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Our company has achieved widespread recognition for offering Elastic Pin Coupling to clients. This product is precisely manufactured under the stern supervision of our highly skilled team of professionals using superior quality of raw material with the help of latest techniques. Elastic Pin Coupling is tested on different quality parameters.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!
SuYe ZL (LZ) Elastic Pin Coupling
Flexible shaft coupling, Flexible shaft coupler, Rigid couplings, Gear couplings, Shaft Joint, Torsionally Flexible coupling
Flexible coupling can compensate two shaft relative offset, damping function is poor, low transmission accuracy, transmission torque, compared with the gear coupling, simple structure, light weight, easy to manufacture, easy to maintain. No lubrication, partial replacement of gear coupling, noise, suitable for large, medium torque shaft drive, do not apply to requirements for the damping effect of the noise to be high and tight control of the site.
No mess, no fuss! This Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Film is easy to apply and remove. This high-quality film is great for privacy while still allowing the sun's natural light to shine through. It blocks the view from outside even at night with all the lights on! This film is ideal for homes and offices with just the perfect amount of frost. It is also easy to cut to size and shape to fit the film on any window or to make decorative alterations. Little to no maintenance is required after installation! Safe, easy, and effective Symple Stuff privacy film will not disappoint.Get more news about User Manual Example,you can vist our website!
A high quality non-adhesive frosted film that is great for privacy while still allowing the sun's natural light to shine through
Using static cling with no adhesives and easy to apply and removes without residue
Easy do-it-yourself application
Free window film application squeegee included
Watching years of mildew get blasted off a piece of patio furniture provides a unique form of satisfaction—a feeling attainable only with a pressure washer. After more than 70 hours of research and two weeks using eight pressure washer models to clean cars, outdoor chairs, and more, we found that the best pressure washer for most homeowners is the Ryobi RY142300 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer. All the electric washers we tested cleaned well, but the Ryobi has a durable motor, a longer hose, larger wheels for easier maneuvering, a better-designed cord, and lengthier warranty coverage than the competition.Get more news about high pressure machine,you can vist our website!

We recommend an electric pressure washer for most homeowners since electric models are easier to use and maintain than gas models. (Gas washers are more powerful, but most people don’t need all of that extra force for around-the-house tasks.) The quiet-running brushless induction motor of the Ryobi RY142300 should last for years, and the machine’s heft helps make it particularly hard to tip over, even when you’re forcefully tugging on the hose. Along with its larger wheels and cable, as well as its hose management, this sturdy design makes the RY142300 the easiest to maneuver and use of the washers in our test group. The company’s three-year limited warranty is also the longest we found. The RY142300 usually costs a little more than other pressure washers, but if you plan to use it three or more times a year, it’s the best value.

If the Ryobi RY142300 is not available, we also like the DeWalt DWPW2400 2400 PSI Electric Cold-Water Pressure Washer. In many ways, it’s identical to the Ryobi, similar in its body design, brushless motor, and overall power and usability. The DeWalt also has some advantages over the Ryobi: It comes with two additional nozzles for a wider array of spray options, a detergent tank that is easier to monitor and empty, and wide pneumatic tires, great for moving the pressure washer across bumpy lawns. The major downsides are that the cord wrap is awkward to get to and difficult to use, and the holder for the spray wand is almost entirely ineffective. The DeWalt is typically a little more expensive, too, and since we think the Ryobi’s wheels will be fine for most situations, as will its nozzle selections, we recommend that model first, but we also think anyone getting the DeWalt will be satisfied with its cleaning power.

If you have a smaller budget or plan to use your pressure washer only once or twice a year, we like the Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer. For about $100 less than the Ryobi RY142300, it cleans about the same, but like most under-$200 models it has a shorter hose, a lower-quality motor, smaller wheels, a shorter warranty, and a design that’s easier to tip over. Compared with the other budget models we tried, it has a wider selection of spray nozzles; it also offers a durable metal spray wand, plus convenient hose and cord storage similar to that of the RY142300.

