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シリコーン人形は、多くの男性が夢見るセックスおもちゃです。確かに、それは他のセックスおもちゃと愛の人形とは非常に異なっているので、それは現実に近づいている。確かに、これらの現実的なシリコンセックスドールは、水の2滴のように見えます。本物の女性と同じように、彼らは異なるポーズを取ることができると膨らませる人形よりも良い感じ。To get more news about ラブドール, you can visit official website.





マネキンが本物であることを確認しましたが、アダルト製品とは無関係です。しかし、問題は、我々が詳細な検査を行うことができなかったことです。謝罪はショックを受けたファンを必死にした。一人のファンは、彼らが「明らかに」性人形であると書きました。そして、「全家族のためにゲームを見る」ために、ソウルフットボールクラブの努力を弱めました。本当の性人形のメーカーは、これについてコメントすることができませんでした。コメントを求めているKリーグから、どんな呼び出しも受けませんでした。このイベントは、Kリーグには、パンデミックの中で唯一のアクティブなトップサッカーリーグの一つであり、前例のない人気を楽しんで挫折をもたらすでしょう。10カ国(主にアジアとヨーロッパ)からの放送局は、この季節のために著作権を買いました。To get more news about リアルドール, you can visit official website.



コロナウイルス大流行の間、世界中のスポーツチームは、徐々に正常に戻りました。いくつかの人々は、空のスタジアムでさえトレーニンググラウンドに戻ることができます、一方、他は直接ゲームに追い返されますE FCソウルは、スタジアム全体の席に「マンナン」の山を投げて、クラブTシャツを与えました。


What Is a Good Lumen for Mobile Light Sources?
A lumen is the unit of measurement for light output. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light. The lumen number is also shown for multiple light settings. It’s a great comparison tool when choosing a lighting device, but should not be the only determinant of its capacity. Intensity, distance, and beam type also influence a device’s effectiveness in various applications.To get more news about Fenix Flashlights, you can visit official website.

Also, be wary of cheap lights claiming high lumen levels. Many cheap lights and copy lights from unknown branded Chinese sources falsify their lumen-claims making people think they are getting a good light when in reality they are being tricked. Remember, in the lighting industry, you typically get what you pay for. Stick to known flashlight brands that are trustworthy and honor their warranties.

Fifteen years ago, the acceptable output for a tactical flashlight used in law enforcement was probably a Maglite with a typical incandescent blub emitting about 100 lumens. Those lights were amazing and paved the way to the modern tactical flashlight. Today’s tactical handheld flashlights are capable of outputs ranging from 100 to 1,500 lumens, thanks to LED light technology.

Some flashlights can produce even more lumens, but they get large in size due to battery demands, have short run times, and require large aluminum heat syncs to keep them cool. Many people think that LEDs don’t generate heat, but when dealing with this much power and lumens, they actually can generate a lot of heat. Keeping them cool is essential for proper brightness and longevity. LEDs that overheat will get damaged, so it is important to ensure the high powered flashlights you buy are designed to handle the heat generated by these amazing high output LEDs.

Flashlights in the thousand-lumen range operating at maximum power get hot fast and drain batteries quickly. That’s why it’s important to check if your desired handheld is properly designed to handle the heat. Most are made from aluminum, which is not only durable, but also great at dissipating heat. Also, be sure to find a light with several brightness modes or adjustable illumination levels. Use full power when needed, but otherwise use the lower lumen levels to prolong battery life.
Handheld flashlights are still the go-to for most people. Handheld flashlights are fantastic for instances when you want the strongest portable beam available, when accurate light manipulation is vital, when you need to do a task quickly, and when signaling is necessary. Flashlights have been used in this manner for their entire history, but over time, these demands gave rise to innovations in flashlight design, such as hands-free options, light output options including strobe and SOS, and even the spot beam and flood options.


When you want to inspect something right away or read something up close, get a portable flashlight. These small inspection lights are often called E.D.C. lights, which stand for Every Day Carry. Some people keep these in their pockets every day so they are always prepared.

