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Kawasaki has been busy in the last few months, teasing eight new models as well as a future programme that will see petrol-engined bikes disappear from the line up by 2035. Five of the new models we know about but it is one of the last three that could really shake things up in the motorcycling world.To get more news about zeroemissions, you can visit official website.

Kawasaki is certainly keeping busy at the moment, what with the launch of the new Z650RS retro-themed bike, not to mention new versions of the Z900RS, a hybrid concept and an announcement that the range will include ten electric or hybrid bikes by 2025 and no petrol engined bikes by 2035.

In the build-up to the EICMA show in Italy at the end of November (25-28 to be exact) all manufacturers are ramping up expectations with teaser shots and videos and Kawasaki is no different.On the Kawasaki USA website, is a banner image that shows the five bikes revealed so far (and one jetski) and three that remain shrouded. Now, it’s anyone’s guess what the shrouded bikes are but it’s fun to speculate.

Rumours have been strong lately about a replacement for the ZX-6R but, according to teams that run Kawasaki in the World Supersport category, they will continue with the existing model in 2022.In Asia, they are lucky enough to get a lovely inline four-cylinder 250cc machine, the ZX-25R. Could this be the basis of a long-rumoured ZX-4R for Europe and elsewhere?

One of the shrouded models is a taller model, giving rise to the possibility of a revamped Versys 650. This would make sense as the model, launched in 2015, has remained static in terms of development while rivals from Yamaha and Triumph have moved the class along somewhat.But, what is the third model? Well, given Kawasaki’s recent high-profile information leaks around alternative fuels in its future, could we be about to see a fully electric or a hybrid model? The Endeavour concept that has been seen is a fully electric model while the unnamed Hydrogen-hybrid model has also been rumoured and is expected to be nearer production. It would also be an easier transition from petrol to fully electric, making it more likely to be accepted by the buying public. Not only that, but it would fit into current inner-city legislation which penalises petrol-powered vehicles but not electric vehicles. The hybrid model could run on electric alone in the city but revert to a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine outside city limits.

Best E-Bikes & Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2021

Congratulations, gang! 2020 is almost over and you made it through alive. What’s more, you’ve probably got some stimulus money coming your way soon. So, if you’re one of the lucky few who don’t really need that money to, you know — survive — you get to help stimulate the economy by buying a brand-new e-bike, and 2021 has more offerings available than ever before!To get more news about ev, you can visit official website.

With that, I’d like to introduce you to my personal picks for the 21 best e-bikes and electric motorcycles you can buy in 2021. I’m basing a lot of this on 25 years of riding, fixing, and building stuff that goes fast … and, of course, wild conjecture, since I’ve only ridden a few of the bikes on this list myself. That said, I look forward to everyone’s comments, and would love to hear your thoughts on my picks — and learn more about your picks! — in the comments section at the end of the list.
1. Harley-Davidson Iron-e Kids’ Bike, by Stacyc
Marketed as electric balance bikes instead of beginner motorcycles, the Stacyc-built Harley-Davidson Iron-e is perfect for introducing little ones to the physics and fun of motorcycles. With a few power levels and two available sizes, the zippy little bikes have more than enough juice to keep the littles entertained, and their electric powertrains mean they’re welcome on public trails where ICE-powered jr. bikes like the PW50 aren’t.
2. Indian eFTR Jr. for Bigger Kids
Indian is Harley’s slightly lesser-known, equally century-old rival motorcycle brand. It’s had a more troubled past, maybe, but its latest offerings are generally considered to be a bit more modern, a bit more upscale, and a bit more aggressive than the bar-and-shield brand’s similar offerings. The same seems to be true with the brands’ electric kids’ bikes, too, because the Indian eFTR is just a bit bigger, faster, and more motorcycle-like than HD’s Iron-e balance bikes.
3. Specialized Turbo CREO Pedal-assist Road Bike
This pick is bound to be controversial, and it should be, because it is 100% the most biased choice on my list. I liked the Specialized Roubaix I rode back when I was a fit, good-looking young dude; and I positively loved the Specialized Langster London fixie I owned next. And, while those positive experiences with the brand certainly informed this choice, what really sold me was the f**k-me red paint on the Turbo Creo SL Comp L5.
4. Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Folding e-bike
Part of Ducati’s expanding e-mobility lineup, this folding urban commuter trades on the Scrambler name and styling, but backs it up with a high-end component list and thick, meaty Kenda off-road tires.
5. Ducati MIG-S Electric MTB
If you’re looking for an e-bike that will go anywhere, do anything, and very likely maybe possibly out-accelerate a for-real Harley-Davidson Sportster for at least a block or so off the line, the Ducati MIG MTB is the one for you.
6. Pivot Shuttle v2 Electric MTB
Yes, I know that this is a second mountain bike entry — and that’s OK. That’s because Pivot Cycles’ Shuttle probably won’t be cross-shopped by anyone seriously considering the Ducati MIG-S. I say that, first, because “Pivot” stickers on it won’t impress the same people that “Ducati” stickers will (for better or worse). I say that, second, because the Pivot is about $6,000 more expensive than the Duc.
7. Trek Electra Townie Go! 5i Cruiser E-bike
It doesn’t seem like that long ago that the Townie was making waves as an innovative new design — one that, thanks to its laid-back ergonomics and recumbent design, was both supremely comfortable and surprisingly fast. The first Townie I owned was a black 3-speed in 2006. The second? A silver 7-speed. And when it came time to step up and buy a new bike for the wife, a Tiffany green Townie was the obvious choice.
8. Urban Arrow Shorty Electric Cargo Bike
Urban Arrow calls the Shorty an urban multitasker. And, with its short, nimble wheelbase and torquey, 250W Active Line Plus Gen 3 motor from Bosch, it’s easy to see why. This is a bike that’s ready to work and ready to play!
9. Super73 R Series RX Electric Moped
I’ll admit, I’m more partial to the Super73 Z1, but my teenaged offspring don’t get the appeal of that bike at all. The R Series? They get that, and impressive specs of this classically-styled electric moped are more than good enough to justify the premium RX version’s $3495 asking price, so I gave it the nod over its significantly less-expensive Z1 sibling.