If you’re short on storage and you don’t mind carrying a pressure washer around, we also like the Ryobi RY1419MTVNM 1900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. It’s much smaller than the other models we tested and has less oomph, but it can still handle most jobs (they might just take a little longer). Weighing a little over 20 pounds and sporting a top handle, it’s compact enough for you to carry it as you would a duffel bag. It has wheels and an extending handle, like a piece of luggage, but the wheels are small and have trouble managing an uneven lawn (we ended up just carrying it everywhere). This pressure washer has the same long hose as our main pick, too, but it lacks that model’s high-end induction motor and some of the other, finer details.

If you need more power or want to go beyond the reach of an extension cord and you don’t mind maintaining an engine, we recommend a gas washer. The Ryobi RY803001 3000 PSI Honda Pressure Washer cleans roughly twice as quickly as our electric pick, the Ryobi RY142300, and it’s powered by a dependable Honda gas engine. It has many of the same nice features as the RY142300 does, including oversize wheels, a long hose (in this case, 35 feet), good hose storage, ready availability, and a long warranty. The downside: It’s heavier, it’s louder, and it needs fuel, maintenance, and proper storage in the off-season. But if you need to wash a garden shed at the other end of your property, say, or a filthy boat at the end of your driveway, it’ll do the job (if you have a long enough hose).
As the popularity of thermoformed, reaction injection-molded (RIM), and powder-compacted parts continues to increase, so does the demand for compression molding presses with heating and cooling capabilities. Once reserved for specialized aerospace applications, compression molding presses are now used in a variety of industries to form parts from essentially any material, including metals, alloys, fiber-reinforced plastics, powders, composites, and rubber.Get more news about compression molding machine,you can vist our website!

Beckwood’s compression molding presses are engineered specifically to maximize process efficiency. From maintaining the consistent heat throughout a specified dwell period to precision pressure ramping, managing burp cycles, and collecting specific cycle data for part quality verification, Beckwood heated presses help you perfect your forming operation.
Press features:

Electric, oil, or steam heating systems
Water-cooled platens
Multi-zone temperature control for extreme uniformity
Multiple cavities for increased productivity
Booking rams to facilitate ergonomic tool cleaning / inspection
Bed shuttles for simplified tool loading and unloading
Automatic insulated door systems for maximum heat efficiency
Pneumatic dwell systems for energy efficiency
Variable Frequency Drive for efficiency and noise reduction
Data acquisition systems
Active Leveling Control to counteract the effects of off-center loading
Sandwich panels typically consist of an upper and a lower painted metal skin and an insulating core made of rigid polyurethane foam. Before production, the skin layers are laminated with a protective film that must withstand all of the processing steps: from profiling and preheating, the application of the polyurethane core and its exothermic foaming reaction through to the cutting and stacking of the finished panels. Get more news about Bh-sandwich Panel Series,you can vist our website!

The Challenge: Extreme Heat Resistance
The foaming and curing of the polyurethane mixture poses a particular challenge as the energy released generates extreme heat in the panels. Even thinner panels can reach temperatures of up to 100°C whilst panels typically made for refrigerated storage conditions having an insulated core of up to 20 cm thick, can reach temperatures of up to 160°C during production. Any protective film used must be able to withstand these temperatures without peeling or melting whilst ensuring that the hot, freshly cut panels can be stacked together at the end of the production line, without the protective films fusing together.

Tailor-made solution for PU foamed sandwich panels
With this new temperature resistant protective film which has been perfectly engineered for sandwich panels with a rigid foam PU core up to 20 centimetres thick, POLIFILM PROTECTION provides a tailor-made solution for these process requirements: The heat-resistant film made of polypropylene has a particularly high melting point of 160°C. Despite the poor wetting properties of polypropylene in general, POLIFILM PROTECTION have succeeded in equipping the film with a special water-based acrylic adhesive which also boasts a temperature resistance of up to 180°C.

