New World: February's PTR suspension was more developed to focus on improving the current state of the game from AnneBullock's blog

While the game lacks new content for players to test, many combat and balance changes have been added.

New World's latest public beta area was officially released on February 3rd, and includes balance changes, bug fixes, and a number of combat New World Coins updates, allowing players to complete their work-in-progress before the update hits the MMO.

Amazon Studios has previously detailed that they won't be releasing any new content for New World in February, and the team will focus on fixing bugs and improving the game's content.

Deciding when to adjust resources to deliver new content or to focus on improving what's already there is a delicate balancing act for games, and New World is no exception, wrote the February PTR announcement. For the February game update, they paused feature development and will instead improve the state of the live game.

The most notable of the improvements is an update to combat responsiveness. Players should experience a smoother weapon swap, which can now be done during dodging, reacting, using consumables, and traversing the environment. Players are now allowed to perform actions immediately after swapping. Also, the recovery time after dodging has been shortened.

While the PTR notes don't delve into specific details, many weapon capabilities have been significantly overhauled. These include powerful musket skills, great axe's powerful gravity well abilities such as marksman stance, braking power, and sticky bombs.

The PTR update also adds a dedicated trading chat channel for players to sell their wares, plus the game tweaks a few tweaks to the Outpost Rush PVP mode, including changes to how the mode is scored and updated rewards, including faction tokens.

You can read the full PTR description, plus, New World introduces the Mutator system in endgame dungeons, and also provides a way to increase the item's maximum gear New World Gold score, which provides more content for the highest level players to refer to.

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