Harley-Davidson Creates Another Brand for Electric Bikes

Harley-Davidson (“Harley-Davidson”) (NYSE: HOG) today announced the launch of LiveWire as an all-electric motorcycle brand.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

LiveWire is more than just a motorcycle. LiveWire plans to redefine electricity and bring personality and soul to the best experience for urban riders. LiveWire creates a unique connection between the rider and the vehicle. Today, the next chapter of LiveWire’s journey begins.
One of the six pillars of our hardwire strategy is to lead electricity. By launching LiveWire as an all-electric brand, we are seizing the opportunity to lead and define the EV market. LiveWire With the mission of becoming the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world, we will pioneer the future of motorcycles in pursuit of urban adventure and beyond. LiveWire also plans to innovate and develop technologies that will be applicable to Harley-Davidson electric bikes in the future. “
Virtual headquarters: With design innovation and industry-leading talent, LiveWire is effectively headquartered with its first hubs in Silicon Valley, California (LiveWire Labs) and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

market: Since its launch, LiveWire has collaborated with participating dealers on the Harley-Davidson Network as an independent brand. The innovative market development model blends digital and physical retail formats, tailoring the experience to the local market and allowing customers to discover LiveWire on their own terms.

Private showroom: LiveWire seizes the opportunity to lead the EV, innovating throughout the customer journey and running a dedicated EV showroom in a specific location, starting in California. Here, customers can experience the LiveWire brand in an immersive and innovative way.

Technology focus: LiveWire plans to focus on EVs, develop future technologies and invest in the features needed to lead the transformation of motorcycles. LiveWire expects to benefit from Harley-Davidson’s engineering expertise, manufacturing footprint, supply chain infrastructure, and global logistics capabilities.

New World MMO's Expeditions

During a Summer Game Fest 2021 preview, developers from Amazon Games provided a deep dive on what players can expect from the group's open-world MMORPG, New World. Amazon first announced the project in 2016; throughout its protracted production cycle, developers from other Amazon-owned teams hopped on board to see it through to completion.To get more news about buy wow gold safe, you can visit official website.

