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the operation temperature of the news of the central dust removal system should be considered according to the long-term operation temperature. In order to avoid condensation, Generally, the flue gas temperature of the central dust removal system should be kept 15 to 20℃ above the dew point. When purifying the high temperature gas whose temperature is close to the dew point, the relative humidity of the gas should be reduced by indirect heating or mixing with high temperature gas.

When running the news of the central dust removal system, the state of the differential pressure system should be observed to see if there is any fault. Accurately record the pressure difference value of the news of the central dust removal system. If sudden pressure difference is found in the process of recording, it is necessary to check the filter bag to see whether there is blockage or dust compaction. At the same time, the cleaning system should be accurately checked to avoid excessive ash accumulation in the ash hopper. If there is a sudden drop in the recording process, it may be that the filter bag is damaged or falling off.

news of the central dust removal system has the advantages of simple structure, low investment cost, simple operation, management and maintenance technology. When the flue gas containing dust enters the middle and lower boxes through the inlet of the dust collector, the dust is adsorbed on the filter bag, and the gas enters the upper box through the Wenshili tube through the filter bag, and is discharged from the outlet. With the accumulation of dust on the filter bag, the pressure loss of the filter bag increases gradually, and the pressure loss is fed back to the controller by the pressure gauge. The controller receives and sends out instructions to trigger each pulse solenoid valve in sequence, so that the gas in the air bag is immediately ejected from each hole of the blowpipe, and the inner tube is ejected into the corresponding filter bag. The filter bag does not expand slowly under the instantaneous reaction of the air flow, so that the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag falls off, and the filter bag can be recycled for reuse. Field observation of a large number of damaged filter bags shows that the damaged parts of filter bags are almost circular holes and long cracks. The test also showed that the undamaged part of the damaged filter bag and other filter bags in the filter unit were not significantly deformed, and the good residual rate was basically normal. This shows that the polymer fiber filter media in use did not occur significant cracking.

news of the central dust removal system What are the design requirements? Below, give you a detailed introduction:

First, box, bag room, inlet and outlet, ash bucket and other equipment, all joints should be sealed, sealed, the implementation of gas tight welding, fastener connection, with sealing pad, and all fasteners will be tightened. For part of the air leakage, the application of silicone or epoxy resin for plugging rain. the sealing quality of the dust collector is an important factor affecting the normal operation and life. The news of the central dust removal system of the air box requires that the air leakage rate is less than 3%.

Two, when assembling the gas route part, the main gas pipe has been made in the factory, and the site only needs to be assembled. The control gas pipe (connected with the lifting valve cylinder) should be used on the site for feeding, sleeve and other equipment. All the pipes are required to be organized and clean, without any debris, and all the joints should be filled with sealing materials, and there is no leakage after pressure test.

Three, equipment bag cage and filter bag is all the equipment in the careful and careful operation, so should be placed in the final equipment, filter bag must not bump with sharp objects, hook scratch, even if it is a small scratch, will shorten the life of dust bag. The method of filter bag equipment is to first put the dust bag into the bag room by the box flower plate hole, and then the bag mouth upper spring into concave shape, into the box flower hole plate, and then make the spring ring recovery, so that it is tightly pressed on the circumference of the flower hole, the bag cage from the bag mouth gently pierced, until the bag cage upper cover does press in the box flower plate hole stop. In order to avoid damage to the filter bag, it is required to install a dust removal skeleton every time a filter bag is installed. Equipment for filter bag, dust bag cage and flower hole plate.

Four. After the bag cage on the news of the central dust removal system is installed, the press plate should be equipped, so that the ground wire, bag cage and flower plate on the filter bag can be tightly touched. The door on the air box pulse bag dust collector for coal mill does not need to be adjusted when the equipment has been adjusted before leaving the factory.

5. In the news of the central dust removal system, attention should be paid to avoid deformation. When the equipment leaves the factory, the key parts are welded with lifting lugs, so please use them for lifting.

news of the central dust removal system is a dry filter device. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The dust bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-textile felt, and the dust containing gas is filtered by the filtering effect of fiber fabric. We all know that the corresponding resistance of the bag dust collector in operation is mainly from the pipe, elbow, inlet and outlet, dust bag, smoke pipe and so on. The resistance of the dust collector is directly related to the length of the pipe, the number of elbows, the material of the cloth bag and the resistance of the filter. General news of the central dust removal system operating resistance is between 1200-2000 PA.

news of the central dust removal system

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china hexamethylcyclotrisiloxane supplier