However, if carrying a flashlight in your pocket every day is not realistic for you, it’s a good idea to always have a micro-unit (such as a penlight or EDC flashlight) in your bag, in your car, and readily available at home for emergencies. Some people simply rely on their cell phones these days, which is a great feature, but nothing beats the performance of a quality micro flashlight at the ready.

Sleep-friendlier lighting is on the way

Don’t watch TV close to bedtime. Put away your phone, too, or you may have trouble falling asleep. You may not realize it, but the blue light from device screens and even common lamps will confuse your brain’s internal 24-hour clock. Even “white” light contains these blue wavelengths. And when blue light enters the eyes, your brain gets the message that it needs to stay awake. But a new type of lighting appears to get around these sleep-challenging effects so you can nod off easily at bedtime.To get more news about Led flashlight brands, you can visit official website.

This new light-emitting diode, or LED, might someday deliver the glow in lamps and other types of home lighting, its developers say. It might even find use in TV, laptop and smartphone screens, says Jakoah Brgoch. He’s a chemist at the University of Houston, Texas. He also helped design the new lighting technology.

He and fellow University of Houston chemist Shruti Hariyani have been studying the properties of phosphors. These substances glow when hit with light.Light shines through the lens of an LED, usually a plastic bulb. Behind the scenes is an LED chip, which has small light-emitting diodes attached to a printed circuit board. When the chip is coated with powdered phosphors, the color of the light shining through the lens changes. The Houston team created a new phosphor to make their LED shine with a “warm” white light. Here, warm means the light contains less of the short, blue wavelengths that can mess with sleep.

Those same blue wavelengths are found in sunlight. And they tell your internal body clock that it’s time to be awake. Normally that body clock winds down as daylight fades. Melatonin is a hormone produced at night. It helps bring on sleep — unless blue light tells your body otherwise. Blue light suppresses the melatonin hormone.And our bodies may well get confused if it’s late and our eyes remain bathed in blue light from devices or indoor lighting. Even though your body craves sleep, it’s still getting that signal for wakefulness.

Most modern screens and lighting systems use blue LEDs. They are energy efficient, long-lasting and cost little. But, Hariyani says, “you have to be okay with the negative side effects [of their light] — or fix it.”Software helps some devices emit less blue light. For example, the iPhone’s “night” mode shifts its color palette. But this makes images look more red than normal, so users give up color quality. Plus, the LEDs in this and other smartphones still emit enough blue light to affect the body’s internal clock and melatonin production. People can block out some blue light by wearing yellow glasses near bedtime. However, this too will distort the hues in whatever you’re viewing.

Says Brgoch, “We wanted to know: ‘Can we get to a high-quality light bulb with warmer and better quality light?’”

LEDs create white light by mixing red, green and blue hues. While these same primary colors of pigment in paint or crayons mix to make black, light works the opposite way. The white light shining out of an LED comes from the bulb color plus the colors of the phosphors used to coat the LED. Common house lighting uses blue LEDs coated with phosphors whose colors add to the LED’s colors to make white light.

It's the best electric motorbikes coming soon in 2021

We’ve already ridden a the Harley-Davidson Livewire, which was the first series production electric motorcycle from a mainstream bike builder who usually specialises in machines using an internal combustion engine.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

These days consumers are looking for more from their electric bikes, and, as evidenced by the electric cars industry, the time it fully charges in is becoming more important than the highest outright range. Battery packs are becoming so advanced now that 120 miles per charge isn’t unrealistic, while the Energica Ego MotoE sport bike proves electric power can cut it on track too.

At the other end of the spectrum we have bikes like the Super Soco TC Max, that offer 125 thrills for not a lot of money, and the Vespa Elettrica twist-and-go scooter makes the ideal commuter. BMW have now revealed a Definition CE 04 concept: a technologically advanced electric scooter that brings their 2017 Concept Link one step closer to mass production reality.

This electric superbike has some impressive claimed figures. Well, it's just the one number - 200. That's 200hp, 200mph and 200 miles between charges.

Zapp i300
Designed in the UK and built in Thailand, the Zapp i300 is a city scooter with serious performance, including a peak torque figure of 433lb-ft!

