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By implementing timestamping and blockchain technology, media and publications can increase their readers assurance.To get more news about OKEX, you can visit official website.
  Readers expect their news content to be reliable and trustworthy, yet many doubt it actually is. Readers cite issues like unchecked sources, rushing too fast to print, careless reporting and news sites being deliberately misleading as contributing to their eroding trust in published content. Yet readers seek out — and are even willing to pay for — credible, factual, objective news. Increased trust will come from providing more transparency into the reporting and writing process, and the solution to this for news sites will come from an unusual source: blockchain technology.
   State of trust in publishing today
  We recently conducted a report called “Trust in Digital Publishing” that sought to uncover how readers currently feel about the news sites they follow, the stories they see and how credible they think the sites are. We found that 61% of those surveyed want better fact-checking and more focus on accuracy from the news sites they follow. They believe that news sites publish inaccurate information due to inexperienced journalists or bad practices, and 35% think that news organizations dont have the best interests of their readers in mind. Meanwhile, 42% have stopped reading a news site they used to read, and 51% have abandoned news sites simply over one article they felt was inaccurate.
  But readers are indeed seeking good, factual news: 46% of people polled said they're willing to pay for accurate journalism. They say that better fact-checking, a focus on accuracy over speed, more transparency over the editorial process, and admitting when the news organization made a mistake can help increase trust. When it comes to transparency in the editorial process, some news sites have begun “showing their work” — like when Washington Post journalist David Fahrenthold posted pictures of his research notes to followers on Twitter. This process allows readers to see how stories were researched and put together.
  But I think organizations can go one step further and use blockchain timestamping to increase trust with their readers.
   How blockchain can increase trust
  Blockchain technology didn't start with cryptocurrency. It was created much earlier in a 1991 whitepaper entitled “How to Time-Stamp a Digital Document” by researchers Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. They anticipated the questions that would arise in a digital world around document authorship and authenticity. “They wondered how we might know for certain what was true about the past,” wrote Amy Whitaker in The Wall Street Journal. “What would prevent tampering with the historical record — and would it be possible to protect such information for future generations?” Haber and Stornettas solution: timestamp the data.
  Instead of taking documents and data and sending them to a timestamping service for safe-keeping — where they could still be tampered with — Haber and Stornetta suggested timestamping data with a unique identifier, or a hash, that would be attached to the data. The unique hash would then be sent to a service to be stored — like an “old school copyright” — tied to a specific version of the document or data and kept on a decentralized, public ledger. That is how the blockchain works, started by recognizing the need to protect the accuracy of content.
  The same use cases Haber and Stornetta proposed can be applied today: timestamping inventions or ideas to show who created them first or timestamping company documents to prove if they've been tampered with. But the biggest use case today is in the place where the majority of us get most of our information: the internet.
  Timestamping can be a way to prove authorship, expose unauthorized alterations of content, and provide more transparency and trust to the article someone's reading. After creating a piece of content, a news source would timestamp it with a unique hash, which would then be added to a public blockchain for everyone to see. That unique hash — composed of inputs from the title, the date, and the writing itself — would correspond to that specific piece of content. Once the hash is added to the blockchain, it can't be altered. If the pieces contents are updated or changed, a new hash needs to be created with a different timestamp. Essentially, an individual fingerprint gets created for each piece of content a news organization makes, proving the integrity in an open-source way.
  It also stops intermediaries from “stamping their approval” on content, leaving out a biased and fallible third party who could corrupt or change the data (a solution some news organizations are proposing today and exactly what Haber and Stornetta wanted to avoid). An article in Wired also points out that we pay third-party intermediaries a lot of money for a lot of different services, many of which blockchain technology can replace. They point out: “A decade or so from now it will be like the internet: Well wonder how society ever functioned without it. The internet transformed how we share information and connect; the blockchain will transform how we exchange value and whom we trust.”
  Timestamping can increase reader trust in that they'll know theyre reading an unaltered article or news story. Once there's widespread adoption of timestamping, readers will come to better trust news organizations that use it and distrust those that don't.
The death of cryptocurrencies has long been prognosticated and it is proving even harder to bring down this drive.To get more news about Huobi Global, you can visit official website.
  As expected, every new invention despite receiving a warm reception by those it seeks to deliver faces opposition from the forces that be as they fight to retain control and maintain the status quo.
  “Bitcoin has been banned many times in many geographies, and yet today, adoption is outpacing internet adoption” – Alyse Killeen.
  Succinctly put, cryptocurrencies are a force to reckon with and any ban has only served in strengthening their popularity and use around the world.
  This has prompted governments to reconsider their previous positions on their utility as some decide to adopt and regulate them as opposed to blindly opposing their use.
  Owing to the continued strength and adoption of Bitcoin despite being banned in some major countries such as China some lessons can be learned as to why these bans keep failing.
  You cannot ban the blockchain, its code
  Unlike music or other physical files which can be destroyed physically and production or use restricted, cryptocurrencies are built on a blockchain which is a set of codes. Code cannot be banned since it resides in this technology that allows people to exchange cryptocurrency directly on a P2P level.
  In actual fact, if governments were to totally ban the use of crypto, they would have to handpick every individual in their country and confiscate their smart gadget, which is illogical and impossible.
  Crypto is more than just about money, its fostering other technological innovations
  Apart from the fears of financial impropriety expressed by anti-crypto quarters and governments, crypto has proved to be solving problems beyond finance.
  For example, through Bitcoin mining, the use of renewable clean energy is set to expand leaving behind the use of fossil fuels which causes environmental destruction and global warming.
  Its solving real financial problems where other systems have failed
  Cryptocurrencies are offering solutions to financial problems that traditional financial systems were unable or reluctant to solve.
  In particular, transacting using crypto is far cheaper and faster than traditional bank methods. People are thus able to exchange their pay for exact value crypto without parting with exorbitant cuts to middlemen.
  Crypto has also increased privacy in financial transactions as it expels third parties from spying on sensitive data.
  Crypto increases in value as more people keep adopting it. Hence, one will have a grasp of their own wealth and control it personally.
  The world is changing and so is crypto
  The world is changing and people have realized that the financial system needs improvements too.
  People need a more decentralized and permissionless system that gives them more control over their financial decisions and wealth. This freedom has been proved possible through crypto.
GBP/USD pokes intraday high of 1.3835, up 0.05% intraday during the subdued Asian session on Friday.To get more news about Forex, you can visit official website.
  In doing so, the cable pair pares Thursdays losses following its bounce off a two-week-old horizontal support zone surrounding the 1.3800 threshold.
  Even so, MACD conditions aren‘t favorable to the pair’s further upside, which in turn suggests fresh pullback from nearby resistances, namely 1.3875-80 and the 1.3900 round figure.
Should the quote fails to reverse from 1.3900, the upper line of an ascending trend channel from June 30 near 1.3920 and 200-SMA level close to 1.3955 become the key hurdles to watch.
  Meanwhile, a downside break of the 1.3800 nearby support will direct GBP/USD sellers to attack the channels support close to 1.3780.
  It‘s worth noting that the pair’s sustained break of 1.3780 will confirm the bearish trajectory towards the lows marked during March and April surrounding 1.3670. During the fall, the monthly bottom of 1.3731 may test the pair bears.
This year’s economic slump could shine a harsh light on dysfunctional governance at the company behind Ray-Ban, Oakley and other sunglasses brands. But shareholders will struggle to do much about it.Get more news about replica Oakley,you can vist!

