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Health Protocol Solutions

More than ever, relaying information to employees and customers is critical, especially when health protocol messages can change at any moment. That’s why LG is offering special signage packages for essential services like grocers, restaurants, home improvement centers, medical clinics, pharmacies, banks, and more.Get more news about Protocol Control Signages,you can vist our website!

Flexible signage solutions
With easy-to-use digital signage you can update messaging as often as necessary—even remotely from a central location. Each package includes a Peerless-AV® SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart (SR560M), a webOS Signage LG display, and a free 60-day EngagePHD by Ping HD content management software trial. Get started right away with ready-to-go social distancing templates and support for both portrait and landscape orientation on every bundle.
Let customers know you are open, display limited to-go menus and pick-up instructions, offer words of encouragement, and more.

LG 49" XS4F Series + Peerless-AV® SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart (SR560M) + Free 60-day trial of EngagePHD CMS software (PHD-1-1*)
LG 55" XS4F Series + Peerless-AV® SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart (SR560M) + Free 60-day trial of EngagePHD CMS software (PHD-1-1*)
Indoor digital signage
Share health and safety protocol updates, highlight special hours for seniors, and update physician availability and other useful information. And when non-essential businesses reopen, your digital signage can deliver essential communication to your entire team.

LG 49" UH5C Series + Peerless-AV® SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart SR560M) + Free 60-day trial of EngagePHD CMS software (PHD-1-1*)
LG 55" SM5KE Series + Peerless-AV® SmartMount® Flat Panel Cart (SR560M) + Free 60-day trial of EngagePHD CMS software (PHD-1-1*)


店内に残っている連絡先情報に従って、セルフサービス店のオーナーが連絡しました。オーナーによると、自助セックスドール店の営業は良かったです。その鍵は、無人の自己販売、省力的な労働と通常の仕事を遅らせることではなく、2つの賃金を稼ぐに等しいです。ちょっと補充に毎日または2、3日行きなさい。To get more news about tpeラブドール, you can visit official website.



How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Buy‌ ‌A‌ ‌Bong

There are scores of brands making different types of bongs. More than half a dozen materials are used to make these variants. There are a dozen distinct designs to choose from. A quick glimpse at a vast inventory and you will probably be overwhelmed with innumerable options. The extensive range of bongs makes it quite daunting for a beginner to find the perfect piece. Even veterans are often perplexed about the right choice. The truth is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to bongs, or any type of smoking equipment.To get more news about recycler rig for sale, you can visit official website.

This is a comprehensive guide for beginners and also those who may be somewhat familiar with bongs. Whether you are consuming legal cannabis or other products, it is necessary to understand the specific requirements. No one should choose any type of bong without accounting for smoking preference, budget of course, sufficient comparison of popular options and the quintessential aspect of cleaning & maintenance.
As many as eight materials are used to make bongs. Glass is a classic material, so are bamboo and wood. Today, you will come across metal bongs, silicone bongs, ceramic bongs, acrylic bongs, and plastic bongs. Metal bongs are opaque, so they are not recommended. Acrylic and plastic bongs are not your best bet. Both bamboo and wood are suitable for old school designs but not in the contemporary styles that are widely used these days. Glass is the most common choice. Silicone is becoming very popular, but it is also relatively expensive.

There are varying qualities of glass used to make bongs. Modestly priced glass bongs are usually fragile. You would be better off with a sturdier glass. You can narrow your options down to scientific glass or silicone bongs. This should filter the available choices down to a handful, and you may be more decisive in the entire process. However, the material is only one of the key attributes, and a holistic assessment is necessary.
There are around a dozen distinct designs for bongs. You will come across beaker base bongs, straight tube bongs, percolator bongs, round base bongs, multi-chamber bongs, recycler bongs, bubblers, zongs, scientific glass bongs, inline bongs, dab rigs, and custom bongs, which can be homemade or manufactured by a company.

Percolator bongs, scientific glass bongs, recycler bongs, multi-chamber bongs, and dab rigs, are the most popular. Beaker base, straight tube, round base, and bubbler bongs have been around for a while. Each of these designs has its fair share of strengths, and of course varying price points. Compare the features to identify those that suit your style and how you intend to use a bong, the specific material you would smoke, the frequency of sessions, and the number of users in a single session.
Large bongs with exquisite designs may look amazing, but they are harder to manage. If you want a lightweight and portable bong, then you must check the smaller sizes. If you want a combination of size and ease of use, then the midsize variants would be more suitable. The size of a bong is basically a personal choice. Dictating factors should be how many people you may have while using the bong, the quantity of material you wish to smoke, the frequency of sessions, and if you can attend to its cleaning & upkeep requirements.

