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Friction Saw Blade Sharpening

Pat Mooney Saws has expertise and knowledge behind sharpening friction saw blades to give the customer extended blade life and clean cuts for maximum up time on tube mills. We have 8 machines to accommodate many tooth designs.Get more news about Band Saw Blade Grinder Machine,you can vist our website!

10” up to 72” (254mm up to 1,830mm)

Ferrous Metals of grating, ERW Tube mill lines, Aluminum Billet Saws and Structural Steel

Step 1: Receive in saw blades in our in house system for tracking and inspect all have arrived

Step 2: Clean the saw blades

Step 3: Inspect the saw blades for broken teeth, chipped teeth or cracks to ensure proper grinding

Step: 4 The saw blades are then sharpened on one of our 8 machines to accommodate proper grind lines and tooth forms

Step 5: Saw Blades are cleaned of all oils inspected for proper grinding and packaged to ensure proper shipment

Poultry Farming: What You Need to Know About This Highly Secretive Industry

Poultry farming is a popular method of food production that depends on the suffering of millions of animals every year. In order to maximize profit, the poultry farming industry has caused birds to grow at alarming rates that impact their welfare in the process; it has starved birds in order to combat the unnatural growth for which they were bred; and it has force-fed birds in order to engorge their liver so that fine diners can enjoy a particularly cruel delicacy. Get more news about Poultry Farms,you can vist our website!

What Is Poultry Farming?
Poultry farming is the raising of certain species of birds for the purpose of human use. The industry is filled with animal suffering at every stage from the hatching of chicks to their slaughter.
Chickens are the bird that is most commonly associated with poultry farming. This is likely due to the sheer number of chickens raised globally for consumption. Chickens make up 95 percent of farmed poultry. There are two different classes of chicken that can be raised in the poultry farming industry: broiler chickens and laying hens.

These chickens are raised to be slaughtered and eaten. Some of the most popular breeds of broiler chickens grow so quickly that they reach an average slaughter weight of 6.2 pounds in just a matter of weeks. During the 1950s chickens were not slaughtered until a week later and weighed on average only 2.2 pounds. This vast disparity in growth is because of breeding that selects for growth rate and size at the expense of welfare.

Laying hens are those that are raised to produce eggs. These hens often spend their lives in cages barely larger than they are. During their short life of 72 weeks, birds lay upwards of 320 eggs. This is despite their ability to live much longer productive lives of roughly four years if left to lay at a slower, more natural rate.

Chickens have surprised scientists with their high levels of intelligence. They have been found to be curious and manipulative, to learn quickly, and can even do basic arithmetic. Further, chickens have unique personalities with some even purring from contentment when they are being petted by a person that they trust.

Every year almost 630 million turkeys are raised for consumption globally. Of these approximately 240 million are raised in the United States and another 240 million in the European Union. Modern birds grow astonishingly quickly and can reach a weight of over 20 kgs (44 pounds) by their slaughter, typically between 9 and 24 weeks of age. Like chickens, turkeys are smart animals that are capable of forming tight bonds with members of their flock and with other animals, including humans. When a turkey goes missing from the flock the other members of the group have been known to make sounds of distress until the lost bird has been found.

Ducks and geese are both waterfowl (they are capable swimmers and have webbed feet). Though they are often mistaken for each other, but the key difference is that ducks have fewer bones in their necks than geese. Ducks also tend to have shorter necks.

Ducks are considered an “easy” animal to raise due to their docile nature. This coupled with the fact that duck eggs and meat are relatively expensive to purchase at grocery stores means that these birds are an ideal candidate for poultry farming operations to raise if they are willing to sacrifice the animals’ welfare. One of the most profitable ways to raise a duck is to keep him in a small pen that barely allows for movement and force-feed him until his liver is engorged. This allows for the liver to be marketed as foie gras and sold for upwards of $50 a pound.

FCL type elastic sleeve pin coupling

It conforms to the Japanese national standard JI1452, with its simple structure, easy installation, small size, light weight, maintenance-free, and high quality. It is widely used and appreciated by customers in Japan and the rest of the world.Get more news about Elastic Sleeve Pin Coupling Factory,you can vist our website!