Other spec highlights include a pair of removable 5kg battery packs, lots of personalisation and a novel £19/week finance offer.
Finnish bike builders RMK are hoping to be producing 4000 bikes per year by 2025 and the first of them is the striking E2. Featuring a hubless rear wheel design, the bike makes 67bhp, has a top speed of 100mph and charges to 80% in just two hours.

The E2 has now been confirmed for series production, and we're expecting to see the finished article at Eicma in Milan in November 2019.
Arc Vector
Jaguar Land Rover-backed firm Arc unveiled their Vector project at Eicma, 2018, with a range of high-tech features including a helmet with heads-up display (that is also the key) and a jacket that warns you of impending danger using vibrations to "tap you on the shoulder".

All that tech is accompanied by hub-centre steering, a 133bhp motor with 292ftlb of torque, a claimed range of 362 miles; but the most astounding stat is the £90,000 price tag.

The $100-million story of a lost-found Da Vinci

Last week, auction house Christie’s threw the art world into a churn of excitement with the announcement that one of the leading lots in its Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Sale, scheduled for November 15 in New York, is Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. The painting, believed to be one among the fewer than 20 paintings directly attributed to the artist, has been called “the greatest artistic rediscovery of the 21st century”, with its estimated price pegged at $ 100 million (about Rs 650 crore).To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

Why was the painting a “rediscovery”?

Da Vinci is believed to have painted Salvator Mundi around the same time that he painted Mona Lisa — in the first decade of the 16th century. Its first recorded owner was King Charles I of Britain, based on an inventory created a year after his execution in 1649. The painting might have passed into the possession of his son, Charles II, but the trail gets murky thereon — until 1900 when, according to Christie’s, it was bought by art collector and connoisseur Sir John Charles Robinson for Sir Francis Cook’s collection at Doughty House in Richmond, England. By this time the painting, which had been painted over and shoddily restored, was much altered, and its illustrious history had long been forgotten. In fact, Sir Robinson had bought the work thinking it was a Bernardino Luini, who is believed to have worked with Da Vinci. After the Cook Collection was broken up and dispersed among collectors around the world, Salvator Mundi reappeared in a 1958 auction, where it was sold for £ 58, a meagre sum even by the day’s standards. In 2005, it was bought by a consortium for $ 10,000 — this time, however, it was closely examined and restored by the renowned conservator of Old Master paintings, Dianne Dwyer Modestini, who also meticulously documented the six-year process of recovering the work from under layers of paint, resin and grime.
Court battles followed the rediscovery. The billionaire Russian art collector Dmitry Rybolovlev accused Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier, from whom he had bought the work in 2013 for $ 127.5 million, of having exorbitantly marked up the price. Rybolovlev, who had also bought 38 other paintings from Bouvier for a total $ 2 billion, alleged that he had been overcharged to the tune of $ 500 million to $ 1 billion. Bouvier himself had bought the Salvator Mundi days earlier for $ 80 million at a Sotheby’s auction from the same consortium that had purchased the work for $ 10,000 only six years earlier. Once they knew how the painting had been “flipped”, this group threatened to sue Sotheby’s for being cheated out of a much higher price than they deserved. While Bouvier was arrested in 2015 in Monaco based on criminal charges filed by Rybolovlev, Sotheby’s asserted it was not liable for any losses incurred in the 2013 sale, since it had been merely a facilitator.
While it is true that the subject of the painting — Christ as Saviour of the World — was a popular one in the 15th and 16th centuries, this work is unmistakably Da Vinci’s, say experts. Its existence was known based on written records — although until 2005 at least, most experts believed that it had been irretrievably lost. In an interview to Blouin Artinfo in 2011, Renaissance scholar and Da Vinci biographer Martin Kemp said that the moment he saw the painting, he knew it had been painted by the master artist, since it had the same “presence” that other known Da Vincis have. In common with other Da Vinci works such as Mona Lisa and the Virgin of the Rocks, Salvator Mundi has a certain haziness and mystery, attributable in large part to his characteristic use of sfumato — a technique of fine shading, whereby transitions between colours and tones are greatly softened.

