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Only by doing a good job of daily maintenance, mid-speed wire cutting machine supply will improve its service life and bring more results. So how to do the maintenance of equipment? The first is the individual systems of the equipment, a series of systems need to be checked in accordance with the normal operation of the program. If in the process of detection, there is an abnormal operation, then the equipment should be stopped. And in the later period of time technicians to repair, to ensure the normal use of equipment.

The above is a daily inspection to check whether the operation of each equipment is normal. Next is the weekly inspection, most of which is focused on the parts. Because after a period of time, on the machine tool, more or less there will be some iron filings left after processing, then you need staff to clean up these residues well to ensure the normal work of the machine tool. The second is the monthly inspection, mainly for the power supply and air desiccant. Choose a good place to ensure that the operator and the machine can work in the best environment. If the power supply is abnormal, then the staff needs to adjust in time to avoid some unnecessary things and add trouble. As for the air dryer, it is necessary for the worker to clean it after a period of time, and then use it in installation.

In the quarterly inspection is still based on the bed, because the higher the precision of the mid-speed wire cutting machine supply, then the level of the machine tool can meet the relevant requirements, and the product can be used after the most. So if it is not in the scope of the provisions, then it should be checked in time, when necessary, please professional maintenance technicians to come to repair. There is also the appropriate replacement of new oil on the spindle, cleaning is also necessary. Finally, it is for several different important systems of the machine tool, the corresponding detailed inspection. For these major systems, if there is a problem, it will greatly affect the production efficiency. At this time, the cleaning should be cleaned, the oil should be changed. Or check with a professional mechanic, so that problems can be solved in the best time.

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