation. In the future, people will still have to meet these when they buy. The train track spike can also perform low-cycle testing of various waveforms according to the set loading mode. If you do not understand the place can call our phone at any time to consult, enter the website you can see the way to contact, you can also consult online customer service staff.

train track spike is the same as other equipment, and there are many things to pay attention to when using it. For example, the test is in a certain range outside the shield to prevent the specimen from breaking and flying out. And the testing machine should not be operated such as lubrication, removal of debris, wiping equipment and other operations. For the staff, you must strictly abide by the operation procedures when using train track spike. What is reminded here is that you must not leave the control console at will. Of course, it is also necessary to load slowly and evenly, and unload slowly. And during the test, if there is an accident, immediately press the red emergency stop button. If you don't pay attention to these problems, you will seriously damage it. The machine shall not be operated without the consent and supervision of the relevant staff. So as long as you usually pay more attention to it, of course, it will reduce its failure rate. And before use, it is also necessary to determine the power supply, under normal circumstances, the power supply of 10 tons and below the tonnage testing machine is 220V, higher than 10 tons, which involves 380V power supply. Pay special attention when using.

train track spike

At present, enterprises generally attach great importance to Paper packaging printing. Color box printing refers to the printing of decorative patterns, patterns or text on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative.

Color box printing is divided into three steps:

1, pre-press: design - proofing/color printing - sample confirmation

2, printing (four colors, five colors, spot colors, different printing sizes have different presses)

3, post-printing processing: UV/ oil - laminating - die cutting - sticky box/binding

Process highlights:

1, out of the film: color separation production, each color out of one

2, printing: including lithography/offset printing, gravure, letterpress/flexo printing, screen printing, generally using sheet lithography printing, according to the design requirements of monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and multi-color

3. Surface treatment: gloss glue, matte glue, touch film, embossing, UV oil, gloss oil, hot stamping, bump and so on

4. Molding: Use mechanical, knife die. Die cut the color box to form the basic style of the color box.

Paper packaging printing

The bed of the integrated transfer machine is a right triangle, and the plane where the two guides are located intersects with the ground plane to form an inclined plane, and the Angle is 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°. The X-direction drag plate of the inclined bed is longer than that of the flat bed, and the practical significance of the application in the lathe is that more tool numbers can be arranged. The cross-sectional area of the inclined bed lathe is larger than that of the flat bed of the same specification, that is, the bending and torsional resistance is stronger.

Inclined bed lathe is mainly used for the internal and external cylindrical surface of shaft parts or disk parts, the internal and external conical surface of any cone Angle, complex rotary internal and external surfaces and cylindrical, taper threads, etc., and can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring.

integrated transfer machine is a commonly used equipment in workpiece processing, with high working efficiency and good quality, so there are many users, but the following conditions should be paid attention to when using:

1. Environmental aspects:

The position of the CNC lathe should be away from the vibration source, prevent direct sunlight and thermal radiation, and prevent the machine from being affected by wet air flow. For the position where there is a vibration source nearby, the manufacturer can set up anti-vibration trenches around the machine tool.

2. Power supply:

Because the temperature of most processing workshops changes greatly, the use conditions are poor, and there are many kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the position of the installation of the inclined bed lathe should be strictly controlled to ensure that the voltage fluctuation of the power supply is within the allowable range and remains relatively stable.

3, temperature conditions:

The ambient temperature used is less than 30℃, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. There are exhaust fans or chiller inside the CNC electric control box, which can keep the temperature of the electronic components constant or small temperature difference, too high temperature will lead to reduced life of the control components and more failures, but also easy to bow | short circuit problem, so the processing should be strictly controlled.

When integrated transfer machine processing, it should also be away from the occasion of liquid splashing, after all, such a humidity environment is smaller. It will also be better for the quality of processing and surface workmanship.

In short, strictly to master the technical details and requirements, in order to be able to have a significant improvement in the quality of processing, has been affirmed by customers, the quality of processed products will be more good!

integrated transfer machine

Modern 4g cat gps tracking is very different in principle and structure, how to select 4g cat gps tracking reasonably according to the specific measurement purpose, measurement object and measurement environment, is the first problem to be solved when conducting a certain amount of measurement. When the 4g cat gps tracking is determined, the corresponding measurement method and measurement equipment can be determined. The success or failure of the measurement results largely depends on whether the selection of 4g cat gps tracking is reasonable.