Beyond this, other details give away the master’s touch — the finely rendered ringlets of hair and the accurate depiction of light as it plays on the orb that the figure holds in its left hand. Experts also noted the existence of numerous pentimenti, especially in the thumb of the right hand which is raised in blessing. Pentimenti are the visible traces left when previous compositions of the same painting are altered by the artist; they are recognised as important evidence in establishing the authenticity of works, since copies wouldn’t have these marks.


This new offering has very similar specifications to its predecessor LiveWire (codenamed XA) but comes with a more attractive price. For instance, the LiveWire One starts at $21,999 without any federal, state, or local tax benefit (closer to $20,000 with tax credits). In comparison, Harley’s first e-bike had a hefty price tag of around $30,000. Though people appreciated the idea, design, and performance, the pricing ruined the bike’s potential success.To get more news about emobility, you can visit official website.

But the LiveWire One’s feature that is really worth our attention here is its much-better range, which now stands at 146 city miles (235 km) on a single charge, a significant upgrade from the first model’s 110 miles. Besides, on a DC fast charger, the LW1 will go from 0-100% in just 60 minutes and 0 to 80% in 45 minutes.

The company is describing its brand-new LiveWire One as “the first electric motorcycle built for the urban experience, with the power and range to take you beyond.” Harley even claims the LW1 is a “bike with a pulse,” where the rider will feel a “haptic heartbeat.” The whole idea is to give it “a touch of humanity” despite the electric drivetrain.

The new LiveWire One sure looks like an attractive new offering, but Harley-Davidson may face stiff competition from all-electric motorcycle manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles. Its inventory stacks up multiple models of attractively priced e-bikes starting from $10,000, with availability across the US and other countries.Meanwhile, the LW1 will only be available in three US states—Texas, California, and New York—with limited highway range, cross-country performance, and fragmented EV charging infrastructure. Still, Harley Davidson’s brand was never about pocket-friendly machines and more about quality and engineering.

Also worth mentioning, Harley Davidson is adopting a “hybrid omnichannel model” approach for its customer buying experience. This new approach consists of ordering from a dedicated online shop and taking delivery of the bike from the twelve LiveWire galleries that will open this fall.

DaVinci tech is about to release the first pure electric heavy locomotive DC100

On July 17, DaVinci tech DaVinci Power Technology (hereinafter referred to as DaVinci power) will hold 2021 DaVinci Tech Open Day to officially release the pure electric heavy locomotive DC100. DC100 combines the performance experience of heavy-duty locomotives with robot perception, operation and execution capabilities, which will redefine two wheeled vehicles and open up a new category in the field of new energy.To get more news about ebike, you can visit official website.

As a heavy-duty locomotive, DC100 has outstanding performance and simplifies the operation of the heavy locomotive, so that riders can focus on experiencing the fun of driving. In terms of power output, the maximum power of DC100 is 100.75 kW (137 HP) and the maximum torque is 850nm.

As for battery and charging mode, DC100 adopts ternary lithium battery pack to achieve high energy density, and supports high-voltage platform and high rate charge and discharge. DC100 charging uses the DC fast charging pile of Sino American and European standard vehicles, which can be filled in about 30 minutes, easily realizing energy freedom.

As a wheeled robot, on the basis of outstanding performance, DC100 comprehensively optimizes the control experience through the vehicle control system, so as to easily achieve arbitrary acceleration and simple and delicate braking. It also has reverse gear and ramp assistance, which solves the pain points in the operation of traditional motorcycles. The robot control system can make riding easier and let riders focus more on enjoying the fun of riding.

In addition, in line with the current user's smartphone usage habits, DC100 integrates the functions such as instrument panel, car key and vehicle condition information into the mobile phone software DaVinci app. During driving, the map function is integrated into the instrument interface without switching the software back and forth. At the same time, the mobile phone unlocking locomotive and keyless start are realized. In addition, DC100 can obtain real-time vehicle condition information, locate vehicle location and support remote vehicle system upgrading through global communication.

Positive R & D turns imagination into reality

DaVinci tech, founded in 2013, is committed to exploring the development of robotic vehicles. The R & D team of Dafen riding power technology is composed of engineers from 11 departments of Tsinghua University. It has the ability to deeply and positively develop software and hardware. It is a scientific and technological innovation company that can create imagination into reality. In the past seven years, DaVinci tech R & D team abandoned the traditional way of thinking, took engineering thinking as the guidance, adhered to positive R & D, and built the first robotic two wheeled vehicle DC100 after seven years of positive R & D.