The game originally boasted a May 2020 release, but pandemic-induced challenges forced Amazon to push the action-packed MMO to an August 2021 due date. Players in search of another vast world to throw themselves into may be in for a treat regardless of when the title arrives. Set on the fictional island of Aeternum, New World will place users in the role of a shipwrecked adventurer who must carve out their own destiny. The island's ruins and wilderness teem with threats that adventures will take on in real-time battles while equipped with supernatural abilities and a formidable arsenal of weapons. And, in true MMO fashion, players will have the option to either go it alone or with a crew of friends; either way, PvE and PvP challenges await.
With Summer Game Fest well underway, Amazon Games took the opportunity to offer more insight about New World. The talk began with Game Director Scot Lane noting that Expeditions were created as a way to provide players with extra PvE activities. As five-player instanced experiences, Expeditions boasts unique mechanics, bosses, and loot, and allows users to uncover secrets about The Corrupted, The Lost, and The Angry Earth. Six Expeditions are scheduled to ship with the title in August. Players can expect to encounter the Amirine Excavation first; meanwhile, the Garden of Genesis will serve as an endgame Expedition.

During the preview period, the development crew added two new zones, according to Associate Art Director Sojin Hwang. Ebonscale Reach constitutes one, inviting players to a mysterious area with "majestic waterfalls and towering cliffs." Interestingly, Ebonscale Reach is governed by The Empress - a formidable foe who fled to Aeternum and now builds an army of Corrupted forces to take back what rightfully belongs to her. Reekwater represents another new locale; overrun by the undead, this zone is a desolate fishing village overtaken by the Siren Queen. The deep dive also teased New World's classless weapons system, which comes packed with 11 different weapon types at launch, including the newly added Ice Gauntlet. Though gunpowder doesn't count as a central part of combat at this time, players can still wreak havoc with melee, ranged, and magic weapons. Those who preorder the title can try all of the above when the closed beta goes live on July 20.

After years of development, New World seems as though it will provide a robust gameplay experience. And, based on the deep dive, Amazon Games has gone to great lengths to ensure users have plenty to explore out of the gate on day one.

Formerly known as Amazon Games Studios, Amazon Games has launched a number of smaller experiences on digital storefronts such as the App Store and Google Play. How the group's more ambitious projects may fare remains a mystery, though, especially since titles like Crucible and the Lord of the Rings MMO were previously cancelled mid-development. Thus, it appears New World will serve as the proving ground for Amazon's gaming division, which recently expanded with a new studio helmed by ex-Rainbow Six Siege developers.

World Of Warcraft Devs Reflect On MMO's Landmark First Expansion

Originally released 14 years ago in 2007 and now new again in World of Warcraft Classic with its re-launch today, June 1, The Burning Crusade was a landmark expansion for the MMO. The first expansion to the genre-defining game set the stage for what would come in the future in a variety of ways, and it left a lasting impact on Azeroth.To get more news about safe wow gold, you can visit official website.

As the first WoW expansion, a lot was riding on it--and it delivered. The expansion added the game's first new races--the Draenei and the Blood Elves--that shook up the meta, along with new zones, more PvP content, and much more.

The old is new again, as The Burning Crusade launched for WoW Classic today, allowing players to revisit vanilla TBC how they remember it all those years ago. Ahead of the launch, GameSpot spoke with Blizzard's Brian Birmingham (lead software engineer) and John Hight (executive producer for WoW and vice president at Blizzard), both of whom are veterans of the games studio who looked back and reflected on the launch and impact of The Burning Crusade.

They also told us what it's like to be revisiting the expansion with WoW Classic and they shared some behind-the-scenes stories from its development. The developers also touched on revisiting the expansion to bring it back for WoW Classic, temptations they had to change features and systems based on modern game development practices, and what they are most proud of from The Burning Crusade.

"It's such a massive game with so many little nooks and crannies. Our players have been great at pointing out places where we need to do further investigation," Birmingham said. "We dig in and really try to make sure that we can get things as correct as we possibly can. I'm really proud of the fact that we got this so close."
Brian Birmingham: I feel like one of the things that it really did was expose us to what it meant to have an expansion, which was to us so much like unlocking a new place to explore and new journeys to uncover. And this otherworldly space that you get to explore in Outland is just such an inviting and exciting place to go through. And some of those early raids, especially Karazhan, are some of my favorites and being able to deliver on that kind of promise of, "Hey, there's a new chapter, a new thing to go do." It was something that was really exciting about this expansion.

John Hight: WoW was so huge, just discovering it, exploring through it, you could feel the boldness of WoW when it first came out. How do you one-up that with an expansion? I think the imagination behind each of the zones, plus introducing some new races into your playable characters, was quite an incredible experience. I can remember that I had preconceived notions about what Burning Crusade would be, and they were much smaller than the reality of what it became and that excitement of crossing over through the Dark Portal...I tried to avoid knowing what I was going to see on the other side. I didn't play in the beta, so it was quite a treat.