This is what confuses many smokers. Percolators do not have to be complicated. There are some complex percolators, but you must only focus on how the system is going to enhance your session and user experience. The percolator too should be chosen depending on your personal preference and session requirements.

Some people need a matrix percolator. Many may be sorted with a showerhead percolator. Whatever works for you should be the eventual choice. A simpler percolator, such as showerhead, is typically easier to use, clean and maintain. The purpose of all percolators is the same, so their mechanisms should concern the designers more than the users.

Best Recycler Bongs - Every Budget Covered!

When you hear the words “recycler bong” what comes to mind? If you thought about the process or idea of recycling and bongs – you are on the right path. A glass recycler bong is a unique way to inhale smoke, as the recycler bong moves the smoke through various chambers, essentially recycling it through the process, before it is then inhaled.To get more news about best big bong, you can visit official website.

A glass recycler water pipe is a common way of concentrating the smoke through pipes, as it loops from chamber to chamber and then back to the original chamber before filtering and being released into a toker's lungs. Recycler pipes are a common bong choice for tokers because of the filtration that happens to the smoke. For example, a bong with a double barrel cycler will allow a toker to pull in more smoke resulting in a smoother hit. What also makes a recycler bong different and an ideal choice for tokers is that of the recycler rig – because of the additional chambers that the smoke is recycled through, a rig is used.
Looking for a double recycler rig or even a triple that is unlike anything the market? Lookah Glass makes some killer recycling rigs for reasonable prices that range from $100 to less than $300. They're made of strong borosilicate glass, meaning they're as sturdy as they are beautiful. The Lookah Glass rig in the picture above features a double chamber which offers a flavourful, strong hit with each puff. If you follow the link though you'll see several designs from which to choose the newest member of your Bong Family. Designed with innovation in mind – Lookah recycler dab rigs offers unique engineering that is both aesthetically appealing and makes for a smooth toke.

In the market for a cheap glass recycler? Maybe you want a new way to experience your herbs, but you can't decide if you want dab rigs or a classic water pipe? The Chillcycler Dab Rig/Bong by dailyhighclub offers a single chamber recycler that is perfect for the newbie toker – or at least the newbie when it comes to using a recycler dab rig.

This klein recycler for sale is the Honeycomb Incycler Bong by dailyhighclub and sells for just under $100.00, making it a reasonably priced recycler bong. What makes this klein incycler unique is that it is visually appealing but also that its multiple chambers result in a smooth and powerful hit.

Designed with scientific glass (borosilicate), this is a durable bong. Uniquely engineered, its compact size isn’t jeopardized by it’s eye-catching chamber intricacies. Sleek and smooth, this klein incycler has a honeycomb chamber that facilitates percolation and helps filter the smoke. Put simply, this bong was well thought out and you're sure to enjoy a smooth puff every time!
Bright and colorful, the Nucleus Half Fab Egg Triple Recycler by Nucleus is everything that a tubestar bong isn’t because it filters the smoke through its uniquely designed chambers and bent neck. Not only does it filter the smoke through the tubes, but it manages to diffuse the smoke at the optimal temperature for ensuring a soothing hit.

Up the ante with TAG's Recycling Stacked Bellow Ball Rig available at Dankgeek. This unique recycler bong houses a puck style percolator with slits in it; it rests inside the bellow ball shaped chamber. The perc inside this recycler bong allows smoke to flow through without losing the flavour of the herbs. Made with a thick glass, this recycler bong retails at $129 at Dankgeek – which is an affordable price for any toker looking for a worthy investment.
What do you get when you combine your favorite video game, Mario Bros, and smoking together? You get the Mushroom Kingdom Recycler by dankstop and all of its intricately unique and quirky details that will make the experience of toking even more fun. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, this recycler bong shows that big isn’t always better when it comes to a flavourful experience.

