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If you want to make a shield in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you need to add Vex runes, Ohm runes, lst runes and Dol runes to the 4-hole paladin shield to spell out the rune word "VexOhmlstDol".

And the runes must be added exactly in this order, so that the rune words will work, and the shield must also be a paladin Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes shield.

In the fourth act of normal difficulty, it is possible to obtain a 4-hole paladin shield, but after entering the nightmare and hell difficulty, the probability of finding it will increase. When you find a normal Paladin shield in Chapter 4 Normal or any place afterwards, you can ask Lazuk to help you add slots to it, or use the recipe of Horadic cubes to add slots.

It's worth noting that Exile is an expensive rune word, so you'd better find a special shield on Hell or Nightmare difficulty, otherwise it will be wasteful to use it rashly.

And Dol is the easiest rune in this recipe, you might even get one in Act 5 on normal difficulty. If not, you can grow it at Hellforge or Nightmare in Nightmare or the Countess of Hell. Ist is more difficult to obtain. It will drop in the fifth act of Nightmare difficulty at the earliest. On Hell difficulty, it will only drop at Hell Forge or Countess.

But Ist is easier to obtain than Vex and Ohm, and neither Hellforge nor The Countess will drop these two runes. Or if you have two spare Gul runes and a ruby, then you can form a Vex in Horadric magic, otherwise you can only hope to get it in both of the hell mode. If you somehow end up with two spare Vex runes, you can combine them with emeralds to make ohms.

The Exile Shield can help your Paladin become an absolute tank with its strong defense power and resistance halo. What it really lacks is resistance rewards, so please make sure to obtain these rewards in other ways.

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