EssilorLuxottica said Tuesday that sales in the first quarter of 2020 fell by 11% at constant exchange rates compared with the same period a year earlier—weaker than analysts were expecting.

That said, it is clearer than ever why French lensmaker Essilor and Italian sunglasses business Luxottica, which struck a troubled merger in 2017, are better off together. The prescription lenses division that generates 70% of group revenue is more defensive than the sunglasses unit, which tends to shine when the economy is strong. Delivery of cost savings from the combination also looks to be on track.

A power struggle between Luxottica’s formidable founder, Leonardo Del Vecchio, and Essilor Chairman Hubert Sagnières rumbles on, however. The departure of EssilorLuxottica’s co-CEO and co-CFO in March was the perfect opportunity to simplify the management team. Instead, EssilorLuxottica will stick with its cumbersome setup of two chairmen, two chief executives and two finance bosses.
Uncertainty about who is really in charge is unhelpful given the challenges ahead. The second quarter will be more difficult than the first. EssilorLuxottica makes just 5% of group sales in China, according to Bernstein estimates. Low exposure to the world’s most important market for luxury goods means it won’t get much benefit from any recovery in Chinese spending. With travel flows depressed, the airport-dependent sunglasses business could remain a drag for years.
But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach to shoes, explains Dr. Rami Hashish, a principal at the National Biomechanics Institute. “It’s important to realize that some shoes may work great for some kids and terrible for others. So when looking for a shoe for your child, to help protect against injury, it’s important to consider their specific needs,” he says. “If your child is prone to ankle sprains, it may be wise to have a higher-top shoe, whereas if your child has pain in their Achilles, it may be better to have a shoe with a softer sole to better cushion their heel.”Get more news about James Harden Basketball Shoes,you can vist!