Okay, so this one's got a bit higher price tag, but just imagine the inner workings of Willy Wonka’s factory in a pipe – that is the California Current Recycler by Empire Glasswork. Influenced by the oceans of the West Coast, this glass recycler has images of both seaweed and turtles to represent the ocean life of California. Featuring a honeycomb perc, this recycler bong recycles and filters smokes, resulting in a smooth hit. Its flared mouthpiece it will add to the enjoyable experience.
Fly high with colours – the Glass Recycler Bubbler with Slyme Mouthpiece is on the lower end of a high-end recycler rig. This unique recycler bong looks like a standard bong; however, it features a bent neck and offers smooth curves for the smoke to trail through. Designed with a flared mouthpiece and thick scientific glass – it's durable, versatile and makes the cannabis experience even more fun. Watch the bubbles boil and smoke sail through the curves up to the neck and into your mouth with this glass recycler.

Art you can smoke: the strange and exquisite bongs worth $50,000

below Kyle Tracey’s flatscreen TV there’s a velociraptor skeleton, perhaps 3ft long, in a hunting crouch. The mouthpiece is beneath a removable section of the tail. Tracey estimates the elaborate bong would sell for $20,000 to $30,000.To get more news about rick and morty bong glow in the dark, you can visit official website.
Hanging on a nearby wall is a roughly full-sized glass lion skull encircled by a spiky mane – a tribute to Cecil, the slaughtered lion. The pipe, made by the same high-end bongmaker as the dinosaur, doubles as a lamp; the skull detaches for smoking. Its estimated value is $50,000.

Tracey, a marijuana entrepreneur, has collected glass pipes since he was a teenager. But calling his most cherished and valuable pieces “pipes” is a bit like calling Fabergé Eggs “paperweights”.

Exquisite and expensive glass pieces like these make up only a tiny fraction of a multibillion-dollar industry for marijuana accessories, but the market is bound to grow as consumers grow less shy about keeping attractive pipes on display.

Like many aspects of cannabis culture, glassmaking for many years belonged to young men who weren’t inclined to talk about it. Many faced legal risks. Drug paraphernalia laws remain on the books in many states and federally, though they now tend to be less strictly enforced. Within the crucible of an illegal market, glassmakers forged a new American folk art, a kind of sculptural jazz.

From a nearby table Tracey grabbed a clear bong, about a foot high, by Quave CB in Seattle. It wouldn’t stand out on a head shop shelf, but when he pulled on the mouthpiece, the water circulated as if the plumbing had been designed by MC Escher ($30,000). Known as a Klein Recycler, the style pays tribute to Felix Klein, a pioneer of non-Euclidean geometry who theorized the existence of a bottle which contains itself.

Young misfits wielding blowtorches do not fit the image the industry hopes to project, no matter how ingenious or exuberant their work. The glassmakers, moreover, are easy to group with the hippies and smelly headshops which ambitious brands targeting young professionals deride.

This schism got an online airing last year when Alan Gertner, the CEO of a hipster cannabis brand called Tokyo Smoke, belittled the glass subculture. “There’s basically only ever been one pipe,” he said. “It’s like you can smoke out of this small glass dragon or our larger format glass dragon.”

The dig came during a promotional video for a $13,000 bong 3D printed out of stainless steel, and glass aficionados reminded him that you don’t make a $13,000 bong out of steel, because the smoke will pick up an undesirable metallic taste.

For the new generation of consumers, there’s a new class of attractive pipe, which follows the clean lines and familiar precepts of well-thought-out design but lacks the unruly trippiness or visceral appeal of more “traditional” glass bongs.

One of the most influential American designers of the last 50 years is a glassworker named Bob Snodgrass, who followed the Grateful Dead for much of the 1970s and 1980s, and is credited with adapting lampmaking techniques to make smoking devices. Work by his followers can be found in every stripmall smoke shop and in the hands of any stoner who has ever proudly showed off a new piece.

Myriad styles have emerged. Hot glass can be flattened, twisted, bent, punctured, sealed, tweezed, sculpted, turned and so much else. The finished products can be juvenile, timeless or both.

Like tattooing, an underground artform that has gone mainstream, glasswork has created an opportunity for those with talent and hustle, but not school or connections, to live on their own terms.

Damon Motors Reveals HyperFighter Colossus

Damon Motors has just given us the name of a new electric bike set to join their showroom floor – and we’re told only 100 units of this stripped down streetfighter-style will be made available.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

Before we get our bonnets in a twist, I’m going to start off by saying that Damon is holding their cards super close to their chest for this one. They’ve given us a guess-worthy silhouette for the HyperFighter Colossus, along with a full specification sheet and the heads-up that Damon Motors plans on releasing this exclusive machine in 2022.