There are several advantages for producers of foamed sandwich panels when using this film: Firstly, the new protective film guarantees uninterrupted and efficient production. Even after a comparatively short cooling phase, it prevents the stacked panels from fusing together. Secondly the scrap rate is reduced as the panels are no longer damaged when they are separated. Lastly, the surface of every PU sandwich panel is optimally protected from the start of production to the end of the construction work ensuring customer satisfaction.

“With our special film, manufacturers of PU sandwich panels ensure the quality of their products and improve their processing speed and reliability - production becomes noticeably more efficient. No other protective film on the market currently offers this added value,” explains Fulvio Camerini, Technical Director of the Italian production & development site of POLIFILM PROTECTION.
Amorphous metal is an alloy with a non crystalline structure produced by ultra-rapid quenching (about 1 million ℃ per second) of molten alloy. Because amorphous metal has no anisotropic properties, which originated from a crystalline structure, and there are no crystalline grain boundaries to prevent motion of magnetic domain walls, it shows excellent magnetic properties such as high permeability and low loss while having a high-saturation magnetic flux density. Amorphous metal materials for transformers, whose main ingredient is Fe (iron), are used in power line transformers and industrial transformers. Compared to conventional materials such as silicon steel, amorphous metal materials have a small no-load loss (iron loss), 1/5 that of silicon steel. Therefore, they make a major contribution to energy conservation. Hitachi Metals provides amorphous metal ribbon.Get more news about Amorphous core,you can vist our website!

Amorphous magnetic cores allow smaller, lighter and more energy efficient designs in many high frequency applications for Invertors, UPS, ASD(Adjustable speed drives), and Power supplies (SMPS). Amorphous metals are produced in using a rapid solidification technology where molten metal is cast into thin solid ribbons by cooling at a rate of one million�C/second. Amorphous magnetic metal has high permeability due to no crystalline magnetic anisotropy.

Amorphous magnetic cores have superior magnetic characteristics, such as lower core loss, when compared with conventional crystalline magnetic materials. These cores can offer superior design alternative when uses as the core material in the following components:
Where typical ferrite cores can only operate up to a flux saturation level (Bsat) of 0.49 Tesla, amorphous metal cores can be operated at 1.56 Tesla. Combined with operating at permeability similar to high-end ferrites and the flexibility of manufacturing large cores sizes these cores can be an ideal solution for many of these components.
Our new LED stadium lights 1000W is Low-profile, lightweight, powerful and reliable. Designed with high protection level up to IP67, High impact resistance, high vibration resistance and Anti 17-level wind power.Get more news about Anti-surge Flood Light,you can vist our website!

Wide wattage options of 300W 400W 500W 600W 750W 950W 1200W replacing metal halide/high pressure sodium of 1000~2500W with a 100,000 hours lifespan.

High lumen efficiency of up to 128LM/W, flicker free, and options of CRI>90, TLCI>90, meeting the lighting requirements of HD TV broadcasting for sports events.

The professional and unique pin heat sink design creates superb ventilative efficiency. Air is freely flowable among the pins in any direction, maximizing heat dissipation and lifespan of the LEDs. Optimized engineered design, slim and lightweight, no clunky components, significantly reducing shipping and labor, and safer to use on your existing infrastructure.

Various distribution option for various applications, 20°*20° 30°*30° 40°*40° 60°*60° 90°*90° option.

Intelligent Zigbee controller, supports wireless on/off, dimming, color turning, grouping, status monitoring, remote control, all simply and easily via smartphone.
High thermal conductivity
We use A1070 pure Aluminum, with 223 w/m.k thermal conductivity (VS. Typical ADC12 Aluminum with only 98 w/m.k)
20kv Anti - Surge IP67 Industrial LED Flood Lights Led Stadium Light 1000w Zigbbe Control 1

Slim and Lightweight
Optimized engineered design, slim and lightweight, no clunky components, significantly reducing shipping and labor, and safer to use on your existing infrastructure.

