New World: The game team banned character creation globally without telling players how long this would last from AnneBullock's blog

The development team of New World has now disabled character creation in all regions. However, they haven't provided any explanation as to why this is happening. However, they promised to give more information when they could share. This measure across all regions of the world does suggest that something more important is going on.

There has been speculation in the community as to why this Buy New World Coins happened, with some seeing it as a measure to combat exploitation, as the game involves bot attacks. The game team has changed the reward system for new accounts so that the rewards are equal, but there will be more coins and items available later in the main questline. Afterwards, they disabled server transfers for the new role and stopped the free transfer tokens they offered, which was used to help deal with the effects of a severe server imbalance. In addition, the game team has also limited the number of characters that can be created per account per day.

Many players are really concerned about the number of bots they see and report in-game, and that has been the case for some time now. Although, the game team has closed various bugs available to fix various bugs, but the docking issues and RMT spam still exist to a certain extent.

Recently, the game team temporarily disabled server transfers, but they didn't provide a reason in their initial announcement. They enabled the feature again a few days later, but they only disabled player-to-player transactions again to address a new gold cheating vulnerability.

However, the news that led to the team's decision to disable character creation is unclear, nor is there any indication of how long it will last. We can only guess and wait for the latest official announcement from the New World team.

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