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The connection and difference between the cable isolation sleeve and the inner lining

In the production and manufacturing process of cables, the two concepts of isolation sleeve and inner lining are often encountered. The so-called isolating sheath is the sheath between the coating layers of two different metal materials, which is commonly referred to as the inner sheath. The inner lining is the core and filler (if any) of the multi-core cable. The non-metallic cladding layer on the outside and under the protective layer.
Isolation sleeve: The focus is on the word isolation. The isolation is between two different metals, such as the three-core YJV22 structure. There is a layer of PVC between the copper strip and the steel strip. At this time, the PVC plays the role of isolation. From chemical and physical From the perspective of consideration, the activities of copper and iron are different, and when they are in contact with each other, they will accelerate the oxidation of copper. Therefore, the isolation sleeve must be squeezed and cannot be wrapped, because there are gaps in the wrapping, which may cause mutual contact.
Lining layer: copper wire shielding, copper tape armoring, single-core power cable-this structure also has PVC between the shielding layer and the armoring layer, but since the two metals are of the same kind, they will not accelerate oxidation, so PVC does not need to be used. To the isolation effect, so in this case it is not called an isolation sleeve, but an inner liner. In addition, the inner liner may be wrapped.
Cushion: Generally, the word "wrap tape" is added in front of the cushion. This is used in many standards to describe its function. When the cable is armored, it is used together with the inner lining to strengthen the inner lining. The role of.
The inner lining can be squeezed or wrapped, while the isolation sleeve can only be squeezed. For cables with specifications above 10mm2, wrapping can save material costs. When the metal layer under the armor is different from the armor material, a layer of isolation sleeve must be squeezed to separate it. At this time, the isolation sleeve can replace the inner lining. Since the cores of medium voltage power cables are shielded by copper tape, and the cores of low voltage cables are unshielded, this is why we usually see why medium voltage armored cables have to squeeze the inner lining (isolation sleeve), while low voltage armored cables The reason to wrap the inner liner.

Nitrogen Purity (N2)

Gaseous nitrogen has a wide variety of industrial applications and more nitrogen is used industrially than any other gas. Nitrogen is commonly thought of as an inert gas and it is the non-reactive properties of nitrogen that make it so highly valued especially for gas blanketing applications. Nitrogen is also used in a broad range of industries, including chemi-pharma and oil and gas to metal refining and fabrication processes.Get more news about Nitrogen Purity Tester,you can vist our website!

However, nitrogen is a difficult and expensive gas to measure. Therefore, an alternative solution is to measure the level of impurities, which is an accepted method for measurement of N2 purity. The MTL katharometer (thermal conductivity) range of analysers are ideal for measuring the amount of N2 present in binary or pseudo-binary gas mixtures, whilst our range of galvanic (G range) or zirconia (Z range) oxygen analysers are well suited to measure residual oxygen for nitrogen purity applications.Please view the product information for our nitrogen analyser range using the links below.

Assembling 4mm Banana Plugs

I needed some custom test leads recently and after experimenting with a few types of banana plugs and cables I found a nice combination and set about assembling them. This short blog post contains a possible recipe, i.e. what worked for me. It was also an opportunity for me to use a ferrule crimp tool. The end result was good – it appears to be a reliable set of test leads.Get more news about banana test probes,you can vist our website!

In the end I went for stackable banana plugs for my particular need, and they also have a retractable sheath to prevent accidental shorts. Internally there is ample room to fit the 4mm overall diameter cable that I wanted to use. The entire parts list is further below.

The chosen cable is really nice. The insulation is thermoplastic elastomer and 525 strands of copper wire making it very flexible. It is designed for hand-held test leads according to the manufacturer Multi-Contact (PDF datasheet). It is usable at temperatures down to -30 degrees C, and can withstand up to 105 degrees C.

