New World: The latest patch aims to improve the game's endgame experience by introducing mutators from AnneBullock's blog

The dev team wanted to make its endgame better with mutators, which basically make enemies stronger and loot richer.

When players complete an endgame expedition, they will be able to receive a codex and orb, which Buy New World Coins allows them to regenerate the expedition with an active mutator. This modifies common and named enemies, increasing the accountability and unpredictability of encounterable enemies, while increasing the challenge and reward.

The exact combination of Expeditions and Mutations will rotate weekly, and players will battle their way through increasingly difficult challenges, with 10 difficulty levels for each Expedition Mutant. Mutations will also be adjusted individually based on each player's gear score, meaning all players will face a base difficulty.

New World is an MMO, and the game team had a whole bunch of hiccups with making the orbs and made minor changes around their content, all of which you can read about in the patch notes. Simply put, they've become more lucrative with the rebalancing of expedition drop rates and rewards.

Additionally, the patch adds Shadow Shards, which upgrade a player's gear score, and these shards are part of the Mutant Crusade rewards.

I believe players will also be happy that the cost of fast travel has also been reduced, and it has also increased the six spirit shrines players can travel to.

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