Beyond that, we don’t have a lot to go off of, and we’re assuming it’s going to be the typical game of bait-and-retreat that Damon’s gotten too good at.

(We’d love to be wrong, though at this point we’re also volunteering chamomile tea and calming breathing techniques to the many empty-handed reservees of the Hypersport model, bless them.)Purported by Yahoo! Finance as “derived from Damon’s first bike, the HyperSport, and built upon the company’s groundbreaking HyperDrive™ technology”, the HyperFighter Colossus has apparently also pioneered into new territory. Damon’s website tells us that the naked supersport is officially “the world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain.”

“100 fully-optioned HyperFighter Colossus ‘First-in-Line’ motorcycles will be available worldwide for order starting at 9 a.m. ET on December 8,” cautions the official press release on BusinessWire.

Damon’s official website tells us that we can reserve the HyperFighter Colossus for $250 USD, with the full price blowing the bank at a whistle-worthy $35,000 (we also have the option to ‘subscribe’ to the HyperFighter and ride for $475 per month).

Let us know what you think by commenting down below – I’m going to hold my peace on this one and see what y’all think.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., which currently produces only gas-powered motorcycles, announced on Oct. 6 that all of its main models sold in Japan and Western markets will run on electricity by 2035.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.

The announcement marked the first time the company has specified a date for making its motorcycles go electric.

The company has not decided on whether it will establish new brands or produce electricity-powered versions of its current models.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries said it will develop electric-powered models and hybrid models powered by electricity and gasoline. It plans to market 10 or more types of such models in developed nations by 2025.

The carbon-free movement has gained traction in the industry.

Yamaha Motor Co. in July said it wants 20 percent of its global sales of new motorcycles to be electric-powered in 2035 and 90 percent in 2050.

Currently, the ratio is less than 1 percent.

“Environmental regulations are expected to be reinforced globally, so this is an urgent challenge,” a Yamaha representative said.

Honda Motor Co. has not given a numerical goal for its electric-powered motorcycles, but it has been producing models for business use that run on electricity.

It plans to debut an electric model for personal use in 2024.

Four major motorcycle makers, including Suzuki Motor Corp., agreed in March to standardize replaceable batteries for electric-powered motorcycles and will promote “going electric” by improving battery convenience functions.

Yamaha cross bike with electric drive

The prototype is to be put on wheels by the end of 2020, so the project should be well advanced. The electric crosser should be able to compete with the petrol-driven competition with 250cc in all areas.To get more news about evehicle, you can visit official website.

The head of the Dohms company, Elmar Dohms, who is himself an MX racer and motocross trainer, had the idea for the project. Basis is the Yamaha YZ250F. Of course the drivetrain had to be replaced. The electric drive should provide the electric Yamaha with more torque, which should give an advantage in driving.

One wants to avoid long charging times with exchange batteries, which are developed by Spike. The drive comes from Dohms. It sits far down in front of the swing pivot, above which the battery is installed.

Data on performance, range, battery capacity or charging times have not yet been disclosed. As the bike is still in development, these are not yet known. It’s refreshing not to get any data instead of some utopian data, which can’t be kept later on, as it is unfortunately often the case with electric motorcycles.

Even though many are sceptical about electric drive, electric motocross machines would have some advantages without the disadvantages that electric motorcycles usually have. A long range is not important in motocross and with a replaceable battery you could certainly easily get through a day of training.

Because of the quiet motorcycles one would take critics’ argument of noise away, motocross operation would be much easier and also possible near built-up areas. This would make it possible to create additional motocross tracks without any problems, which would then only be accessible to electric crossers.

How to Get the Prime Gaming Pirate Loot & DLC in New World

Amazon's highly anticipated MMORPG New World has officially been released, and Amazon is offering some goodies via Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming is a service provided by Amazon that gives players in-game content for several popular games. The service is included with an Amazon Prime membership and also grants a free monthly channel subscription on Twitch. In New World's case, Prime Gaming will present players with a variety of free, exclusive items that will be obtainable for a limited time.To get more news about buy new world gold, you can visit official website.