WoW: Shadowlands' Upcoming Shards Of Domination System Is Leaving Players Frustrated

World of Warcraft: Shadowland's long-awaited patch 9.1, Chains of Domination, is set to release on June 29, and when it does, it will introduce a new system that is already causing players to howl in frustration.To get more news about Buy WoW WLK Gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

It's called Shards of Domination. In 9.1's new raid, the Sanctum of Domination, players can acquire new pieces of gear that have Domination sockets, which can then be infused with Shards of Domination for powerful passive effects. Players can equip up to five pieces of gear that each have a Domination socket, and doing so is definitely in the best interest of players because of how powerful the effects of the shards are.The issue with this new system is that gear with Domination sockets may take up a gear slot that is already occupied by a player-crafted Legendary item. Legendary items, of which players can only have one equipped, also give players powerful, unique effects they won't want to give up. Over the last seven months, players have spent hundreds of thousands of gold and dozens of hours farming the expansion's rogue-lite dungeon Torghast for the required Soul Ash material needed to upgrade their Legendaries to their highest item level. Now, Blizzard is essentially telling players they will need to do all of that work again to recraft that same Legendary in a different item slot, one that won't be able to equip a piece of gear with a Domination socket.

Players are, predictably, not thrilled about this. Prominent WoW content creators have been brainstorming ideas on how to improve the system, ranging from letting players decraft their current Legendary in order to regain the Soul Ash, detethering Legendary item effects from gear, or simply allowing players to equip Shards of Domination on items of their own choosing. With the patch's release date quickly approaching, changes to the system seem unlikely before launch, but many players are still waiting for Blizzard to address the issue in one way or another.

In addition to the Shards of Domination system and a new raid, Chains of Domination's release will also bring updates to Torghast (which should at least make farming Soul Ash a little easier), a new zone to explore called Korthia, the Tazavesh mega-dungeon, new story chapters for each of the expansion's four covenants, the ability to use flying mounts while in the Shadowlands, and more.

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic Is Looking To Give Extra Rewards To Alliance PvPers

Blizzard is once again testing same-faction Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, and this time, Alliance players will be receiving more rewards than their Horde counterparts.To get more news about safely buy wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Starting July 20 and running through July 27, same-faction Battlegrounds will once again be enabled on Burning Crusade Classic, with a few tweaks from the previous same-faction Battleground test. The maximum group size able to queue for a Battleground will be reduced to five, the matchmaking system will wait a little longer to find an opposite-faction match, and Alliance players will be able to complete a repeatable quest that rewards Battleground wins with a box of loot that contains various crafting materials, consumables, and currencies.PvP Battlegrounds are usually against the opposite faction, ie Horde vs. Alliance. But Burning Crusade Classic has a bit of a faction imbalance problem, with far more Horde players both in general and when it comes to participating in game's match-made Battlegrounds. That was resulting in massive queue times for Horde players that made acquiring PvP items almost impossible. The fix Blizzard came up with was to run a test over one weekend and see how having Horde vs. Horde Battlegrounds (or, in rare circumstances, Alliance vs. Alliance) would change the equation.

The result was near instant match-finding times for players, but Blizzard also found some other interesting pieces of data. Many players were participating in full premade groups, which when encountered by players who solo queued and weren't in Discord with their teammates, almost always resulted in a loss. Alliance players also weren't particularly happy. Being able to more readily participate in PvP has long been a perk of being a member of the Alliance, a perk Blizzard now looked to be removing.

Hence the new enlistment bonus. Blizzard says the trend over the last few months has been a lower Battleground participation rate for the Alliance, and these new rewards will be looking to increase that number.

"A major point of discussion was the perception that the faction a majority of players chose for their main character would see all players switch to it, unless we change the game to either reward the minority faction, punish the majority faction, or prevent players from choosing to play on the majority faction in the first place," Blizzard says in a forum post.

That being said, Blizzard doesn't want to dramatically alter the game, preferring to "emulate the design pillars and intentions of original Burning Crusade's game systems" and "address player concerns in a way that capture the spirit of the original design of the game.

"As you can see (and has been discussed at great length here and elsewhere), most such changes that might come to mind would conflict with our stated goals above," Blizzard says. "Still, we'd like to see what happens when we place a reward for the minority faction into the game."

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