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Three new Diablo 2 Resurrected runes have been leaked, and they include Unbending Will, Wisdom, Mist, and Flickering Flame.

Unbending Will is the first rune word released by Diablo 2 in 17 years. Three other rune words have also leaked today, and they show us some of the things to look forward to in Diablo 2 Resurrected's 2.4 update.

Three other rune words for different purposes have also been leaked, including the Flickering Flame consisting of Nef, Pul, and Vex. There is also Wisdom, consisting of Pul, Ith and Eld. Mist, on the other hand, consists of Cham, Shael, Gul, Thul and Ith. The role of the first two rune words is so-so, with some specific Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale applications.

Flickering Flame is a very expensive, helmet-based rune word that requires a Pul and a Vex, both for the powerful Heart of the Oak rune word. It's an interesting and expensive concept for a fire mage or druid. It gives +3 fire skill and -% enemy fire resistance, which is very powerful. And, it's even on par with the flaming version of Nightwing's Veil. The resist fire aura can also fight Hydra in Trav and Mephisto runs.

The price of Wisdom is more appropriate, it is a 3os Helmet Rune that costs Pul, Ith and Eld. It's very affordable, and the stats are interesting for a melee build. Especially Bowazons. Although it has no skills, it has outstanding stats including piercing attack, attack rating bonus, mana drain, and inability to freeze, which help melee characters fight slows.

Mist is a powerful, somewhat expensive bow rune word. When placed in a 5os bow, Mist provides a powerful kinetic effect for raw damage. When equipped, it can provide +300% massive damage increase, +3 skills, frozen target and +40 total resistance. Piercing Attack will also be a big help, and another free in-slot item for anyone using Razortail.

At present, Blizzard has not officially confirmed the rune word, and we don't know when the 2.4 patch will go live. However, it will bring a new ladder reset that reflects the changes in the Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes runeword. Also, retuned skills and new monster tweaks.

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