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Brochure printing This is one of the commercial printing and packaging products commonly used by every enterprise in daily product and brand promotion. A good company photo album is not only the specific content of the value of the colorful products, but also the value and grade must be reflected in the brochure printing. For many businesses, finding a good brochure printer can be a headache, especially if you are just setting up a new company. So how can you make the best choice for brochure printing? Here I will share with you some small knowledge that needs to be paid attention to in printing and packaging.

Xiaobian believes that how to print corporate albums depends on the following aspects:

1. Raw materials and colors commonly used in corporate album design:

(1) The master of printing technology and printing knowledge of advertising design masters in the design of albums will pay attention to the following aspects, the majority of the resolution of raw materials commonly used in corporate album design exceeds 300K to ensure the clear expected effect of printing and packaging products. Hue saturation;

(2) Excellent designers generally do not use large ink-base color in the design of corporate brochures, because the printing process of large ink-base brochures cannot guarantee the color bias of the finished products;

(3) In the design of the corporate album, the black font is monochrome black and gray. That way, there will be no overlap caused by inaccurate overprinting in the printed product. Blurry or off-color.

(4) The color value of the computer in the design of the enterprise album is RGB three primary colors, the printed color label value is CMYK, and the color value must be converted from RGB to CMYK security exit when finalized.

Packaging and Printing

tool holder is a common auxiliary device of numerical machine tool, which can complete a variety or even all machining procedures in the workpiece once clamping, in order to shorten the auxiliary processing time and reduce the error caused by multiple installation of the workpiece in the machining process, so as to improve the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

In simple terms, there are two situations in the process of tool change, one is that the tool is not unplugged, the other is that the tool has been unplugged, the first situation is relatively better to solve, we mainly introduce another solution for various situations.

1, loosen the brake device on the motor, rotate the outer hex on the motor with an adjustable wrench, the general direction of rotation and the direction of the knife arm is the same, in short, let the automatic tool change the knife arm out of the spindle of the high-speed vertical machining center.

2, when the tool arm is out of the spindle, if the spindle has a tool can hear the sound of leakage, that is, the spindle is in the state of loose knife, it is necessary to pay attention to, be sure to pad something on the tooling, the tool has fallen at this time.

3, please keep rotating the knife arm until the knife arm has completed a complete knife change action. The knife arm also has an origin position, in the knife library panel, there are three red lights, generally the middle of the light is the knife arm at the origin position of the indicator.

4, after eliminating the fault, the knife arm motor brake device back to the original position, and then in the flat line rail machine tool in MDI state for the second tool change action, to see whether it is normal, if normal, please remember to process all the knives to be used to check again, in the case of ensuring safety in the processing.

Note: Before the tool setting operation of numerical machine tool tool compensation, the tool compensation value of all tools should be cleared first. In the tool setting operation of tool compensation, the tool should be replaced manually when the tool compensation value is not set.

numerical machine tool