1. Frequency response characteristics:

The frequency response characteristic of 4g cat gps tracking determines the frequency range to be measured, and the measurement conditions must be maintained within the allowed frequency range. In fact, the response of the sensor always has a fixed delay, and it is hoped that the delay time is as short as possible. The frequency response of the sensor is high, and the frequency range of the measurable signal is wide, while the inertia of the mechanical system is large due to the influence of the structural characteristics, and the frequency of the measurable signal is low because of the sensor with low frequency. In dynamic measurement, the response characteristics should be based on the characteristics of the signal (steady state, transient, random, etc.) to avoid excessive error.

2, linear range:

The linear range of 4g cat gps tracking refers to the range where the output is proportional to the input. In theory, within this range, the sensitivity remains constant. The wider the linear range of the sensor, the larger its range, and can ensure a certain measurement accuracy. When selecting a sensor, when the type of sensor is determined, it is first necessary to see whether its range meets the requirements.

3, according to the measurement object and measurement environment to determine the type of sensor:

To carry out a specific measurement work, we must first consider what principle 4g cat gps tracking is used, which needs to be determined after analyzing many factors. Because, even if the measurement of the same physical quantity, there are a variety of principles of the sensor is available, which principle of the sensor is more suitable, you need to consider the following specific problems according to the characteristics of the measurement and the use of the sensor conditions: the size of the range; The sensor volume requirements of the measured position; Whether the measurement mode is contact or non-contact; Signal extraction method, wired or non-contact measurement; The source of the sensor, domestic or imported, whether the price can be borne, or self-developed.

4, the choice of sensitivity:

In general, in the linear range of 4g cat gps tracking, you want the sensitivity of the sensor to be as high as possible. Because only when the sensitivity is high, the value of the output signal corresponding to the measured change is relatively large, which is conducive to signal processing. However, it should be noted that the sensitivity of the sensor is high, and external noise unrelated to the measurement is easy to mix, and will also be amplified by the amplification system, affecting the measurement accuracy. Therefore, it is required that the sensor itself should have a high signal-to-noise ratio to reduce the factory interference signal introduced from the outside world.

5, accuracy:

Accuracy is an important performance pointer of 4g cat gps tracking, and it is an important link related to the measurement accuracy of the whole measurement system. The higher the accuracy of the sensor, the more expensive its price, therefore, the accuracy of the sensor as long as it meets the accuracy requirements of the entire measurement system, it is not necessary to choose too high. In this way, a cheaper and simpler sensor can be selected from many sensors that meet the same measurement purpose.

6. Stability:

The ability of 4g cat gps tracking to remain unchanged in performance over a period of time is called stability. In addition to the structure of the sensor itself, the main factor affecting the long-term stability of the sensor is the use environment of the sensor. Before selecting a sensor, the environment for its use should be investigated, and the appropriate sensor should be selected according to the specific use environment, or appropriate measures should be taken to reduce the environmental impact. The stability of the sensor has quantitative indicators, and after exceeding the use period, it should be re-calibrated before use to determine whether the performance of the sensor has changed.

4g cat gps tracking

application of central dust collector has the characteristics of high cleaning effect and is generally valued. Over the decades, the application of central dust collector has developed rapidly, with more and more applications, and the size and category specifications are also compared. The dust collector generally adopts a round bag, which is divided into two forms according to the direction of dust bearing air flow: side inlet air, down inlet air, two forms. This dust collector is usually composed of the upper box, the middle box, the ash hopper, the frame and the pulse blowing device. When the dust bearing gas enters the ash hopper from the lower part of the box, the dust collector can be used to collect dust. Due to the sudden expansion of the air flow area and the decrease of the flow rate, a part of the air flow with coarse particles and dense dust particles settle down in the ash bucket under the action of gravity. After the dust particles with fine particle size and small density enter the filter bag room, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter bag through the inertial collision on the surface of the filter bag, screening and other comprehensive effects, and the purified gas enters the clean gas chamber and is removed by the exhaust pipe through the fan.

Here, explain the application of central dust collector main control device installation knowledge:

First, the compressor is connected, and then the soft connection is connected to the gas storage tank of the single application of central dust collector.

The bolts of the manufacturer's products should be tightened to avoid air leakage of the equipment. When installing the filter cartridge, the corresponding installation should be stable and there is no shaking.