Overall, he says, as shoes wear down, “their ability to protect against high forces to the foot and leg reduces, increasing the potential for injury.” That’s why Margolis emphasizes the importance of regular replacement. “The rule of thumb is that a sneaker will wear out within six months if using it on a consistent basis,” he says.

Parke says the key features of kids basketball shoes include ankle protection and grip. “Make sure the shoe has padding around the ankle, a thick sole with padding to help absorb the impact of landing after the jump, and a good grip to keep them from slipping on the court,” he says. For him, this Nike shoe “checks all these boxes and has a hook-and-loop strap so the kids don’t have to depend on their parents to tie their shoes.” These come in sizes for toddlers, little kids, and big kids alike. With multiple color options, there’s something for every kids’ style.

Justin Meissner, a fitness coach and movement expert, advises looking for a kids basketball shoe with a minimalist design. To that, he recommends this shoe. While support is the goal, as mentioned above, he says excessive cushioning isn’t necessary. “Too much heel cushion or giant cloud soles will remove the connection of the foot on the ground, creating poor form, increasing the risk of injury and long-term complications,” he says. This lightweight shoe is made with vegan and recycled materials throughout.

“For me, the best basketball shoes for kids is Nike Zoom Freak 2,” says Darryl Higgins, founder of Athlete Desk. “What’s to love about them is the fit — and you can go hard with these shoes.” They come in three different color combinations with a “Freak” swish design on the tongue and engraved in the midsole foam. A molded TPU piece on the outer front helps stabilize the foot, and the outsole rubber is designed with zones to help reduce weight and improve flexibility. A rubberized heel clip helps kids pull these on more easily.

“How good a shoe is is dependent on who wears it,” Dr. Hashish says. “But a solid shoe, known for relatively firm cushioning with solid traction is the Under Armour Curry 7. These shoes may not help you shoot like Steph, but they may help you feel a little bit more like him!” The upper has translucent layers of synthetic leather, mesh, and TPU skins for reinforcement and comfort. These come in four color combos. (Prepare to splurge.)
Each year dozens of basketball shoes are released offering improved tech elements with new and impressive colorways. While it’s great to have options, sometimes it’s overwhelming when looking for the best ones to play in. To help guide you on your search we created a list of the top basketball shoes.Get more news about best basketball shoes of 2021,you can vist!

Nike LeBron 18
18 silhouettes later and the LeBron signature shoe series continues its run of excellence with the LeBron 18. LeBron is making a strong push for his next MVP and fifth title this season, and the 18 is pushing to stake a claim as the best basketball shoe available. The 18 features a full-length Zoom Air unit running from the heel to the forefoot. This cushioning system is tuned for speed so you can get up and down the court all game as quickly as possible. The shoe also features KnitPosite 2.0, offering you a lightweight, breathable feeling with some stretch, so you’re comfortable. There are other nice touches on the shoe, including several Air units in the tongue for 360-degree comfort of your foot. There is also molded TPU heel counter that stabilizes your foot when you’re generating force.

