WOW TBC Classic: The most suitable race and class for tanks from AnneBullock's blog

If you want to have a good tank role, then you need to choose useful races and roles.

The following content will introduce you which professions and races are most suitable for tanks.

In terms of improving your WOW TBC Gold health, if you are a tauren, you can be one step ahead of your peers. It can increase your overall health by 5%, thanks to endurance properties. It also has a popular choice among tanks, War Stomp, thanks to the ability of AoE to stun monsters for a few seconds.

In addition, if you are looking for something more effective for PVP, you can try Undead. When they approach the corpses of undead or humanoids, they can restore some of the health provided by Cannibalize. Moreover, they can protect themselves from charm, sleep, and fear through the will of the forgotten.

Or, you can also choose trolls, which use things like beast killing to cause players to cause more than 55 points of damage to beasts. Rage can also increase the player's attack speed, initially by 10%, if the player is injured, it can be doubled. Throughout the battle, regeneration will provide players with additional health regeneration.

For the orcs, it may not be worth the player to consume too much TBC gold. Although they have some powerful skills, when using Bloodfury, they will miss 50% of the treatment, which is inappropriate for the tank class.

In short, if you participate in the Alliance race, the best choice is human. By using mace specialization and sword specialization, this will have many uses in tanks. In addition, diplomacy can also Buy WOW TBC Gold increase reputation by 10%, and humans may be one of the most suitable races.

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