Ordinarily I’d use a wire stripper for cable stripping but this 4mm cable wasn’t something I normally use; it has hundreds of very thin copper strands and a very thick and soft plastic insulation for extra flexibility and therefore I was worried about the risk of nicking copper strands with the strippers I had (electrician’s wire strippers which are designed for solid core wire of certain sizes).

Since I wasn’t making many lots of leads it was very easy to gently slice at the insulation with a scalpel, bend the wire slightly to confirm that it hadn’t reached the copper core, and then dig a fingernail into the insulation and tear apart the insulation. After that the wire was twisted back into its original lay. These Knipex wire strippers would possibly make the job a lot easier; this style of wire stripper does not rely on the strength of the insulation.Note that although other cables could be used (such as a speaker cable if the banana plugs are for an audio system), it is fairly important that the overall diameter is around 4mm because the strain relief on the chosen banana plug shell is designed for 4mm diameter cables.

The wire has more than 500 strands; I wanted all strands to be captured and attached to the banana plug. I therefore made use of the Knipex Crimping Pliers reviewed here and a sleeve-less ferrule. The result was perfect, every strand captured. For this type of extreme multi-stranded cable the ferrule is essential otherwise the strands will just bunch on either side when the screw is tightened.

What is Citrus Poisoning?
If your cat consumes a citrus fruit, he may begin to exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, drooling, and weakness. If his skin comes into contact with a citrus fruit, he may develop allergic dermatitis, which is a type of skin irritation.Get more news about Citrus Extract In Cat Food,you can vist our website!

Luckily, this condition is rarely fatal. However, you should still bring your cat into a veterinarian as soon as possible if you spot the symptoms of citrus poisoning so a professional can treat him.

Almost every home has popular citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, or limes. However, many people are unaware that these tangy fruits are toxic to cats because they contain essential oil extracts such as limonene and linalool, as well as psoralens.

Symptoms of Citrus Poisoning in Cats
If your cat eats any type of citrus fruit, he may begin to exhibit symptoms of poisoning immediately. The severity of the symptoms will vary depending on how much citrus is consumed. Some of the most common signs of citrus poisoning include:
This type of poisoning is caused by exposure to citrus fruits. Cats can experience gastrointestinal upset if they consume citrus fruits, and they can also experience skin irritation if their skin comes into contact with one of these fruits. Citrus fruits are toxic to cats because they contain essential oil extracts such as limonene and linalool, as well as psoralens.

If you find your cat eating a citrus fruit or you begin to observe any of the signs of citrus poisoning, take him to a veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible. Tell your vet the symptoms you have observed, when they began, and whether your cat has been exposed to anything unusual lately.

There is no test to confirm your cat is suffering from citrus poisoning, so the vet will often have to rely heavily on the information you provide in order to diagnose your cat’s condition. That’s why it’s so important to be as descriptive as possible when listing anything your cat could have eaten or been exposed to recently.

In some cases, the vet may choose to use a thin tube known as an endoscope to examine the cat’s stomach cavity. If there are still pieces of the citrus fruit in the stomach, this will help the vet make a diagnosis of citrus poisoning.
Treatment will begin right away following the diagnosis of citrus poisoning. If your cat has not consumed the citrus fruit but is experiencing skin irritation because he made contact with it, the vet will need to give him a bath. This will remove any toxins and help soothe his irritated skin. If he already has patches of irritation, the vet can apply a topical corticosteroid to treat the inflammation and itchiness. After the bath, be sure to keep your cat warm with towels and blankets until he has completely dried off.

If your cat has consumed the citrus fruit, the vet may need to induce vomiting using a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution that is administered orally. Once this treatment has finished, the vet can also administer activated charcoal to absorb any toxins that still remain in the cat’s stomach cavity. Or, he may choose to do a gastric lavage, which is a stomach wash, to flush out any of the remaining toxins that could cause irritation.

It’s possible your cat could become dehydrated because of the excessive vomiting. The vet will be constantly monitoring your cat’s condition and if he feels the cat is becoming dehydrated, he will connect an IV to administer fluids.