Under Armour Curry 8
After a lost 2020 season (and a lost year for humanity), Steph Curry is back, fully healthy, and looking to carry Golden State back to the playoffs. If he’s going to do that, he’ll need help from the Under Armour Curry 8, the latest silhouette in his signature shoe series. With a sleek new design that features bootie construction, the shoe is easy to get in and out of and gives you a sock-like fit. The shoe features new UA cushioning that is lighter and bouncier than previous iterations to keep you in the flow of the game. The UA Flow outsole provides the finishing touch by offering superior grip so that you can cut off-ball with confidence and more easily relocate for threes and jump shots.
adidas Harden 5
As James Harden settles into life in Brooklyn with two other superstars, he’s doing so in the adidas Harden 5. The shoe has many of the features you’ve come to expect from adidas basketball shoes. There is Boost cushioning, created by fusing energy capsules together, giving you the dynamic power you need to get to the rim. There is a Lightstrike midsole that’s light and comfortable, so you can move around the court with ease. To finish it off, the midsole and upper are merged seamlessly together by adidas Futurenatural, enabling you to freely move in every direction.
Nike PG 5
Paul George is off to a fantastic start this year after last season’s playoff disappointment, and he’s balling out in the all-new PG 5. George has always had a smooth, buttery game that takes advantage of his slippery athleticism rather than brute force and power. Designers at Nike have done an excellent job building a shoe that complements George’s game. It features a lightweight, full-length Air Dot Weld Strobel to provide all-world cushioning and support. It was designed to be as flexible as possible to make transitioning from offense to defense more seamless. The lacing system has been reworked so that the laces themselves do a better job holding your foot in place over the footbed. Throw in a multi-directional traction pattern, and the PG 5 shows why it’s one of Nike’s most popular signature shoes.
Jordan Why Not Zer0.4
Russell Westbrook has teamed up with another superstar shooting guard in hopes of making a push to the Finals. In his first year at Washington, Westbrook is rocking the Why Not Zer0.4, the latest silhouette in his signature line. These shoes feature double-stacked Air Zoom units in the forefoot of the shoe to optimize the energy return Westbrook gets as he explodes to the basket over and over again. They also provide the elite responsiveness and cushioning that he craves. The rubber outsole utilizes a data-informed tread pattern that keeps you lower to the ground and ready to change direction at a moment’s notice.

Lacoste Introduces the Loop Polo, an Eco-Friendly Polo Shirt

Lacoste is bringing a sustainable twist to its classic bestseller by introducing the Loop Polo. The eco-friendly polo shirt is made of 30 percent recycled cotton spun together with 70 percent virgin cotton; it is unisex.Get more news about cheap lacoste mens t shirts,you can vist!

The Lacoste Loop Polo retails for $135 and will be available launching today in stores. In addition, Lacoste will parter with Maison De Mode, the hybrid ethical fashion retailer cofounded by Amanda Heart and Hassan Pierre, that has been a champion in empowering individuality, raising awareness on a global platform within the luxury sustainability market.

Lacoste’s Loop Polo is made using a “closed-loop” process, which means no two polos are identical. It comes in a speckled look in heather gray or midnight blue. It has a “petit pique” texture, two-button neckline, short sleeves and tonal croc camouflage, made from recycled polyester. The production consumers less water.
In December, Lacoste joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s “Make Fashion Circular” program. Since 2009, this nonprofit association has introduced circularity into the worldwide economic agenda by helping fashion brands become greener, with a focus on the impact on the planet and those who live in it.

Lacoste Black Friday 2021 Ad

Lacoste believes that “life is a beautiful sport.” If you agree, then you’ll love the brand’s style. When you shop the preppy and athletic retailer, you’ll find apparel, shoes, accessories, and fragrances for every member of the family, including men, women, and kids. Although the brand is arguably most famous for its iconic polos with the crocodile, Lacoste offers so many other pieces. You can find tees, jackets, button-down shirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, swimwear, and athletic apparel.Get more news about cheap Lacoste Polo,you can vist!

The famous brand makes it easy to find everything you need while you’re shopping by organizing items by department. Whether you need a dress for your daughter, or a new polo for yourself, Lacoste doesn’t make you search for it.

If you love shopping from the comfort of home, you’ll be happy to know about free shipping from the brand. When you spend more than $75 on your order from Lacoste, you’ll get it all delivered to your home for free. The brand also offers sales throughout the year to help you save big. One of the best times to shop is during the Lacoste Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You can find some of the lowest prices of the year.

Jordan Brand Presents Its Fall 2021 Retro Collection

Jordan Brand has officially presented its retro lineup for Fall 2021. Following up on its impressive run of Spring offerings, MJ’s popular sportswear imprint has readied 14 new installments for the market, many of which are modernized variations of signature silhouettes such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5 and more while one of is a revival from 1996 — the Air Jordan 11 Low IE.Get more news about air jordan shoes womens,you can vist!

There’s been zero signs of slowing down for the Air Jordan 1 in recent memory, and that will remain for the leaf-changing season as four fresh makeups are set to land into our midst. First on the list is the “Pollen” makeup whose upper half that alternates between yellow and black smooth leathers evokes memories of the highly regarded “Wu Tang” Dunks. Next is the “Electro Orange” pair, a three-toned makeup that bears white, black and orange color-blocking that immediately makes you think of the Jordan 1‘s famed “Shattered Backboard” lineage. Other iterations in the capsule include that of the Air Jordan 1 High “Seafoam” for the ladies and a new iteration that has a perforated collar which allows wearers to switch the shoe from a high-top to a low top.

The Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5 and Air Jordan 6 each show face in this new capsule. For the AJ3, a “Racer Blue” colorway that is presented with classical cement print and Jumpman-branded heels is in preparation to hit the shelves. An Air Jordan 4 that’s geared towards the ladies and inspired by the various shades of makeup is tossed into the mix. The branding on the tongues are electroplated and nods to the mirrors that are used in makeup palettes. The Air Jordan 5 in this group hones in on remixing the shoe’s traditional uppers. Leather overlays and reflective tongues are retained, but the kicks’ shoe’s collar, quarter panel and tongue bottoms are now lined with a textile mesh. Continuing the 30th year anniversary of the Air Jordan 6, the Beaverton-based company is launching two more iterations for sneaker aficionados across the world. The first is a darker-toned variant that is heavily influenced by iconic Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux”, while the second ladies-focused option is inspired by gilded earrings and comes packaged with golden hoops on the shoe’s lace toggles.

Winding down to the last set of styles in the assemblage, the Air Jordan 11 Low IE makes a glorious return, and modern interpretations of the Air Jordan 12, 13 and 14 are set to drop. The former is a call back to the 1996 playoffs and comes styled in its OG black and red schemes. A duo of Air Jordan 12s are involved, the first arriving with a muted palette and NikeGrind outsoles while the latter sports classic Bulls colors with smooth white leather uppers and “Metallic Red”. The Air Jordan 13 that’s lined up is executed with OG materials of leather uppers and textile tongue bottoms, and comes treated with a familiar “Obsidian” theme. Last but not least, an Air Jordan 14 Low IE that is devised with a lipstick-like aesthetic is present. Black leather and mesh uppers are complemented by bold red collars and throats to truly give off a cosmetic effect.

Ranking new Premier League kits for 2021-22

Premier League clubs have started to roll out their new kits and some have even worn their shirts for next season already.Based on those previews and the newly-released kits, we will have a go at ranking the best of the bunch.Get more news about custom Manchester United soccer jersey,you can vist !

Remember: there is no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to taste.Anyway, below are the new Premier League kits for the 2021-22 season which have been released, so far, and we will update this over the summer with more rankings and thoughts.

What an absolute beauty this is. All blue kit which is just pure. The white panels on the ribs also add a really nice touch. City have kept it simple, like a lot of teams this season, and the end product is sensational. Note to all kit suppliers: simplicity is underrated.

Simple but with a touch of class, this Liverpool home shirt is a beauty. The slight diagonal lines through the kit are beautiful, and so too is the orangey-red trim. Their away kit pushes them up in our latest rankings, as it is a nod to some of their past away jerseys and is extremely stylish. You can wear that away number with some jeans out at the pub.

Gorgeous away kits from Hummel, who have a nod to Everton’s past. The Danish brand are back in the soccer game in a big way and they’re doing a fantastic job to update some of these retro looks. Everton’s fans are happy. With their kit.

A lovely retro look to the yellow away jersey. The logo is a throwback one too, and I love how huge it is! This shade of yellow is also fantastic and really takes you back to the 1970s. Which, with a retro design, is precisely what they’re trying to do. Well done. As for the home kit, it’s okay. Nothing too special about it, but it’s not bad either. The blue trim and sponsor stripes is a nice touch and looks like the kits from the glorious mid 1990s.

Keeping it simple is sometimes the best thing to do and Spurs have done that. The result is this elegant number, and it will be a huge favorite with the fans. The sleek look and pure white design is classic and this is retro with modern touches. Will Harry Kane be wearing this kit, though?

Now, there’s only so much you can do with red and white stripes but this is a great first kit from new Saints kit supplier Hummel. After several years with Under Armour, who experimented a lot with other designs, Saints moved to Hummel from this summer and are back in their famous red and white stripes.

Hummel were their kit sponsors throughout the 1980s and early 1990s and surely there will be lots more retro kits to come. Only gripe: could we have red and white stripes on the back of the kit too? As for the new away kit, well, that’s a beauty. Lovely all-black kit and changing the sponsor to red is epic, as too is the blueprint of the two stadiums in club history being printed on the jersey.

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