Features: Good vibration absorption, which enables the movement of the active shaft to be smoothly transmitted to the passive shaft.There is no axial thrust in the transmission.It is easy to disassemble and assemble, as long as the coupling bolt is removed, the connection between the active and passive can be separated.If the relative displacement of the two shafts can be kept within the specified range after installation and adjustment, the coupling will have satisfactory performance and long working life.Therefore, it can be widely used in various medium and low power transmission shaft systems driven by electric motors with small loads, such as reducers, transmissions, pumps, printing and dyeing machines, hoists, cranes, compressors, conveyors, textile machines, hoists, Ball mill and so on.
Flexible coupling

(1) metal elastomer formed by one forming;

(2) zero rotary clearance and synchronous operation;

(3) elastic action compensates for radial, angular and axial deviations;

(4) high torque rigidity and excellent sensitivity;

(5) clockwise and anticlockwise rotation characteristics are the same;

(6) free of maintenance, oil resistance and corrosion resistance;

(7) aluminum alloy and stainless steel material are selected;

(8) there are two kinds of fixing methods: top wire and clamp.

Types of Rail Terminals

Rail terminals can be categorized by the passenger and freight markets they service with the function of shunting accounting for an intermediary form. Passenger and freight terminals can also be differentiated by their locational setting:Get more news about Juk Rail Terminal,you can vist our website!

Passengers terminals. The intercity rail terminal, often taking the form of a central station, is the standard passenger terminal and a distinctive urban landmark since many have been present for decades and have helped defined urban centrality. Commuter rail covers metropolitan areas with stations of a simpler design and function since waiting time is of short duration. Urban transit systems are also serviced by rail, namely subway and light rail, and depending on density levels are shaping urban dynamics through their network structure. There is a whole hierarchy of rail stations depending on their size and the passenger traffic they handle, ranging from simple quay along a commuter line to large central stations that the hub for intercity, commuter and urban transit rail systems. A much more recent type of rail terminal involves high speed rail stations which has either required the adaptation of existing central stations to provide spurs connected to the high speed rail network or the construction of new dedicated terminals in suburban areas that can act as new poles of urban development. The growth of air transportation has conferred new opportunities for rail, with the airport becoming a hub for intercity, commuter and urban transit. In some instances, a high speed rail station is part of the airport terminal complex.
Freight terminals. For bulk, rail freight terminals tend to be commodity specific with dedicated facilities for either loading or unloading (both activities rarely take place at the same terminal). Roll-on / roll-off terminals are even simpler since a simple ramp is required to load or unload the equipment, but a large amount of parking space is needed. Break-bulk rail terminals concern a wide variety of activities where the loading and unloading often take place at small privately owned facilities serviced by rail spurs. It is the intermodal terminal that has seen the most development with the setting of facilities handling international and domestic containers. The locational setting of rail freight terminals is usually centered along port terminals, fluvial terminals (less common) or inland locations providing accessibility to markets or resources.
Shunting (switching) terminals. While shunting yards are not necessarily a terminal since they do not handle passengers or cargo, they are a fundamental element of rail operations. The shunting of passenger rail cars is important but less frequent and often takes place at maintenance yards or at yards near central stations (also known as coach yards). For freight, particularly non-intermodal cars, shunting is an important function to assemble, sort and breakdown train units based upon a variety of cargoes, origins and destinations.

How to Remove Sticky-Gooey-Icky Adhesive Labels

I recently installed a new sink and have never seen so many labels on a single product—they were stuck everywhere. We all have struggled with it, that horrible gooey residue that is left when you try to remove a label. But reusing jars and bottles is a great idea (perfect for giving gifts or for making your own pickles, chutneys, or jams) so it's worth it to try to get that label off.Get more news about Sticky Label,you can vist our website!

Here are the best methods I have used to get rid of the glue that is left behind when you remove an adhesive label from glass, plastic, or ceramic (or any hard surface). Before we begin, there are two things to consider:

Perhaps you've bought a vase or pitcher, and there are sticky labels on it. These need to be removed before you can use them.

