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train track spike because of its small size, light weight, little inertia. And the overall structure is compact, flexible layout. So it is very popular with everyone. So do you know what we should pay attention to in the process of using train track spike? On this issue, here is a story.

The train track spike has large tonnage, strong carrying capacity and good loading stability. When it is still used, it has more advantages, and of course, its functions are also more. For example, tensile, compression, bending and other tests can be carried out under servo control conditions. Moreover, this device has three control channels of test force, displacement and deformation, and five control modes of test force, stress, strain, deformation and displacement corresponding to it, so it can be randomly/arbitrarily switched between its control modes when in use. Of course, its PID control parameters can be adjusted online. These are the current features. Of course, when the equipment is operated, it can also carry out some functions of equal rate test force, equal rate stress, equal rate strain and equal rate deformation. In the future, people will still have to meet these when they buy. The train track spike can also perform low-cycle testing of various waveforms according to the set loading mode. If you do not understand the place can call our phone at any time to consult, enter the website you can see the way to contact, you can also consult online customer service staff.

train track spike is the same as other equipment, and there are many things to pay attention to when using it. For example, the test is in a certain range outside the shield to prevent the specimen from breaking and flying out. And the testing machine should not be operated such as lubrication, removal of debris, wiping equipment and other operations. For the staff, you must strictly abide by the operation procedures when using train track spike. What is reminded here is that you must not leave the control console at will. Of course, it is also necessary to load slowly and evenly, and unload slowly. And during the test, if there is an accident, immediately press the red emergency stop button. If you don't pay attention to these problems, you will seriously damage it. The machine shall not be operated without the consent and supervision of the relevant staff. So as long as you usually pay more attention to it, of course, it will reduce its failure rate. And before use, it is also necessary to determine the power supply, under normal circumstances, the power supply of 10 tons and below the tonnage testing machine is 220V, higher than 10 tons, which involves 380V power supply. Pay special attention when using.

train track spike

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