ATM Aluminium Twin Flat Cable

We are successfully meeting the varied needs of our patrons by offering a wide gamut of Aluminium Twin Flat Cables as per their precise needs.Get more news about Atm Cable,you can vist our website!
Established as a Proprietor firm in the year 2014, we “Goel Electricals” are a leading Manufacturer of a wide range of Electrical Plug, Ceiling Fan, LED Bulb, etc. Situated in Shahdara (Delhi, India), we have constructed a wide and well functional infrastructural unit that plays an important role in the growth of our company. We offer these products at reasonable rates and deliver these within the promised time-frame. Under the headship of “Mr. Naveen Goel”, we have gained a huge clientele across the nation.

Structured cabling system architecture on an ATM backbone provides bandwidth to support a buildingwide network.

Barbara Maaskant, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Until recently, the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University`s newest school, did not have a separate on-campus building; it leased two floors of office space in a building across the street from the main campus. Because a new building was on the drawing board, research was required to design a state-of-the-art network. Research uncovered a paper by John Reeves, regional manager at AT&T Distribution Technologies (Atlanta, GA), describing that company`s Systimax structured cabling system. Construction was too far along to implement many of the features of the system suggested in the paper; however, we began to rethink how the computing department`s resources could be better deployed. After several meetings with AT&T, we decided the modular approach to wiring could be integrated into our new building.

The school`s data networking needs in the old building were supported by a local area network and a suite of VMS and Unix file servers. The backbone consisted of Ethernet hardware running transmission control protocol/Internet protocol under Pathworks for DOS-based personal computers, TCP/IP for its Unix machines and Appleshare for Macintosh computers. The system was connected to Emory`s campuswide backbone via a router and provided access to other LANs within the Emory University community and also to such wide area network services as Internet and the World Wide Web.

Planning a modular system for the new building let us use our existing hardware. Each floor of the 10-story building under construction, with its classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, offices and support facilities, will have its own Ethernet LAN. As any system designer knows, however, managing the costs associated with moving LAN users can be a problem.

In the old building, moves, adds and changes were just a minor inconvenience; however, in the new location, these might result in a major expense. On average, our moves, adds or changes cost between $150 and $400 each and could quickly consume an entire year`s operating funds of the school`s limited budget.

Beiben Truck Genuine Engine Spare Parts Price List Fuel Injector Pump Starter Generator

As the Genuine Spare Parts Supplier, we Dawnshine can provide different kind of parts to meet customer requirement. The spare parts are suitable for NG80A, NG80B and V3 series beiben heavy-duty trucks. Detailed classification can be Driver's CAB, WEICHAI Engine, Gearbox, Axle Parts, Chassis Parts, Steering Device, Brake System, etc. Beside, we can also provide other parts, such as fuel pump, water pump, filters, valves, hydraulic cylinder, links, etc. to help maintenance fuel tanker truck, water sprinkler truck, garbage compactor truck, combined jetting truck, truck mounted crane, aerial work platform, firefighting truck and so on. Dawnshine spare parts warehouse showing as below:Get more news about beiben truck engine ecu,you can vist our website!

Dawnshine is responsible for each product that produced by us:
Inquiry: Each inquiry will get full support from us.
Design:our engineers will analysis customers requirement and give best design,and make sure the truck is 100% meet customers needs.
Production: Use advanced equipment and most suitable material to produce best products for customers.
Delivery: All been carefully waxed before shipment.
After-sale Service: 12 months warranty period and provide operation technical support
Carton Packing: Mainly used for packing small quantity and light weight Beiben parts

2. Wooden Frame Packing: Mainly used for heavy-type spare parts, such as fire pump, fuel pump, water pump, etc.

3. Wooden Case Packing: Mainly used for important and damageable spare parts, such as precise instrument, lamp, etc.

4. Welding Iron Case Packing: Only for customer requirement

DaVinci tech DC100: China's attack on power

Although the market capacity is still anecdote, the brand of electric motorcycle has doubled. China is now standing out with the arrival of DC100, which needs the development of DaVinci brand for many years.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