20kv Anti - Surge IP67 Industrial LED Flood Lights Led Stadium Light 1000w Zigbbe Control 2Extraordinary Thermal Management
The professional and unique pin heat sink design creates superb ventilative efficiency. Air is freely flowable among the pins in any direction, maximizing heat dissipation and lifespan of the LEDs.
K-Tuned Universal Oval Mufflers are constructed entirely of 100% T304 stainless steel, including all the internal parts. Back purge tig welding is used to keep the welds super clean, ensure proper penetration and weld strength. Design is straight through with a perforated tube, to minimize flow restriction and maximize power output. Packing or sound deadening material is one of the most important features of any muffler. While other muffler manufacturers often use lower grade packing that burns up in a short time, we selected a high quality, multi-layer, premium packing that is made to last. This will ensure that the sound you hear on day one will last for years, and not just a few months. The sound is the same low and deep tone you hear from our popular cat back systems.Get more news about Universal Muffler,you can vist our website!
The popular HKS Stainless Steel Hi-Power and Carbon-Ti mufflers are now available in universal exhaust applications. These are the same high-quality units used in HKS bolt-on exhaust systems. The Carbon-Ti muffler is available with a 170mm shell, 120mm tip size w/75mm inlet. The Stainless Steel Hi-Power muffler is available in either 170mm shell, 120mm tip w/75mm inlet, or a 130mm shell 96mm tip size w/60mm inlet. Hi-Power Ti is available in 170 & 130mm.
In addtion to existing stainless Hi-Power Universal series, shell size 130mm shell, 94 tip with 2 different pipe inlet sizes are now available. To expand the purpose of use, a stainless shell without a tip is also available.
- Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
- 4" Double Wall Laser Etched Tip
- 22" overall length
- 14" long body
- 7" long tip
- center inlet / center outlet (Ideal for coupes/sedans)
- 16lbs
Not only the TUV-GS/SAA/CE/ROHS approved LED tri-proof lights have the various of functions on standard ON/OFF /1-10V dimming/ Simple set /DALI /Zigbee.But also have the high lumen efficacy.All of these special points make the LED tri-proof lights hot selling.The LED tri-proof are held by a simple clip design ensuring a simple installation procedure.Get more news about aluminum housing triproof light,you can vist our website!

Product Features
· Owner design clip end cap for easy installation
· 1-10V dimming with flicker free driver
· Compatible Dimmer : Lutron / LEVITON
· Single or Double wiring
· IP 65 /IK10 Approval
· Multiple Link with double wiring
· Patent aluminum case as heatsink
· 5 years warranty

· Single or Double wiring
· Color Index: Ra>80 or Ra>90
· Dimming : 1-10V or ON-OFF
· Lumen Efficacy : 100LM/W , 125LM/W ,140LM/W
The Davinci Motorcycle DC100 is a two wheeled, dynamic robot, able to understand its environment and translate the information it gathers into an optimized, smart and high-performance riding experience.The DC100 features advanced sensors that track information including: the ambient temperature, its lean angle, its speed and acceleration, load, type of terrain, and any difference between wheel speeds.To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.

This data is used to precisely moderate how its power is delivered to ensure optimum performance in all conditions.These intelligent capabilities allow the DC100 to make the riding experience easy, intuitive and safe, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ride.

The DC100 motorcycle has a single-sided swingarm and a cover for the giant lithium 17.7kWh battery pack that gives it a boxy but still streamlined appearance.The DC100 can be charged at any level 3 DC fast-charging stations with a complete charge taking just 30-minutes.DC100’s robotic intelligence will be able to leverage self-balancing, auto follow, and smartphone remote control technologies.

Thanks to its intelligent robotic control system, the DC100 delivers an optimized riding experience that gives riders precise control over the 137 horse power that is delivered via the electric motor mounted directly on the back wheel.The motorcycle’s advanced features, including traction control, CBS, and ABS contribute to safer rides. It is also equipped with practical rider aids such as driver assist, hill assist, downhill assist, and reverse assist” said the company in a press release.
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