Davinci Tech: The Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycles That Will Follow You

Davinci Tech has just released two electric motorcycles – and one, in particular, has got a few extra toys under the hood.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

The DC Classic

According to a report from PRNewswire, the Beijing-based company revealed the DC100 and the exclusive DC Classic on July 17. The bikes’ creations were seven years in the making, with Davinci Tech’s R&D team hailing from 11 different faculties of Tsinghua University.

The journey for the team involved industrial graphic and mechanical structure design, 3D engineering modeling, vehicle control system research, testing, and development – all to make an electric bike that could outperform a standard combustion-powered 1000cc motorcycle.Both bikes’ batteries come with the option of either a 400.75km range pack (according to the NEDC metric) or a 357.51km pack (according to WLTP).

The DC100

Both electric bikes can also be charged by any level 3 DC fast-charging station, with a full charge taking no longer than 30 minutes to complete. If you don’t have one of those handy, simply plug the bike into a normal outlet at home.

These charging successes are apparently due to the motorcycle’s high energy density ternary lithium battery pack, boasting a hefty 17.7kWh of energy.

A self-balancing motorcycle is the big fish of the pond, and Davinci has written that the company’s engineers used electronic power steering – and a six-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to pull this off for each machine.

With the company promising remote-controlled potential as well as self-riding and target recognition, it’s no wonder that Davinci Tech brags that you can “Imagine your motorcycle as your jogging companion.”Not sure how useful this would be, though the concept of a remotely controlled and target-following module in everyday life could be quite functional from the groceries’ standpoint.

The DC100 shows off a single brake lever linked to a system that merges ABS, CBS, and TCS for braking systems.Both bikes also have a Hill-start Assist Control (HAC). When the brake is released, the HAC moves the bike forward and engages high torque at a low speed to guarantee a smooth start to any ride.

Apply this concept to a bike riding in reverse, and you’ve got the Reverse Assist. The best part about the bikes for me: besides a keyless start, the DC100 features kinetic energy recovery, as well as a battery management system that real-time monitors the battery’s safety.

Both of Davinci’s creations come with a companion SmartPhone app and will eventually boast remote control, as well as open-source software access.

All new 2022 Davinci DC100 Electric Roadster is here.

All new 2022 Davinci DC100 Electric Roadster is here, 2022 Davinci DC 100 electric roadster, All new 2022 Davinci DC 100 electric roadster HD images, 2022 Davinci DC 100 electric roadster specifications,All new 2022 Davinci DC100 Electric Roadster is here. Although the electric vehicle market is still fairly marginal, many brands are emerging to quickly get into electric motorcycles and gain a prominent place among potential customers. In this game, China is seeing more and more projects, often with accessible two-wheelers, but not only.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.
Today it is the turn of the manufacturer Davinci Motor to arrive on the market with a high-end electric motorcycle with an original style: the DC100 .

Presented to the public at the Chongqing Motor Show, the DC100 thus required no less than seven years of development and is today presented as a machine equivalent to a 1,000 cc thermal motorcycle.

The DC is indeed propelled by an electric motor delivering no less than 135 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. It is capable of reaching a top speed of 200 km / h and achieving 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds. Its 17.7 kWh lithium battery should offer a maximum range of 357 km. Another positive point, it is announced as compatible with a fast charge level 3 , which would "refuel" in the space of 30 minutes.
Beyond these performances, Davinci also presents his motorcycle as a "robot on two wheels". The DC100 will thus have an ABS, traction control, hill start aid or even reverse gear. It also incorporates a low speed mode to help the pilot up to 7 km / h and will be able to balance itself thanks to the help of its IMU unit , but also to recover energy when braking.

Modernity requires, the motorcycle is accompanied by a mobile application acting as a key and as a counter. The latter will also allow access to all the parameters of the motorcycle, navigation, the level of tire pressure or to geolocate its mount and upgrade its software.

Davinci plans to market its DC100 from July 2022 for 26,000 euros. Reservations are already open with a deposit of 150 euros.

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