There is another one on the market.The latest development of electric motorcycles comes from China and Da Vinci technology company, which has been committed to this theme since 2013.The result is a motorcycle, which the brand calls "robot", because many of its sensors provide real-time information and control the performance of the motorcycle to obtain a more "simple" and "safe" driving experience.This includes starting aid for the first few meters, Hill starting aid and even downhill aid.It is also equipped with a reverse gear and a kinetic energy capture system to charge the motorcycle when braking, thus increasing the range of BMS battery, with a commitment of up to 400 km!The battery can be charged to 85% in 15 minutes.Under actual conditions, when the power is 135 HP, 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds and the maximum speed is 200 km / h, the performance is very promising to be verified.Please note that the software of DC100 can be upgraded by itself (FOTA).The reservation will be issued by cheque for € 26000 in 2022.

What are Tinted Contact Lenses?

Tinted contact lenses are contact lenses that have had a dye incorporated into the lens material. This dye gives the lens a particular hue or tint, depending on the color of the dye used. Some tinted contact lenses can be used to subtly alter the natural color of the eye, while others can be used to completely “change” the color of the eye.To get more news about colored contacts, you can visit official website.

There are three types of tinted contact lenses: visibility tinted contact lens, color enhancement contact lenses, and opaque contact lenses. Visibility Tinted Contact Lenses are lightly tinted (i.e., they contain only a small-amount of dye). Wearing them will not alter the natural color of your eyes. The tint allows you to quickly find contact lenses in your lens case or if you accidentally drop your lenses while inserting or removing them.To get more news about colored contacts prescription, you can visit official website.

Color Enhancement Contact Lenses interact with your natural eye color, enhancing the color of the iris (the colored part of the eye). These lenses can actually intensify your natural eye color. For example, color enhancement contact lenses can add an aqua hue to your blue eyes or a bluish cast to you light green eyes. They will not, however, make your brown eyes blue. Opaque Contact Lenses ” change” the natural color of the eye. For example, opaque contact lenses allow people with dark eyes to have a completely different eye color (e.g., these lenses can change your brown eyes to blue). The term “opaque” is used because the tinted portion of these lenses does not allow light to pass through. (In contrast, color enhancement lenses allow light to pass through the tinted portion of the lens.) Opaque contact lenses are also referred to as “eye color changing” contact lenses.
Yes. All dyes used for tinting contact lenses have been extensively tested for tissue compatibility and have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have also been proven to be safe over many years of wear by thousands of contact lens patients.To get more news about colored contacts non prescription, you can visit official website.

Typically, yes. It must be noted, however, that all colors “weather” or fade over time. For instance, the drapes over your windows at home are not as bright as the day you first purchased them. Over time light has faded the color. This same phenomenon occurs with tinted contact lenses. The good news is that, most likely, you will have replaced your lenses long before lens fading becomes noticeable.

Yes. Some tinted contact lenses can reduce glare or light sensitivity by reducing the amount of light entering the eye. Some contact lenses can be provided with an ultraviolet (UV) filter. However, these lenses are not a replacement for ultraviolet (UV) filtering sunglasses. You should discuss this option with your eye care practitioner. It is important to note that none of the currently available contact lenses with UV filters are approved to take the place of full UV-blocking sunglasses. Also remember that contact lenses with UV filters may only protect the cornea and retina. They do not protect the conjunctiva, the eyelids and other outer portions of the eye.

Often referred to as cosmetic contact lenses or decorative contact lenses, these are zero-power contact lenses that are tinted with a color placed onto the contact lens to enhance or change natural eye color. With the new technology available today, simple tinting is being replaced with spectacular effects, e.g., cat eyes, wild eyes, athletic team logos, etc. Wearers that utilize plano cosmetic lenses do so as a fashion statement rather than as a vision correction need, although cosmetic lenses are also available with corrective power.

