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application of central dust collector has the characteristics of high cleaning effect and is generally valued. Over the decades, the application of central dust collector has developed rapidly, with more and more applications, and the size and category specifications are also compared. The dust collector generally adopts a round bag, which is divided into two forms according to the direction of dust bearing air flow: side inlet air, down inlet air, two forms. This dust collector is usually composed of the upper box, the middle box, the ash hopper, the frame and the pulse blowing device. When the dust bearing gas enters the ash hopper from the lower part of the box, the dust collector can be used to collect dust. Due to the sudden expansion of the air flow area and the decrease of the flow rate, a part of the air flow with coarse particles and dense dust particles settle down in the ash bucket under the action of gravity. After the dust particles with fine particle size and small density enter the filter bag room, the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter bag through the inertial collision on the surface of the filter bag, screening and other comprehensive effects, and the purified gas enters the clean gas chamber and is removed by the exhaust pipe through the fan.

Here, explain the application of central dust collector main control device installation knowledge:

First, the compressor is connected, and then the soft connection is connected to the gas storage tank of the single application of central dust collector.

The bolts of the manufacturer's products should be tightened to avoid air leakage of the equipment. When installing the filter cartridge, the corresponding installation should be stable and there is no shaking.

Third, before installing the main control device of the application of central dust collector, all the corresponding checks should be carried out. Only all parts can be installed if there is no problem. If one part is damaged, it must be repaired before installation.

When lifting the application of central dust collector, do not touch the equipment and parts accordingly. The irrigation hole should not be larger than the equipment.

application of central dust collector Compressed air is used in the pulse jet cleaning process, and the compressed air is itself saturated air with 100% relative humidity. Because its pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure, the dew point converted to atmospheric pressure is lower than the ambient dew point, and there is a tendency to break away from condensation. When the compressed air temperature is not much different from the flue gas temperature inside the dust collector, condensation is generally not produced. However, in winter, when the winter temperature in the north of China is usually ten or dozens of degrees below zero, the compressed air sprayed by the pulse and the flue gas temperature inside the dust collector is too large, and the temperature also drops sharply when the compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag instantaneously, usually a white mist spray of condensed water mist, the temperature within the corresponding distance below the nozzle is low, forming a low temperature area. Since the compressed air in the nozzle is saturated air, the temperature drop after the gas ejection will lead to the precipitation of water in the area and cause condensation. At this time, the condensation is mainly concentrated on the surface of the blown filter bag, and the dust adhering to the surface of the filter bag is bonded by absorbing the moisture precipitated by condensation, and then blocking the porosity of the dust filter bag, resulting in the dust collector can not work normally.

application of central dust collector

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