The first round of items that are available for New World players is two Pirate Packs. Players can claim the first pack from September 28 until November 1. The second Pirate Pack will become claimable from October 12 until November 1. Amazon will likely continue to offer new items in the future.
To get the Prime Gaming Pirate Loot and DLC in New World, players first need to have a subscription to Amazon's Prime Gaming service. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. Afterward, users will need to pay a monthly fee of $12.99 (USD). Prime Gaming is also included with a regular Amazon Prime subscription. Those subscribed to Prime Gaming can enjoy perks such as free in-game content and DLC for popular titles such as Valorant, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends. These benefits also extend to New World's Pirate Loot and DLC, which can only be obtained after players become Prime Gaming subscribers.

The unique Pirate Loot and DLC is an excellent bonus for New World players who wish to roleplay as seafaring buccaneers. Here is a quick list of items that will be offered for each Pirate Loot Pack in New World.

As mentioned above, players who are not currently Amazon Prime members can access the exclusive pirate drops in New World by signing up for a free 30-day trial on the Prime Gaming website. However, players should also keep in mind that New World is not free-to-play. Players can purchase the game on PC via Steam or Amazon's website.

Making Your Mark on Aeternum: Player Housing

Player Housing is an exciting feature for New World, giving players the opportunity to acquire and personalize homes across Aeternum.To get more news about buy new world coins, you can visit official website.

You can join newly weds, James and Elena Whittle, on their quest to find the perfect home in Aeternum to start their next adventure — raising a family, here. Details about how the housing system work can be found below.In Aeternum, every Settlement has a variety of houses available to you. Multiple players can acquire the same physical home location, but they will always see their own property and décor unless they are visiting another player’s house. For players who don't own that particular home, they will see the house that has earned the most points and is on display to the world. If you want to spend time in your home with guests, our houses support a full player group of five. All you need to do to have someone visit your house is have them in a group with you. In order to be eligible to purchase a house, you must first raise your Standing within that Settlement’s Territory. To raise your Standing in the Territory you want to live in, it is important to get involved in the daily activities of that Territory, such as killing creatures, completing Faction Missions, working on town projects, and crafting items. Once you have reached a high enough Standing level and your character has reached Level 15, you can unlock the ability to have a home in that Territory’s Settlement. If you want more than one house, you can do that, too! As long as you meet the requirements for getting a house in a Territory and you do not already have the maximum number of houses, you’ll be able to acquire another one.

Houses range in size, features, and cost. Some houses overlook the center of town, while others have balconies with nice views over the Settlement walls. Some houses have exterior areas for decoration, while others simply feature a front or back porch. There are a variety of locations and styles to choose from in each Settlement. The Settlements themselves also have distinct aesthetics with house designs and floor plans specific to that Settlement.

Personalizing Your Home

Once you’re settled into your new home, you can personalize your space. We have added hundreds of items for you to use to customize your home. Everything from tables and chairs to decorative plants and hanging vines can help you design a property to reflect your tastes. Pieces of furniture and ornamental items can be crafted by players and purchased, while other items must be found by exploring and looting the world. On your adventures in Aeternum you can even find pets to bring home with you.
Once you purchase a house, you must pay a small property tax on it to maintain it. This property tax is paid to the controlling Company of the Settlement. While failing to pay your property tax won’t get you evicted from your house, it will stop mechanics like house recall and trophy buffs from being functional to you. Additionally, while you can still visit your decorated house while the property tax is unpaid, you cannot rearrange your decorations, nor will your house be eligible to be displayed to others (more on that below.)


Once you have a house, you'll be able to use it as a recall point. Aeternum is a vast, dangerous place and the ability to recall home over great distances is a powerful one. Higher tier houses can reduce the cooldown of travelling to your home, add more room for decorations and storage, and house additional house pets. In addition to the recall and storage abilities, it’s possible to create or find powerful magical decorations that give your character buffs when they are placed on display in your home. These trophies can do things like give you an advantage in combat against particular enemy types or improve your crafting abilities. However, each house can only have so many trophies on display at a time, so you will need to consider which advantages you want to have on your adventures. There are social benefits as well. When you pass through a Settlement, you can see homes decorated by other players. To determine which home other player’s see by default, there is a competition behind the scenes. By decorating your house expertly and earning lots of Territory Standing, you get a shot for your house to be shown off to everyone that comes through a Settlement (who does not have the same address as you, otherwise they see their own home). You can even see where you stand against other players that have the same house through the housing menu, so you know who your competition is.

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