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Every villager in the "Animal Crossing" series has a birthday, and they invite players to celebrate with them. In the celebrations, players hold birthday parties at the villagers’ homes and can also choose to present gifts. What are the consequences if the player misses the celebration? How would the villagers respond to the neglect of their Animal Crossing Bells birthday? In the following, it will be explained to you.

If you want to participate in the player's birthday. The villager with the highest friendship level in the game or randomly determined villagers will wait outside the player’s home on the day of their birthday, and escort the player to a surprise party. Players can collect fragments from birthday furniture sets by participating in this activity.

The villager’s birthday is different from the player’s birthday. Players will be reminded of when the villagers’ birthdays will happen, and they must go to the villagers’ homes to attend their party. At the party, players can choose to give the villagers a packaged gift, or choose to send the villagers a birthday letter with a gift, and they will respond by thanking the player for remembering their birthday.

However, there is no consequence if you don’t celebrate birthdays for the villagers, but they will react negatively to improperly chosen gifts such as trash. Based on this, the developer should be very clear that not all players can be in the game every day, so when the villagers have passed their birthdays, they will not mention it again. Ignoring the birthday of the villagers will not make them Buy ACNH Bells choose to move out faster. In the game, the process of leaving the villagers is completely random.

In the new horizon, the relationship in the game is relatively simple, and the friendship between the player and the villagers on the island is rarely seriously damaged. In addition, players using the time travel mechanism can also return to visit any village gatherings they might have missed.

For now, missing the birthday of the villagers will not have any negative impact on the players, and players can rest assured to play.

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