This depends on the type of lens with which you are fit. For instance, some tinted lenses should not be heat disinfected, since doing so may cause them to fade. Follow your eye care practitioner’s prescribed lens care instructions. Do not change any aspect of your lens care regimen without first consulting your eye care practitioner. While contact lenses can enhance appearance and provide excellent vision, they require care and must be treated with respect. The golden rule in contact lens care is that any time a contact lens is removed from the eye it must be cleaned and disinfected before being reinserted. This is true for all contact lenses, including tinted contact lenses.

KF94 or KN95 mask?

They never really went away, but with cases from the delta variant of COVID-19 on the rise and some schools, businesses and other establishments recommending or requiring them once again, it's time for a refresh on which masks are the most effective at preventing the coronavirus.To get more news about famous mask stock, you can visit official website.

There are a few different types of masks to choose from, including cloth, disposable, medical grade and respirators.

Don't get confused between the N95, KN95 and KF94 masks: while all serve the same purpose of covering the nose and mouth and prevent COVID-19, each have a different filtering standard. The "KF" in KF94 stands for "Korean filter," as the disposable mask is made in South Korea, and the "94" refers to the mask's 94% filtration efficiency.

Its design also differs from KN95 masks, as it has a larger pocket in the front with an adjustable band.

KF94 masks can come in both child and adult sizes and are available to purchase in multipacks and a variety of colors on Amazon. Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, told the New York Times the KF94 mask is made of a similar material as the N95. The notable difference is the KF94 has ear loops instead of elastic bands.

KN95 masks are made in China and rated capture 95% of tiny particles, or about 0.3 micron particles. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, N95 masks were originally in high demand and often reserved for health care workers, but are now much easier and more available for purchase online or in home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's.

There's one kind of mask that won't protect you from the delta variant

When it comes to wearing masks, cloth face coverings may not be the most effective tool in reducing the spread of the coronavirus and preventing infection, one expert says. To get more news about famous medical mask factory outlet, you can visit official website.

Michael Osterholm, director for the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, spoke to CNN on Monday and said that people should upgrade from cloth masks, bandanas and gators to more-effective N95 respirators. Face masks do not prevent the spreading as effectively as some like to believe, Osterhold said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says cloth masks still offer some protection and their effectiveness depends on the type of fabric, number of layers and the fit of the mask. The CDC is continually studying these factors.

Studies have shown that multiple layers of cloth with higher thread counts are more effective than single layer cloths, in some cases filtering 50 percent of fine particles, according to the CDC. Overall, analysis has demonstrated that universal masking has led to a significant drop in new infections.

"We need to talk about better masking," Osterholm said. "We need to talk about N95 respirators, which would do a lot for both people who are not yet vaccinated or are not previously infected. Protecting them as well as keeping others who might become infected having been vaccinated from breathing out the virus."

The CDC classifies KN95 and N95 masks as those that are “designed and tested to ensure they perform at a consistent level to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

"You know I wish we could get rid of the term masking because, in fact, it implies that anything you put in front of your face works, and if I could just add a nuance to that which hopefully doesn't add more confusion is we know today that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out," Osterholm said.Either you're breathing out or you're breathing in and in fact if you're in the upper Midwest right now anybody who's wearing their face cloth covering can tell you they can smell all the smoke that we're still getting," he added.

Similarly, Scott Gottlieb, former Food & Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner, said in July that the right quality mask was necessary to protect against a strain as contagious as the delta variant.

"It's not more airborne, and it's not more likely to be permeable to a mask. So a mask can still be helpful," Gottlieb told host John Dickerson. "I think, though, if you're going to consider wearing a mask, the quality of the mask does matter. So if you can get your hands on a KN95 mask or an N95 mask, that's going to afford you a lot more protection."

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