Water. For this type of item, try simply filling the jar with water to start. Doing this will loosen the glue. If that doesn't work, submerge the object in the water to soften the paper. Don't be too quick to start scraping with your fingernail. Let the warmth and the water work, and if you're lucky, the label will float off.
Use Boiling Water. If the label is on a heat-resistant jar (that came with a vacuum-style lid that pops up when you first open it), you can soak it in boiling water. The glue will melt as the glass heats up, and the label will then easily come off.
Sponge and Blot. Sometimes it isn't possible to soak an object in a sink or bucket of water. For example, a window or large mirror will need to have water sponged onto them instead. You'll also want to use a blotting technique rather than scrubbing (as this will roll the wet paper off and leave you with glue smeared everywhere, which is counterproductive).If you have baby oil, this can work wonders. I find it is still better to remove most of the label with warm water first, then go in with the baby oil on a cotton ball to remove the glue. The oil will loosen the adhesive, and it will come away. It may help to dab the oil on, leave for a few minutes, and then return and wipe.

Often we can get overly aggressive due to frustration when trying to remove a label. Remember, some glass is thin, so you don't want to exert too much pressure. A trip to the emergency room is not on today's to-do list. Use common sense and rub lightly.

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The Best Coffee Canisters in 2021

Proper storage is an essential but easily overlooked factor in coffee’s taste. Even mild exposure to sunlight and oxygen will reduce shelf life and diminish flavor, so it’s best to keep beans in a dark, vacuum-sealed container.Get more news about Coffee Tins Factory,you can vist our website!

We rounded up the top coffee canisters in a variety of categories below, from tech-based options to the most beautifully designed. While features vary, all our picks will maximize the freshness and flavor in every cup of coffee. Prices vary too, especially for those interested in a matching canister set, but most are affordable and easy to find in home goods stores to grocery stores. No more rubber bands wrapped around bags. No more chip clips or safekeeping in the freezer. Here are the best coffee canisters for your kitchen.
No more chip clips, no more rubber bands wrapped around your bags of beans. The Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister forms an airtight seal simply by twisting the lid back and forth. There's also a handy vacuum lock indicator light that glows green once oxygen has been fully prevented from entering. Fellow says its canister increases your coffee’s shelf life by roughly 50 percent, and customer reviews support the claim, giving the item great marks in freshness, along with ease of use and style.

You have a number of options regarding size (.4, .7, and 1.2 liters), as well as material (borosilicate glass or stainless steel) and color (matte black or matte white).

The only drawback is that the Atmos canister doesn't have a valve to release CO2, meaning that if coffee is roasted or ground right before being stored in the canister, it will take longer to properly de-gas. This is a small annoyance, of course, and would have only a slight effect on your coffee's flavor. Plus, users say you can gradually release air by twisting the lid every so often. Overall, the Atmos is one of the highest-rated and most trusted coffee canisters you can buy.
The only thing better than coffee is a lot of coffee, but it’s tough to buy in bulk when you’re worried about all those beans going stale. Luckily, the Planetary Design Airscape Kilo is spacious enough to store a whopping 2.5 pounds of ground or whole bean coffee, as well as 5 pounds of flour and sugar, making it one of the largest airtight canisters you can find. Despite its size, the item will look sleek on your countertop thanks to its matte colorways. Available in stainless steel and ceramic versions, all parts are dishwasher safe.

If you like the product and want a full set for your kitchen, Planetary Design produces the Airscape in two other sizes: a small canister, which holds 8 ounces of coffee, and a medium-sized one, which can store up to one pound.
Oxo manufactures a variety of items to help households run smoothly, including its line of POP containers. This 1.7-quart BPA-free1 POP container is specifically designed for coffee and is an excellent budget pick.

Like Oxo's other POP containers, the easy-to-use lid forms an airtight seal when the button is pressed down. The button can also be used as a handle when raised. The canister is large enough to hold a one-pound bag of coffee, whether ground or whole bean, but slim enough to save valuable counter space. It's dishwasher safe, aside from the steel lid, so users don't have to worry about the flavors from old coffee beans affecting new batches. A coffee scoop is included with the purchase, but Oxo designed the canister with rounded corners so you can pour beans directly from it if you prefer.

This is an updated version of a previous Oxo coffee canister. The two are similar in size, price, and design, but the newer model comes with a couple small upgrades, especially regarding its ease of cleaning. It is now dishwasher safe (aside from the lid) after previously being hand-wash only, and the lid separates into two parts for an easier and more thorough rinse.

Indoor Fiber Jumper Cables

Clearfield® offers singlemode and multimode, simplex and duplex Indoor Fiber Jumper Cables manufactured to tight internal specifications that exceed industry-accepted standards. Fiber jumper assemblies are used in a variety of carrier networks and private network environments. The key to manufacturing high-performance fiber jumper assemblies is controlling polish radius, apex offset and fiber undercut. Clearfield monitors its automated polishing process to exceed industry specifications for insertion and return loss, ensuring a top-quality product.Get more news about Fiber Jumper,you can vist our website!

