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World of Warcraft has released a trailer that will allow players to relive Black Temple as part of the Azeroth building series.

Since Black Temple is coming to the Buring Crusade Classic, Terran Gregory revisited the original when the chief movie shot. Gregory's first job at Blizzard was designing the Black Temple trailer, which he originally got after making a fan movie to celebrate his gaming guild.

In this video, Gregory reviews the design WOW TBC Gold details behind the characters, locations and animations used in the trailer. What's interesting is that most of the animations used in the trailer are from the player characters, and the game team didn't animate them. Instead, they used in-game footage directly.

World of Warcraft released an update to the Shadowlands expansion last year that reintroduced class-based armor to the game. And for class armor sets, it's reminiscent of unique set bonuses. For example, if you are an Affliction Warlock, you will have an Affliction bonus.

The game team wanted to create not only some special rewards, but also something that would change the way players interact with their classes. That's why they see armor sets in previous WoW expansions as a valuable asset, because it makes players feel fresh every time new armor is introduced.

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