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World of Warcraft is getting a remake of the Dark Temple raid, and Blizzard released WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic this week, including the Battle for Hyjal.

A big part of WOW Classic is nostalgia, so Blizzard brought in lead film designer Terran Gregory to review the original trailer and give players some ideas from the game team. Gregory shared that Black Temple was his first gig after being hired after winning a competition with a developer for a WOW Classic TBC Gold video.

Players will face the iconic villain Illidan Stormrage atop the temple, however, players will need to clear eight bosses before finding him. Examples include Teron Gorefiend, Akama, Supremus, and high-ranking warlord Naj'entus. You can find it in the Shadowmoon Valley skirmish, however, this is a skirmish for players level 70 and above, so you should definitely upgrade to a level that meets the requirements.

This time the TBC Classic patch is a pivotal moment for Activision Blizzard, which this week Microsoft has agreed to buy for $70 billion. Blizzard outlined the cultural changes and promised a game announcement following the acquisition news.

If you haven't reached level 70 yet, but you're eager to experience the new content, then you should hurry up and level up. In addition, in addition to character upgrades, don't forget to create suitable equipment. Good equipment will help you improve the survivability of the characters you create and enable you to face battles better. Of course, don't ignore the help of friends, playing games with friends is always the best and most fun option.

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