Get exactly the jumper you need to make the transition from cross-connect point to the electronics. With unmatched insertion loss and exceptional return loss, OCC’s full line of fiber jumpers ensures the right connection every time. Available in simplex and duplex, multimode 50/125, OM3, OM4, 62.5/125, or single-mode in a variety of connector types and lengths. The discrete connectors utilize ceramic ferrules. Listening to customers in the industry, OCC has standardized on the AE series 2.0mm fiber cable for any simplex or duplex jumper that has one or two LC’s attached. The AX series 3.0mm fiber is used for all other connector types. For 50/125 and 62.5/125 jumpers, our standard jacket color is orange. For OM3 and OM4, the standard jacket color is aqua. For single-mode jumpers, the standard jacket color is yellow.

Automated polishing equipment Multi-fiber distribution cables, single or dual ended terminations Discrete connectors utilizing ceramic ferrules Custom jacket colors for security applications Availability of any specified length Standard riser rated cable with PC polish for multimode single-mode (If UPC or APC polish or custom length is required, please call 1-800-622-7711
and ask for a Sales Representative. We're ready to assist you). OCC’s standard wiring scheme for our fiber jumpers is shown below.

Sunlite 240w Lumen 33600 LED Die-casting Commercial UFO High Bay Fixtures

Sunlite LED Commercial UFO High Bay Fixtures from Sunlite are an energy efficient solution to your industrial lighting needs. They feature a long 50,000 hour maintenance- free life span. Designed for use in warehouses, commercial garages, workshops, factories, retail spaces, or any commercial environment. UL Listed for wet location installation.Get more news about Die-casting Ufo Bulb,you can vist our website!
Light in lighting electric appliance co.,LTD.,zhong-shan city, was founded in 2018, and the cooperation strategic partner in zhongshan xin ke lighting electric appliance co.,LTD. ls committed to building an industry and trade together in a diversified company, providing scientific and technological innovation , energy application and financial services, is committed to through the energy saving technology, efficient lighting, improve the living environment and the international cooperation in green energy. Guangyu lighting company has a professional sales team, to show customers a set of perfect procurement plan, according to the market demand and local product categories combined and recommended products. As a leader in solar energy applications and LED lighting, Guangya Xinke lighting always has a deep understanding of customers' needs and integrates advanced technology and professional design into every solution. We have a factory of 30,000 square meters, and 50 production workers, through strict control of the manufacturing process, to ensure large production capacity, product quality and quality testing; We have a professional and experienced r&d team that combines the latest technology with each product design to provide strong technical support for customers' customized requirements.
- Fixture Life Hours: 50,000 hrs
, Material: Die-casting
- Lens Finish: Clear
, Finish: Black
- Life (based on 3hr/day): 45.7
, Dimmable
- Watts: 240
, Volts: 100-277
- Brightness: 33600 Lumens
, Color Accuracy (CRI): 80
- Light Appearance: Super White
, Color Temperature: 5000k
- Mounting: Pendant
, Use Location: Indoor
- Size: 14-in
, Diameter (in): 13.78

Pastry Brush versus Silicone Brush

If you're equal parts cook and baker, consider keeping two brushes in your kitchen—a pastry brush with thin, natural-fiber bristles, and a sturdy silicone brush.Get more news about Silicone Brush,you can vist our website!

Use for: Applying egg wash or glaze to delicate doughs and pastry or butter/oil to phyllo dough; brushing crumbs from cake layers

Avoid: High heat, which can burn bristles and melt glue that secures them. Also avoid using with anything that has strong odor—smells cling to bristles, even after washing.

To clean: Rinse briefly to remove debris. Rub warm, soapy water into bristles and rinse thoroughly. Blot with towel and lay flat to dry. Replace brush if it begins to smell.

Use for: High-heat applications; basting meat or poultry; applying oil or melted butter to pans; applying anything with strong odor

Avoid: Delicate items. Brush can damage fragile dough or fruit; its larger bristles can also leave visible lines on baked goods.

To clean: Place in top rack of dishwasher. Replace if silicone retains smells even after washing.

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