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World of Warcraft Classic Masters season is about to enter its third phase, which will include Blackwing Lair and the Darkmoon Faire, among other quest content.

Before players can officially play the content in Phase 3, Blizzard has revealed a massive Mastery Season update that goes into Phase 3 content. This update is to address Molten Core loot distribution issues, as well as to balance the Blackwing Lair bosses. In addition, the rewards for Mastery Seasons will be increased.

By participating in the World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery, players can start off with a brand new WOW Classic experience, and also play some exciting new TBC Classic Gold ways to play. Similar to the first version of WOW Classic, players will go through 6 content stages, but this time the entire process will only last a year and unlocks will be faster.

To transform WOW Classic, Seasons of Mastery will provide additional bonus quest experience and fully revamped boss battles, mechanics and stats. These changes may make the game more complex, but the result is more beneficial for the player.

In addition to these changes, the Season of Warcraft Classic Masters also includes a new addition to the game, the Soul of Iron. This buff proves if your character has died since it was created. Also, this buff has allowed the Hardcore WoW community to thrive during Mastery Seasons, a trend that will likely continue in the future.

Updates to any World of Warcraft game are meant to keep the game fresh, and Season of Mastery was developed with that in mind. Blizzard decided to make some changes to get closer to Phase 3 based on feedback from fans of the game on Season of Mastery and some of the tweaks so far. Blizzard said the updates were made after collecting data over the weekend.

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