Third, before installing the main control device of the application of central dust collector, all the corresponding checks should be carried out. Only all parts can be installed if there is no problem. If one part is damaged, it must be repaired before installation.

When lifting the application of central dust collector, do not touch the equipment and parts accordingly. The irrigation hole should not be larger than the equipment.

application of central dust collector Compressed air is used in the pulse jet cleaning process, and the compressed air is itself saturated air with 100% relative humidity. Because its pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, the dew point converted to atmospheric pressure is lower than the ambient dew point, and there is a tendency to break away from condensation. When the compressed air temperature is not much different from the flue gas temperature inside the dust collector, condensation is generally not produced. However, in winter, when the winter temperature in the north of China is usually ten or dozens of degrees below zero, the compressed air sprayed by the pulse and the flue gas temperature inside the dust collector is too large, and the temperature also drops sharply when the compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag instantaneously, usually a white mist spray of condensed water mist, the temperature within the corresponding distance below the nozzle is low, forming a low temperature area. Since the compressed air in the nozzle is saturated air, the temperature drop after the gas ejection will lead to the precipitation of water in the area and cause condensation. At this time, the condensation is mainly concentrated on the surface of the blown filter bag, and the dust adhering to the surface of the filter bag is bonded by absorbing the moisture precipitated by condensation, and then blocking the porosity of the dust filter bag, resulting in the dust collector can not work normally.

application of central dust collector

Only by doing a good job of daily maintenance, mid-speed wire cutting machine supply will improve its service life and bring more results. So how to do the maintenance of equipment? The first is the individual systems of the equipment, a series of systems need to be checked in accordance with the normal operation of the program. If in the process of detection, there is an abnormal operation, then the equipment should be stopped. And in the later period of time technicians to repair, to ensure the normal use of equipment.

The above is a daily inspection to check whether the operation of each equipment is normal. Next is the weekly inspection, most of which is focused on the parts. Because after a period of time, on the machine tool, more or less there will be some iron filings left after processing, then you need staff to clean up these residues well to ensure the normal work of the machine tool. The second is the monthly inspection, mainly for the power supply and air desiccant. Choose a good place to ensure that the operator and the machine can work in the best environment. If the power supply is abnormal, then the staff needs to adjust in time to avoid some unnecessary things and add trouble. As for the air dryer, it is necessary for the worker to clean it after a period of time, and then use it in installation.

In the quarterly inspection is still based on the bed, because the higher the precision of the mid-speed wire cutting machine supply, then the level of the machine tool can meet the relevant requirements, and the product can be used after the most. So if it is not in the scope of the provisions, then it should be checked in time, when necessary, please professional maintenance technicians to come to repair. There is also the appropriate replacement of new oil on the spindle, cleaning is also necessary. Finally, it is for several different important systems of the machine tool, the corresponding detailed inspection. For these major systems, if there is a problem, it will greatly affect the production efficiency. At this time, the cleaning should be cleaned, the oil should be changed. Or check with a professional mechanic, so that problems can be solved in the best time.

mid-speed wire cutting machine supply

Puzzle books printing products have a large market demand every year, and with the popularity of the Internet, many merchants will choose Puzzle books printing manufacturers online. In the face of a wide range of Puzzle books printing enterprises on the network, when choosing, we can not only look at the price, but also examine the enterprise from all aspects, and then let's talk about this topic.

First, when selecting the Puzzle books printing enterprise online, it is natural to start from the official website to understand its enterprise qualification and specific printing services. By querying the record information of the official website domain name, you can understand its business license and other operation qualification information, and then understand the specific printing services and cases provided. And then to have a targeted consultation under the customer service quotation, regardless of the price should have a clear quotation standards.

Second, when selecting the Puzzle books printing company online, we should also know about the raw materials used in each link, such as the thickness of coated paper or other types of paper for the basic paper selection, and whether the bracket is metal or wood or cardboard. Different support materials also affect the binding method, usually cardboard is wire ring binding, etc., to understand how to determine the quality of these raw materials.

Third, when selecting the Puzzle books printing enterprise, we should naturally understand its process and printing program. The main thing to look at in terms of process is the equipment of the enterprise, and the natural equipment of the powerful manufacturer is more advanced. In terms of printing scheme, the printing scheme is designed by combining production cost and materials such as paper and bracket mentioned just now, and the quality of details can be seen through samples before mass production.

Puzzle books printing

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